The Ghosts of the Forest Inspire Fall Fashions

Many styles and prints in Fall Fashion 2012 Collection were inspired by the wild cats of the jungle, which include black panthers, leopards, jaguars and tigers. Cats, by nature, are sneaky, sleek, and physically beautiful. They carefully stalk their object of interest before luring and cornering it to an accessible spot and successfully capturing and obtaining it as their own possession. They depend on their camouflage fur as a form of a luxurious disguise that helps them move forward in life, undetected and unsuspected. It is no wonder that they have been called the ‘ghost of the forest.’ Whether an black monochrome outfit for evening events and nightlife partying, leopard print pants with a sexy black blouse for social engagements in the daytime, or a colorful FLOMO outfit in a camouflage print of bold colors, each accessorized with patent pleather or fake fur belt, trench coat, high-heel shoes, and purse, Fall Fashions are all about dressing sophisticated like a sleek and sexy wild cat. Moreover, the beautiful tiger, with its sexy and piercing emerald green eyes as well as yellow-orange and black stripes which creates a sleek but camouflage silhouette, help it cautiously and carefully stalk its prey.
The bold colors in this year’s Fall Fashions contrasted against black for a dramatic effect also include an outfit in bright yellow-orange and black, or color-blocking combination of yellow, orange and emerald green with black accessories. To make a statement, add fake fur earmuffs and vest as well as fake fur trim accessories in emerald green, leopard print, tiger stripes, black, golden yellow or a bold color, or patent pleather accessories in black or a bold color for a solid and sleek contrast against the animal print. If some examples are needed, then just google the sexy and sophisticated personal style of the fictional character, “Catwoman,” this fall’s fashion icon model. Therefore, the Ghost of the Modern Forest lives quietly in a densely populated and busy area, filled with a variety of multicultural races, all blending together similar to a camouflage sea of different skin colors, and surrounded by the tall buildings of a city, technological gadgets, computers, electronics, and eco-friendly or economical vehicles.
But many of these wild cats are nearing extinction. Unfortunately, Javan, Bali, and Caspian tigers have already become extinct. It is therefore imperative to save and protect the Bengal, Indochinese, Sumatran, South China and Siberian tigers as well as black panthers, leopards, jaguars, cheetahs, and lions before further wild cats are destroyed. The wild cat population has been affected by poaching, hunting for pleasure, destruction of their habitat, and hunting for Zionist government and corporate profits, which all contributed in the dramatic reduction in the current wild cat population worldwide. More sanctuaries, Rescues and No-Kill Shelters must be created to protect these wild animals as well as the homeless domestic animals from further destruction. The Endangered Species Chocolate Foundation donates ten percent of its net profit to animal conservation and habitat preservation organizations. Furthermore, this foundation also supports cacao farmers in ethical trade practices. Donations are given to farmers in Sacha, Ecuador so that they are able to grow more cacao beans from sacha trees.

It is now 2015, and who knows how my cats, wildcats and domesticated cats, are remain in existence today because of the Zionist depopulation and N.W.O. agenda.