10 Fashion Ideas That Never Go Out of Style

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I added this photo photo here because it looks similar to my actual phone, but my phone isn’t this old, just the same style.

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I just had to add this photo because I feel that the old VWs are classic cars.

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I feel oxfords and loafers have always been classic. I have had oxfords and loafers since I was 7.


Thursday, December 1, 2016

On Thursday night, while checking out videos on youtube, I noticed this fashion video for fun. I decided to share it because I agree with its claim that these Top 10 Items are Classic, and they will always be in style. I think I have all these items, and I probably used them every year, regardless what actually was the fashion trend for that year. All ten items are practical, functional, and timeless.

  1. Red Lipstick. I have always loved wearing red lipstick, probably since my teenage years when I started to wear makeup. Red lipstick seems to go well with any outfit, regardless of the colors and/or prints in this outfit.
  2. Monochromatic Black. An outfit in monochromatic black, from heat to toe, is just not for funerals anymore. You can wear such outfit for parties, casual hangouts, costumes, work, or events. It all depends on the actual clothes and accessories as well as how it is put together, whether to look dressy, casual, laidback, fun, elegant, professional environment, or a leisure vacation. Texture, matte, shine, and fabric play an important role.
  3. The Traditional Suit. Traditional Suits can be worn for many occasions, whether for work, cocktail parties, or casual environment. Again, it all depends on how the suit is work, whether loose, open, and relaxed, or closed, conservative, and proper. It can also be work sexy by wearing a lacy cami or corset underneath the suit to make the suit appear fun and creative.
  4. Converse Sneakers. I have had one or two since childhood. And, I still have two in flannel plaid, but I recently noticed they are both worn out. I just like wearing them with jeans or leggings for casual-wear.
  5. blazers are the kind of jackets that look trendy, but they never go out of style. I still love my 80s camel corduroy blazer, in which I love wearing during autumn season because of the color and it corduroy texture. It can be worn with jeans, leggings, or corduroy pants. It can also be worn with a casual outfit or work outfit.
  6. The White Button-down shirt has always been in style since the 80s, when I first started wearing it. I have a long sleeve one and a short sleeve one, and they both can be worn for work or casual outfit, in many different ways, in which I probably wore mine in all the possible ways.
  7. The Little Black Dress. I have always had one because it is perfect, especially if you want to save money on buying a dressy dress. You can wear it for a graduation, funeral, elegant party, cocktail party,and dress it down with grunge and flat boots for casual-wear.
  8. Oversized Sunglasses. My first oversized sunglasses was in the 90s, and I still have it because it was prescriptive. Although my eyes have probably changed some, I probably can still wear it, now and then.
  9. Faux-Leather Jacket. Unfortunately, my past jackets had real leather, and They were from 80s and 90s. But my most recent Fake Leather piece was actually a light green moto vest. It is fun and trendy as well as not real leather.
  10. Denim Pants have been popular forever, and I have probably worn denim since I was 5. My first jeans was probably in elementary school. And, during my teen years, jeans was probably the only pants that I wore most of the time. But now I like wearing a variety of clothes, not just jeans.


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