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Thursday, April 06, 2017

As I watched some videos, I notice the time is now 12:12am Thursday morning. I plan to go see the movie, Rogue One, The Star Wars Story later on Thursday afternoon because someone on Facebook told me it is good.

But now I want to summarize April fashion highlights from the recent issue of C Magazine.

  1. The first thing I notice is a light trench coat, in which I have one in black. I think my mother bought it from Paris, but I lost its original belt somewhere outside because it always fell out loosely here and there until I eventually lost it somewhere. I plan to use one of my late father’s ties as a belt, and I will likely coordinate the tie colors with the outfit colors.
  2. Red bobs with bangs are popular, and the red color has a metallic color, like my henna color, which is cool.
  3. Since springtime is about new beginnings and starting over with a fresh new start, freshen up your home décor and fashion wardrobe with art that has ocean scenes, filled with blues, beaches, breeze, and bright sunlight. Fashion includes shirtdress with floral print and sandals with fake fur accent. As you browse at art galleries, enjoy sampling cheeses and wines, or just hang out at delis, enjoying a cup of coffee and French baguette with cheese or some Italian food. Sea salt soaps and other organic skincare products can exfoliate and further clean your skin. Once a week, drive to a place you have never been, and discover something new that you have never noticed before. It doesn’t have to be far. It can be in your city or neighboring city. It just takes a little exploring and research of what is already around you.
  4. Monochromatic white outfits always look good during the hot weather of spring and summer. It is light and pretty, almost angelic because of it looks pure, clean and fresh. Consider white loafers with block heels, white slides, a little white purse with clunky white chain strap, white necklace, white slippers, simple white watch with diamond accent, sunglasses with white frame, white low boots or booties, and white swimming cap. Light and loose white skirts, shirts and dresses look good with white strappy sandals and white sunhat. Or, you might want to wear white pants, white blouse, and white sneakers. White shorts look good with white tank top or camisole, and maybe a white cap.
  5. I also notice interesting boots. Consider lacing you boots with a long white ribbon. It can dress up the booth, and look very pretty and feminine, especially if worn with a flowing skirt or dress, or maybe a skater skirt or dress.
  6. Other popular spring must-haves include off the shoulder blouse, two-tone brim Cordovez hat, brown belt, sunglasses, bucket bag, swimsuit, a wrap dress with ruffles, pencil skirt with sheer blouse, hoop earrings, mules, ring with ceramic stone, tote bag, long and loose sundress, high heel sandals, candles, midi dress, strappy lace-up pumps with stacked heel and slingback.

I also watched a video about top six fashion ideas that were originally French, which are blue and white striped bateau-colored blouse, denim, polo/lacoste shirts, little black dress, bikini, and pencil skirt. I realize that I have all these pieces because I have always liked French fashions.

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