New York Fashion Week Circus

New York Fashion Week runways displayed rare and unique finds as well as highlighted some small boutiques, where such artistic one-of-a-kind clothes and accessories are sold. The area was very crowded during this time, as many fashion designers displayed their Spring/Summer 2013 Collection.

Bryanboy, a fashion blogger from the Philippines, describes a hectic and busy day during fashion week as he runs around from one designer showroom to the next.

Betsey Johnson, dressed like Pippi Longstocking as she sported a similar hairstyle, introduces her daughter to the Swedish interviewer after explaining her Spring/Summer Collection.

Kristin Cavallari, a Reality Show actress, loves Betsey’s energy because Betsey does her own thing.

Kelly Osbourne loves Betsey’s fashion line because she noticed functional and fresh styles.

Backstage, models hang out together, trying to relax, before it is their turn on the catwalk.

Juan Carlos Obando used to be an Art Director for five years before he became a Fashion Designer.

Alexander Wang’s fashion line was elegant but not too dressy. His fans love his work because of clean lines, worldly style, futuristic-looking features, and he still displayed an inspiration from a mixture of different cultures while still keeping his own personal style and making it his own.

BJules fashion jewelry look unique, artistic and ornate, similar to baroque-style art. The artist talks about her different four-finger rings that she designed. They look like art forms, but simple and functional rings with movement. And, there is a long ring that fits on the whole finger. She adds that she has seen a similar ring on Beyonce’s finger.

Originally from Paris, France, Gille Mendel talks about his designs. He is into designing elegant clothing with delicate drapery or fur trim as accents.

A female designer talks about her boutique, Rare Vintage, which has seventies-style clothing and accessories that look more like museum art pieces. She creates clothes for men and women, which include Warhol camouflage, a men’s jacket in a shiny metallic color, and a metal mesh dress from Italy in a gold color.

Eugene Souleiman , a hairstylist, works on a model’s hair as he explains creating architectural and modern-looking hairstyles for runway shows.

Narcisco Rodrigues displayed chic styles because of the light, simple and minimalism clothing pieces in black and white as well as other neutral colors. Furthermore, fashion week displayed lots of “flat shoes” for spring and summer.

Backstage, Karolina Kurkova talks about hair and makeup, while Michael Kors talks about flat shoes and a fashion preview for spring. The spring garden colors of grass green, sunny yellow and pink flowers as well as neutral colors of navy, white and other pale neutrals will be popular for spring. There are also some cozy and comfy light knitwear, perfect for those windy coastal days or cool evenings.

America’s Next Top Model’s Jay Manual describes Zac Posen’s fashion line as glamorous and youthful because each piece is colorful, fun and quirky.

Sara Blomqvist talks about her modeling career. Discovered at thirteen because she was very tall and thin for her age, her first modeling job was for Prada. While walking on the catwalk, she doesn’t think about the people watching her, mostly because it is dark anyway. She doesn’t think about anything on the catwalk, but she just does her job going through each run. Her boyfriend thinks about food while he is on the catwalk. She states that modeling is just her job, like any other job out there.

Jeremy Scott displayed urban street-art clothes, which appears to be inspired from junkyard pieces and interesting finds, but shaped in modern-looking clothing.

Marc Jacobs displayed youthful, fun and light “downtown girl” style in his fashion line. He explains that downtown girl style is the opposite of the “uptown girl” clothing.

Tommy Hilfiger displayed bright and light spring colors in plaid and preppy style, but with a vintage fifties flair.

Jean Shop displayed some of their highest quality denim jeans, which are “self-aged” denim with orange stitching. Such raw denim jeans are indigo color, and made from heavily starched, rigid fabric, which tends to mold to one’s body, customizing each pair to each different individual body type. For a typical customer, such jeans should last five to six years. But if a person wears the same pair of jeans daily, then such jeans will tend to wear-out fast.

The Green Shows fashion designers create clothes from limited resources. The fashion line is eco-friendly without any chemicals in order to improve the planet. Therefore, the fabrics tend to be better and nicer.

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