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Sunday, April 2, 2017

While browsing through three of the latest C Magazine issues today, I noticed that the March issue is very thick, as thick as the usual September issue because of Fall Fashion Week. In these fashion blogs, I will do it differently than usual. I will just pick out certain items in each issue that I like for my March, April, and spring mood board in fashion and home décor.

March 2017 Issue

  1. Short bobs are popular for spring, whether with bangs or sleekly combed to the side with a bobby pin or barrette.
  2. Knit shorts and matching blouse
  3. Loose dresses with halter-style top
  4. Bold colored pencil skirts with match tops. I have something similar from the 80s.
  5. White Gucci hoodie sweater, I which I have a similar white Gucci sweatshirt, but mine doesn’t have a hoodie, and mine is old from 80s or 90s.
  6. I notice lots of stripes, florals, and pink clothes and accessories as well as lots of ruffles.
  7. Cropped culottes with sandals look pretty and feminine for warm weather.
  8. Loafers, oxfords, strappy sandals, and lace-up sandals look pretty with flowing dresses and skirts.
  9. Bohemian clothes, chokers, Niagra bag, and long flowing dresses with crossbody small purse and flat sandals.
  10. Pinstriped shirts, shorts, shirtdress, and skirts, in mostly blue, is like the classic white shirt.
  11. Create your own moodboard of your personal style, whether for fashion or home décor, and hang it up as your artwork to decorate a room in your house.
  12. Stripes are popular for clothes and accessories, which include nautical outfits, but the updated version for spring 2017 is monochromatic stripes from head to toe.
  13. Bright and bold tropical colors from head to toe might include floral, exotic, and acid colors as well as floral prints. Tropic colors might include colors inspired from Florida and Caribbean as well as the pretty colors of a parrot, flamingo, and peacock.
  14. Silver studded clothes and accessories have an edgy and rocker style; besides silver studs, decorative nails, pins, rivets, and buttons might even decorate an outfit or accessory to create a wild and urban chic.
  15. Sculptured heels look interesting and fun, which can make the shoes the accent piece that stands out in a simple outfit. Whether color, shine, or just an interesting and unique shape, it can be the only accessory you need to update an old outfit and modernize older clothes for spring 2017.
  16. I like a small purse called the Palazzo Empire medium bag by Versace because it has a cute, dainty style, but in bold purple and green. There is a cute crossbody purse with a gold chain strap—La Pliage Heritage bag by Longchamps. These two purses are very expensive, but I have similar styles in cheaper and no-name versions.
  17. Loose light trench coats are popular for spring, and I have one from France, but I lost the belt. So, I plan to use one of my late father’s ties as a belt, but I will match the color of the tie with my outfit colors for coordination purposes.
  18. Off the shoulder blouses are always popular in springtime, especially with a wrap skirt and strappy or lace-up sandals.
  19. Below the knee pencil skirts are also popular, and I have a couple of cute ones from the past I plan to take out and wear this spring.
  20. I noticed a matching sunhat and dress, in which I have a similar one that my mother bought from Malaysia. But I will probably save it for summertime because spring is too windy for sunhats.
  21. Pleated skirt, in which I think is a classic piece, and I have worn them since my childhood. I have one or two of different length, but I usually wear them during autumn and winter.
  22. So, springtime is all about soft and pretty styles, such as flowing dresses with floral prints, soft colors, strappy and lace-up sandals, whether high heels or flats, accessories with floral prints, sunglasses, pale pinks, pale neutral colors, enjoying tea at a lovely garden environment along with birds, bees, and colorful flowers. Platform shoes and lacy blouses are still popular.

I liked this quote on a silver jacket: “I DON’T KNOW WHERE I’M GOING FROM HERE, BUT I PROMISE IT WON’T BE BORING.”

Books to check out include: Originals—Now Non-Conformists Move the World by Adam Grant as well as Where Stylists Shop by Booth Moore. There are also some recipe books for healthy cooking, but I have my own recipe books about raw foods, vegan, and vegetarian foods. There are lots of artworks displayed in this issue, which includes the late Installation Artist, Jason Rhoades. His work have an urban edgy style, which include neon lights signage, crystals, incense, hookah, wood, and he often challenged cultural topics to question what is normal.

The latest popular vacation is glamping. One place spotlighted in the magazine is Ventana Big Sur’s Redwood Retreats, which depicts a big tent set up in the middle of a forest. I can do my one-day glamping retreat by taking my hammock, some a novel, magazine, and buying takeout vegan food, and relax somewhere while catching up on my reading amidst nature.

Based on my top 22 favorites on this list from this March Issue, I think my styles tends to be a combination of French Chic, with some bohemian and urban edgy pieces because I tend to be attracted to classic and traditional pieces as well as some men’s wear for women, but I like to add my artistic flair and feminine pieces to make it more girlie and artsy. I just seem to always do my own thing, transforming something into my own personal style.

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