Window-Shopping New Changes at South Coast Plaza

South Coast Plaza christmas tree
South Coast Plaza christmas tree

Sunday, November 13, 2016

After eating my breakfast, I decided to go to South Coast Plaza mall to see what’s new in fashion at that particular mall. Upon arrival, the first thing that I noticed was Nordstrom department store has finished remodeled. It looked very modern as well as urbanized, similar to department stores in downtown San Francisco, LA, and NYC. When I entered Nordstrom, I noticed Top Shop and Brass Plum were now on the first floor, which made the department store look different. After browsing in these two sections, I decided to check out the second and third floor. It was confusing but interesting because I felt like checking out Nordstrom for the first time due to the many changes. The bathrooms were modernized as well, but there wasn’t any lounge room with couches anymore. I often used that lounge room as a waiting area, before events at the department store. After checking out the new Nordstrom, I decided to walk through the mall to check out other stores. The huge Christmas tree with giant Russian-style ornaments and cathedral-like, colorful, stainless glass dome over the star was up. I forgot to check the carousel, but I am sure there were reindeer in the carousel to ride. I noticed a lot of new stores that I have not heard of browsed, and I decided to browse through them to check out their merchandise. Many stores were having sales, and I checked out the sales but controlled my urge. I don’t really need anything right now, and I don’t want to buy anything just to buy. But I noticed lots of knits, especially hats, scarves, gloves, and clothes. I also noticed that pajama pants with much blouse are still popular for autumn and winter, but worn with quilted vest, comfy boots, and scarves and knit hats. There were lots of quilted jackets. And, of course, there were lots of boots, especially knee-length and higher lace-ups, booties, and hiking-style boots. Also, there were many coats, pea coats, trench-style quilted pea coats by Burberry, as well as long sweaters, long coats, short skirts, hot pants, furry vests, lace, and prints. It was also very warm outside, which was similar to summer climate. At 4pm, I decided to go home, mostly because I was getting hungry. I was going to take snapshots of these new changes, but I noticed my iPhone had low battery. I forgot to recharge it last night. I arrived home, ate my dinner, and relaxed in my pajamas and slippers, as I turned on my computer.

While I was eating, I watched the film, Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, which is about the Illuminati killing off certain people in different countries as well as creating groups like ISIS to invade and destroy certain countries that are against the Zionist agenda. Many of these movies that I never watched give clues and hints about the Illuminati and their twisted agenda to control the world, which involve conspiracies, murders, invasions, creating groups, CIA, and false flags.

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