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I do agree that LinkedIn is one of the resources of finding writing jobs. I had a few contacting me about it. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any. Since I also do promotions which involve working outside of the house, I occasionally get them. I prefer online work than promotions because I get to work whenever and wherever I want. If I want to work right now, which I am, I may do so.

I also contact directly by email to places that I’m interested in applying for. I recently signed up for one through Craigslist. I need to find the papers so I could see the guidelines. This particular one pays really good at $700 total for $35 each. That’s one of the agencies though. Another one replied back to me yesterday and I need to finish that one as well.

If you do a lot of Google searches, you’ll get some more. It may take some time but you’ll get something. Don’t give up is how people succeed.