Drunken Fish @IFSC

For some time now, my husband and I are eyeing this new, trendy Korean place near our apartment block called Drunken Fish. From the outside, it is a “make your own packed lunch” kind of place. It is also a pub/cocktail bar so we thought it is interesting to find a Korean restaurant in a pub setting. We love Korean food and if we can have access to it near our place – why not, right? So after I got my salary for the month (yay!), we decided to have our Friday dinner there. It is a good thing my husband works nearby so I only waited for him as I fed my son his dinner. Dining out when the baby already full (or half-full) is a lot better than trying to eat and feeding the baby at the same time!
We arrived in front and noticed a few people inside already. We can see the pub from the windows and made our way thru the “lunch area”. There was a shortcut thru the pub but since we had a pram, we can’t get in there because there are a couple of stairs leading thru the doorway.
As soon as we stepped in, we were greeted by the chefs standing behind the sushi bar and were asked if we were there for a drink or to eat. We told them we were there to eat and motioned to go upstairs. We left the pram under the stairs since they have no lift. As we stepped up, a staff greeted us and motioned where we should sit. We requested for a high chair but since we saw it around the corner, we took and set it up ourselves.
The interior was very minimal and the only décor were some jazz photo frame and a TV that is not open. We immediately noticed the place was packed with mostly Asian diners so that was already a good sign.
A staff handed out the menu and we were already tempted to buy a lot of things, LOL! In the end, I ordered a Maeun Kalbi Jim (spicy beef spare ribs) and my husband ordered a Bossam (pork belly). We also ordered some vegetable tempura for the little fella and some seafood Korean pancake for starters.
Our food arrived quickly. The seafood pancakes were OK – I wouldn’t say it was the best because I tasted something better in London before. The appetizers’ portion were OK but when our mains arrived, we realized we were in trouble.

Maeun Kalbi Jim Drunken Fish
Maeun Kalbi Jim Drunken Fish

Because they were HUGE! I failed to take a photo of my husband’s food but around halfway, he was struggling, LOL! The serving portions can easily fill up two adults and even if we were starving, there’s no way for us to finish everything!
My spare ribs were so tasty and the sauce is thick and creamy. The meat is just so tender, even if I didn’t have teeth, I’d be able to chew it. I usually have issues eating with Korean chopsticks because it is made of metal but with the meat so tender, it was so easy to pull apart. It was so spicy I had to take my husband’s bowl of rice since he decided he will try to eat his dinner without rice (LOL!). But even if I managed to eat my food with two cups of rice, I was only able to eat half of it.
The good thing was the restaurant accepts takeaways, something you can’t expect in Italy (LOL). So we were able to take home half of our dinners. It was a great place I also liked that they have the restaurant in a separate area with the pub. So it was mostly quiet in the restaurant with less drunken people around.
Overall, I enjoyed our dinner and I look forward to our next meal there.
Drunken Fish
I.F.S.C. The Excise Building, Mayor Street Lower, International Financial Services Centre, Dublin 1

Catch-22: South Anne Street (Dublin)

My husband loves seafood and you have probably read it a hundred times already if you stumbled upon my recipe blog. Dining out is no different and I can almost predict that he will order some fried seafood platter or seafood linguine.
For the past weeks now, we have been eyeing a small restaurant called Catch-22. We even had a look around the restaurant website and been planning when to go there. Our little guy takes his nap around 1 – 2 PM so if we want to dine somewhere; the restaurant has to be open and serves lunch at 12 PM, which is not that easy to find especially on a Sunday here in Dublin. So we took a trip around South Anne Street to “check it out” and noticed the door says it opens at 11 AM on Sundays!
So my husband and I planned for THAT Sunday and we made sure we are ready to have lunch by 11 AM. After the Mass, we quickly made our way toward South Anne Street. The restaurant was still empty but there was somebody inside the counter. It took a couple of minutes before the guy went out and told us that they open by 12 PM! Argh! Of course, we were pissed but were grateful the guy didn’t wait for us to freeze outside since it was sooo cold that morning – unlike another restaurant that I might not blog about, EVER!
Anyway, after a long debate and checking alternative options, we decided to wait for 12 PM. So we took a couple of strolls just to entertain our little boss (he is becoming grumpy in his pram) and went to go to the restaurant again around quarter to 12. This time, we saw a couple of people inside the restaurant already so we were confident they are already open for business. We went in and were immediately seated since it was not too busy yet. The interior was quirky and fun – with high stools for everybody. We requested for a high chair and my son was immediately fitted in a booster seat.
We gave our order and I had a shellfish pot. My husband ordered some scampi and fries and we ordered fish and chips for the little man. While we were waiting, they gave us a free starter of deep-fried whitebait. The fish were fresh and lightly battered. It was also well-seasoned and we enjoyed eating it, we finished everything!

shellfish pot catch-22
shellfish pot catch-22

So our orders arrived and it was HUGE! My shellfish pot was well-seasoned (probably too seasoned for my liking) and I definitely taste the saffron and paprika flavored chorizo. I would’ve enjoyed eating my order more if the crab claws were already cracked open instead of me having to deal with it while dealing with a kind-of-sleepy little guy!
The staffs were friendly and I even had a chat with the lady assisting us and we were told that they do open at 11 AM but only to serve pastry and coffee. So at least we know they weren’t “lying” about their opening hours!
I would’ve said that this is an absolutely child-friendly place if they have a proper nappy changing facility. My son decided he will do some “stuff” in his nappies before heading out and my husband had to change him on the bathroom floor.
It was a pleasant dining experience except for the nappy changing experience and the opening hours mix up. Will hope to come back and take more photos!

28 South Anne Street, Dublin 2

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What to say..words from a foodie!

Another food blog, huh – what can I do, I’m a foodie! Well, this one is purely dedicated to restaurant reviews and our personal experiences dining at the particular restaurant published here.
Eating out is a little bit of a challenge since we had our little boy. Unlike before that we can just pop in a restaurant we want to “try out” we now have a few things we have to keep in mind apart from the price and menu if we are to enter a particular restaurant to eat. We learned over time that we have to make sure the restaurant have a high chair, opens at 12 PM for lunch or serves early dinner, has space for the pram or doesn’t play too loud music if we are to come over at the time he is having his nap. Becoming parents really tested my planning skills to the limit and so does my flexibility since I had to be able to come up with an alternative if I want to eat out instead of having our meals at home all the time!
Things are getting better and I can say that we are eating out a lot more often in comparison to the time when my son was a newborn. There are still a few places we can’t go with our son but I guess it’s only a matter of time and we can soon try those restaurants out! But for now, I would like to share with you the restaurants we have tried. It might include a couple of travel-related restaurant reviews so watch out for those, too!
So enjoy reading my honest critique, review, and whatnots about the restaurants you will find here in this blog. I hope you will enjoy reading it and find something useful especially if you are looking for family-friendly restaurants to bring your little ones around!