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Well, it seems three out of four posts are in agreement that it doesn’t matter. The forth tends to favor rhyming. While the fifth oddball post added nothing at all except to perhaps make a post.

I tend to agree with the first three posters in this thread is that it is simply a matter of what makes the writer wish to convey some kind of message or feeling. Whether rhymed or not rhymed. There was a very good point made about if it sounds forced then rhyming may actually be a detriment to the poem itself. So, in a sense it could also boil down to the maturity as well as the education of the writer to be able to rhyme.

Now let me address the one person who preferred poetry to rhyme. That is is awesome for you because it is what you like to see; but I can only hope that you can also appreciate the works of authors who choose not to rhyme.