October 2016 Fall Fashion Ideas

Sunday, October 09, 2016

I didn’t do much today, except work on my graphic novel and then browse on the internet for a break. This weekend, I received the October issue of C Magazine as well as some UCI magazines for art events and other college events. September went by fast, and I didn’t go to any OC Style Week 2016 fashion events. I will now write summary for the October fall fashions 2016. I didn’t even go out anywhere this weekend, except the grocery store because Gumby was out of moist cat food. I think I will continue my detox this week.

I watched some videos, and noticed that garlic, grapefruit, leafy green veggies, avocados, walnuts, and turmeric are six foods that are great detox for your body and liver, while coconut oil, baking soda, guava fruit and its leaves, aloe vera, cloves, and white vinegar are some foods that can help rid plaque and tartar. I was aware that baking soda was a teeth whitening agent because my late grandmother used to tell me that when she was young she brushed her teeth with baking soda and her finger. And, I am aware from research that coconut oil, aloe vera, and vinegar have many uses.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Since I couldn’t find any Urban Bohemian fashion photos on pixabay, I found a Urban outfit and Bohemian outfit, and I feel a mixture of both styles, put together in a coordinated way will create my Urban Bohemian fall wardrobe ideas, which is like an edgy hippy style, but not really street or hippy, just a creative version of both styles.

jeffjuit / Pixabay
DeeDee51 / Pixabay

I went to the post office this morning, but I noticed that it was closed. I couldn’t figure out what holiday it was today. I decided to check on the glass doors, and there was a list of holidays where the post office will be closed. So, I noticed that today is Columbus Day. I really didn’t think this was a real holiday because I don’t remember celebrating it or even reading about it in school when I was a kid. I remember that we always did creative projects and events during certain holidays, such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentines, St. Patrick’s, and Thanksgiving. And, I am aware of Memorial Day and Labor Day, but I never even remember Columbus Day or any of the President’s birthdays. I dropped by the gas station, before I went to the gym for another one hour of yoga. Then, I returned home and ate lunch.

Today seems slow for me, and it was very quiet outside. I browsed through the October issue of C Magazine, and I noticed 4 different styles being promoted.

The first style is about being laidback and casual, where the person is likely to spend most of their days at home in their favorite pajamas, slippers and robe, while listening to Dawes album, We’re all gonna die. (Interesting title for a music album! I wonder what they are hinting at). This person appears to be a night owl because evenings are spent at French bars, cafes, restaurants, and art galleries. The preferred attire is a loose shift gown in a metallic color, flat shoes, and small shoulder bag with long strap. Round vases are used to organize their home for keys, loose change, and other small and miscellaneous items. Since this person is out all evenings and night, skincare items are important accessories to help revitalize dull and tired face. And, I am also assuming such a person would spent all night watching youtube videos for research purposes.

The second style is all about the uniform inspiration. Crystal brooch and gold chain necklace, a little purse with guitar strap, a chain bracelet with has a ID tag, high-heel pumps with ankle strap, small furry bag with long chain strap, another small furry bag with masonic checkered design and belt strap, flat gold band bracelet with gemmed cusp, steampunk sunglasses, lace-up ankle boots with stacked heel, small purse with short bamboo-style handle, high-heel pumps with gemmed décor design, and a class-ring style ring.

The third style is all about furry clothes and items. Let’s just hope these items are fake fur. Irreversible small purse has a furry side and print side, slides with fake shearling, small saddle bag purse with furry flap, flat wedge with fur for active-wear, furry shoulder bag, loafer-style slippers has zebra stripes on the outside but a furry inside, small reporter natural bag is also covered with soft fur, pumps with stacked heels, ankle strap and furry décor, furry bucket bag, and wedge lace-up ankle boots that looks like UGGs style.

The fourth style is the Downtown LA style, which is all about colors, metallic shine, gems, small purses, and big jewelry. Just think of the colorful nightlife and nightlights in a big and busy city. Silver ankle boots with stacked heel, yellow-frame sunglasses, seafoam green small purse with chain strap, drop earrings with colorful gems, corduroy pants with flared bottom, sterling silver box for small items, small yellow croissant bag with chain strap, high-heel sandals with gem décor, a double ring with gem design, gold strappy flowing mid-calf length wrap dress worn over beige turtleneck and gold strappy sandals, long green coat with knee-high boots, and round shoulder bag with chain strap.

As I check out these styles, I realize that I have many items in each group, but my items are in a different color.

My October 2016 Fall Fashion style: I  have a fake fur purse with fake LV symbols and short chain strap. I love that purse, and I often carry it during fall and wintertime. I have a small and round shoulder bag with a quilted design and chain strap, in which I absolutely love, although it doesn’t have a label, but I think it looks like Chanel purses. I actually bought mine from the garment district in LA. I have black pants with flared bottoms and colorful embroidery at the bottom, which I got as a gift. I have many small purses as well as drop earrings. I also have a print wrap dress, which I usually wear during spring and summertime. Last year, I bought fake UGGs ankle boots at Wet Seal because I am staying away from UGGs. I realized of all the sheep slaughter, which makes me sick. I also have a black military-style jacket, ID tag necklace and bracelet, lace-up ankle boots that I love, but cannot walk in, probably because it is high, but the ones in the magazine has stacked heel, and I think stacked heel shoes are easier to walk in than narrow high heels. And, I have a class ring from high school that I often wear with casual outfits. So, if I use what I currently have for this fall wardrobe, I can create my own style this fall and call it—The Urban Bohemian.


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