November 2016 Fashion Ideas

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

I browsed through the November 16 issue of Glamour Magazine, looking for interesting ideas. I haven’t bought this magazine since my 20s and 30s, mostly because I have been involved with other things. But when I found a discarded magazine, I just picked it up and said why not, interested to see what is in this magazine nowadays, and if it has changed. There is a weird article about female celebrities going braless, I guess, as a new trend. I personally think it looks skanky, but that is what they are promoting for November fashion trends. But there is also a cool article about designers who are creating shoes and other accessories with recycled materials.

I notice around seven styles that stick out in this magazine. From November 2016 to February 2017, the weather will be cooler, and it can get very cold in some areas and countries. So, popular fashions include long coat, cute sweaters, and boots.

For active people who prefer casual and comfortable clothes, consider Nordic-style sweaters in red, black and white, worn with stirrup pants in black, red or white, and black strappy flats. The accent for such casual outfits includes metallic silver accessories, such as purses, hats, barrettes, and silver jewelry. You might want to layer your outfit with a turtleneck under the sweater, and a long coat with knit scarf and hat. Makeup might include black eye makeup and red lipstick.

The second casual winter style looks like edgy and urban streetwear.  Consider a hoodie sweatshirt-style short dress, tartan kilt, ankle boots, silver hoop earrings with silver rings, hoodie sweatshirts with graphic artwork, a purse with clear circle gems, and long pleated skirt. I notice white ankle boots with stacked heels because it looks like ice skating boots but without blade. I think this style looks very creative, most likely popular for artists and rebels who want to express themselves in a unique way in order to stand out in a crowd. Usually, edgy makeup tends to be dark, such as black, blue, purple, dark red, and metallic colors.

The third casual winter style is Feminine Country Girl. It includes floral dress, gold hoop earrings with a key hanging from each hoop, gold band rings, gold loafers with stacked heel, crewneck pullover sweater, envelop-style purse with strap, double breasted coat with shearling, and short jacket with zipper and shearling. This feminine woman prefers soft makeup colors and perfume. Boots are the preferred shoes with such outfits.

The fourth causal winter style is classic and earthy. These clothes and accessories include classic and traditional items, but in warm-toned colors, such as browns, khaki, and taupe gray as well as pine green, burgundy, navy, and red. Other items include corduroy pants, chunky sweaters, parka, bucket hat, knit cardigan, tank sweater dress, off-the-shoulder blouse, quilted coat, pleated skirt, button-down shirt, bodysuit under a sweater, trench coat, bustier, gemmed clothes and accessories, pins decorating clothes and accessories, and huge earrings with colorful gems.

New items include booties with a low heel and a print design. Three must-have items that can be worn with different clothes, creating different outfits, include oversized shirt, track pants, silver puffer jacket, and these three clothes can be blended with your personal wardrobe to update your November 2016 outfits. Other items include tiger-print clothes and accessories, cozy coats, men’s-wear for women, and eco-conscious clothes with ruffles, bell sleeves, and a hoodie. Moreover, consider wearing a shirtdress with a moto jacket, booties or ankle boots, and tights. Velvet appears to be popular for November.

For makeup, berry-colored lips, red wine colored lips, smoky black eye makeup, classic red lips, and burgundy lips, poppy red lips, reddish-brown blush, metallic violet eyeshadow, and blood red lipstick. But I also feel that autumn is all about warm tones, even in makeup colors, such as russet, burgundy, wine, orange, yellow, browns, beige, taupe, camel, maize, curry, olive, khaki, and rust.

Moreover, I also noticed styles from the 70s and 80s for November 2016.

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