How Balangubang Was Named

The feeling of Datu Balangubang when Enoy was assaulted at the core of the forest stimulated himself to investigate the people behind the nefarious intentions for her daughter. There were multiple times he never granted the opportunities to perform an investigation as he was occupied of her tremendous burden to the tribe. There were some times he was attacked by the unseen beings. To assure his safety, he kept on bringing a sharp sword to kill the supernaturals. According to the story of the elders in the place, Datu Balangubang was a renowned warrior. He was influential to the world of the invisible beings as a courageous man to assassinate their race. To the ordinary people, the hint when these beings denoted to attack was the blowing of warm nor cold air that passed by. However, Datu Balangubang can discern them visibly not merely the sign of the zephyr. His weapon was varnished with a burgeoning blood at slaying another imaginary beings. These supernatural creatures continuously beating the tribe and deceived the women they fancy to breathe with forever.

The intervention of the mythical beings was the barrier of his crusade to grasp the human being that coveted to destroy the innocent Enoy. He never predicted the transgressions but convinced that only human being did that. On his voyage at the hub of the forest, he was drifted to the cage of the stream to flag. Eventually, he saw a man in a sword which was his cousin that was known as a brave man like him, and a fighter too. He never thought he was attacked. Under the cave was the fight of swords between the cousins. Later, he knew it was Osmin; Enoy’s destroyer as of his daughter’s enviousness. The combat was continuing after spilling the beans, but Osmin was almost killed if he didn’t surrender. Through that fighting beneath the hollow, the river of Balangubang was named.

The Balangubang River

The Balangubang River

The Spike Attack

The misgiving of the Manobo tribe’s peculiar incident when Enoy was unwell was a thing that plagued the thought of the datu who is Enoy’s father. His knowledge to foretell the offender was hindered for long after the attack by an amulet. He disabled to see the foreseen visions, but the shaded pictures. Datu Balangubang,

Datu Balangubang, Enoy’s father was the tribe’s Datu. His name is based on the river of Balangubang in Sta. Cruz where the other members of the tribe were migrating for a few years. This river has an enigmatic and majestic beauty that seduces the people passing by from the separate places of Perez, Padiay, Culambugan, and Wawa. The river of Balangubang has the elements of spring to produce salt at night. The lives of the people that were dwelling into this place were resplendent as they never obliged to acquire salt in the stores and in the faraway city, but merely adopting the water to perform a better taste of the foods. They were further raising a native chicken farm and a wide field of diverse estates of root crops, huge trees of Falcata, Lawaan, Gemilina, and many more. The race was copious of the gifts from nature and they never needed to cost tremendous money just to buy foods as of the wild animals they can hunt in the forest, catch fish freely, and pick vegetables.

The Balangubang River

The Balangubang River

As the day passes by, the tribe’s datu moved on from the parable that rid his mind concerning the defendant who pulled their legs for Enoy. Through the remedy of the overflowing beauty of their realm, ascertaining the transgressors that coveted to destroy his daughter’s strength was neglected.

Enoy loves to plant any kinds of flowers every day and the other species of weeds. During leisure, it was her attitude to wander at the kernel part of the woods. She believed she was guided and shielded by the woman deity that the Manobo tribe has worshiped. As she was hiking at the rumpled area, she was assaulted by a sharp and tall spike on her knee. There were many studs that prepared for her on her walk.

At the core of the forest, she was grieving the injury on her kneecap that pierced through a sharp bamboo skewer. The Datu heard the voice of her daughter in a torture and was asking his name. He instantly went to the hub of the jungle and met Enoy lying in misery beneath the antiquated tree. Later, Enoy’s wound was healed after the ritual of the datu.

Enoy’s First Battle

During the times when my grandparent’s parent were young, they were taught to fight against unseen creatures that ruin their lives. A child’s name of “Enoy” was famous as of her unusual strength. The master saw her potential among the other students in the group. The name ”

The name “Enoy” is a Manobo language means “mama.” Enoy’s father foretold the day she was born to be the mother of the young people and the aged members in the tribe as of her constant ability to protect his domain and guard the people against depravity. Her father was right. According to the master, she is gifted. However, her natural ability was envied by the other learner in the group. Silently, her father was planned to drop down her spirit through the amulet. Everyone was horrified of her defeat while attacked by the sharp sword.

Enoy’s father was in despair regarding her weakness that caused her quarantined for one week. All people were hastening to get herbals as a treatment in the core of the woods except the precarious junior that produced disease to die.The leaves that took from the hub of the woods never improved her frailty. The Datu (Enoy’s father) believed that if it will not be treated with the leaflets, he was persuaded of the wickedness thrashed to her to die instantly. Later after his suspension, he was using his capability to prognosticate the cause of Enoy’s ailment.

The photo illustrated of the tribe's goddess they worshiped.

The photo illustrated of the tribe’s goddess they worshiped.

The vision was blurry, but the goddess that the tribe was worshipping appeared along the hint to make a ceremony for healing. It should be executed in the middle of the night under the moonlight with a solemn environment including the fresh blood of a wild hog. The datu immediately announcing the whole tribe to convey a gathering and be vigilant to wait of full moon in the midst of the nightfall. It was approximately two days they never saw the appearance of the full moon, but the datu predicted it will appear after two days. The foresight was accurate. Under the moonlight was the solemn space of the tribal gathering where the butchered wild hog screwed in a bamboo was encircled to collect its fresh blood and let the datu or another member of the tribe drink it as an offering for the goddess. Before the daylight, Enoy was healed.


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The Manobo Tribe

My grandparent’s parent’s woke up settling in the realm with numerous people utilizing distinctive means of wearing clothes, belief, culture, tradition, and language. In the lands of Caraga where the spots were reserved of tremendous trees, native animals, and the rustic method of carriers that passing by; they were the leaders of the migrants that like their ancestors, drifted from South China. It is called a tribe of Manobo.

The Manobo tribe can be seen in Mindanao but the growing population is in Bukidnon and Caraga region. The Manobo people have 4 dialects such as the Manobo language, Visayan, Tagalog, and English. This tribe has similarities in history of the African decent that were discriminated and despised as it was known as uncivilized and nomadic. However, it is opposed to the new generation today who have the talents and education. The corrupt judging in Manobo is changing little-by-little.

During the times of my grandparent’s parent when they were children, they were using the plant of abaca to create hems. The production of this fabric can be arranged instantly through their tactics of using an ikat for weaving. Their strategy to color their fabric after weaving was over the plants and trees. Ginuwatan– a different way of clothing is their method of clothes that did not undergo weaving and it is originated with florals. Another signature of their fabric that is embellished with many designs is called linetungan while a textile with a single color is is called bayas. 

My grandparent’s parent witnessed the arranged marriage held in their place by the Datu and Bae. Datu is a male leader like a King while bae is a female leader like a Queen or the first lady of the Datu and the wives of men. The Manobo leaders or Datu are allowed to have polygamy state of marriage while the ordinary people that belongs to the tribe are usually monogamous.


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My Grandmother’s Story

Forever Young is the tale of a young maiden who wants to live young forever. Her novel is according to real life that recollects the happenings in antiquity and reflects the protected culture and tradition of the tribes. It’s a nonfictional story that portray the influence of mysterious beings, doctrine, tribal combats, and affair.

There are many people who don’t believe the existence of paranormal powers. Usually are those who are free thinkers and those who believe the theory of science. In this narrative, there are some interpretations of the supernatural powers that exist which are hard to believe.

I was yet sharing the summary of the tale of my granny in the other site one year ago. Her story on her young age was full of exploitation and battle that we did not see women in this generation. It was fed up of action episodes and the exhibition of natural treatments for diseases.

My granny existed for many years. During her generation, the place in Butuan city was despite a forest. The largest river in Mindanao of Agusan River was the spot where they had a voyage to battle fronting their opponents. The places in Butuan city have several historical consequences that befell on my grannies era where there were only countable migrants. Now, it is oppressed with copious citizens.

The current place in Butuan city.

The current place in Butuan city.

Her story from her younger years into oldest age is shared through this blog as of her impressive journey from the beginning. Upon reading the memoir, we can procure to discover the circumstances we did not hearken earlier and the importance of understanding, folklore, and religion. We will be honored of the girl’s control too toward her struggle to overrun the malevolent otherworldly creatures. I wish everybody can feel this blog and dig the episodes that happened in a physical world.


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