My May 2017 Fashion Picks

Friday, May 12, 2017

I added some recent snapshots from South Coast Plaza’s window displays.

I browse through the May 2017 issue of C Magazine to pick out certain styles that I find most interesting, as well as items I would most likely wear. I will describe how I would wear these items for a complete outfit. I picked out my top 5 picks, which includes edgy street-wear, gamin, bohemian, modern artist, and simply elegant.

Edgy Street-wear look consists of diamond-studded choker, earrings, and necklace as well as a moto jacket, preferably in monochromatic black outfit, which also includes a black denim pants and black t-shirt. Hair should be short and choppy, and makeup is natural for that raw urban appearance. You might also include dark sunglasses because edgy people tend to look elusive, not present, and mysterious. Add a crossbody purse because it is the latest purse style for street-style fashions.

Gamin suits are in silver and gray for a modern version to a pant suit. Consider cropped pants with short socks and high-heel bootie. But wear the tradition tailored jacket, shirt and tie, with a handkerchief sticking out of the top pocket of the jacket. You might also want to add a fedora and eyeglasses. To make this look more feminine, consider wearing makeup as well as make sure your handkerchief and socks have a lacy accent. Add a pretty and sparkly pin on the jacket for décor.

Bohemian outfits include do-it-yourself loomed clothes on youtube, whether dresses, blouses, hats, scarves, legwarmers, fingerless mittens, headbands, halters, and blouses. Gemmed jackets and accessories modernize old items, as they give your old items personality, style, and a facelift. Ocean blue shades are popular gem colors for the month of May. Sunglasses with pink or rose lens seem to be the new thing for Spring 2017. A small shoulder bag and sunglasses are decorated with colorful gems. A beaded belt looks so vintage 70s, blouse with floral print is loose and baggy in the sleeves and around the body. Mini dresses with boots, long skirt with matching halter top and flat sandals, eyeshades in warm earth tones of browns, beiges, red-browns, and red-orange, and fisherman cap. Other must-have items include reed diffuser, a heart-shaped purse with embroidery and gems, green velour ankle boots, long loose gown, and knee-length dress with psychedelic colors, worn with high-heel strappy shoes and short socks. Consider a large canvas tote bag with embellishment and tie-dye designs. Flared jeans are back, but now they have patchwork designs, cropped, and mid-rise. The perfect accessory is a floral crown, in preferably daisies, or your favorite flower.

Modern artist style includes bold colors, in mostly pink, as well as graphic prints and color-blocking. I also notice high-heel roller skates, which is interesting but scary. Who would wear that? The vintage, high-heel mules are back—the one with a transparent plastic, which are the perfect shoes because it goes with everything. There are also transparent plastic booties and purses as well as asymmetrical dresses and blouses with interesting cuts.

Simply Elegant style involves wearing simple clothes and accessories in soft, neutral shades of beige and gray, as well as other pales shades, such as pale blue, pale purple, pale green, pale yellow, pale orange, pale pink and gray-toned shades. Other elegant styles include sleek jumpsuits, bodice gown with hounds tooth print, and trench coat. Pinstriped pant suit looks elegant with white wide belt and white shoes as well as white purse and white hat. Add a white handkerchief in the jacket pocket.


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