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IMG_0781 (1)Thursday, June 23, 2016

This evening, I checked out a workshop about fashion photographer. 30-year-old Lindsay Adler mainly talked about searching for inspiration in order to create memorable photographs that create an impact and make a statement. Her choice of photography is fashion, and she prefers bold, colorful, and loud, as well as display movement and emotion. Her boyfriend, Chris Knight, is also a photographer.

Before taking a photograph, you need to take into consideration the composition in order to create a particular theme, emotion, style, and a subject. Then, play around with the lighting, posing, technical aspect, expression, style, inspiration, and creativity in order to further enhance your subject and/or theme.

There are three things that make a photographer memorable, which include word of mouth, cheapest, and unique photos. Since it isn’t a good idea to be remembered because you are the cheapest, it is important to work on creating artistic and unique photos.

The first step involves finding your personal style, which has to do with picking a particular preferred theme in your photos. Browse through some of your photos, and pick out your favorites. Notice if they all have a similar theme or a way of photographing. Notice the subject, visuals, and emotion in each photo. For instance, my photographic style includes surrealism, ethereal, candid, contrast, and monochrome.

Over time, maybe a couple of years, you might need to update your profiles to move on with the times to better opportunities. Photography work in commercial advertising makes the most money.

She does one shoot per week, and she uses various creative gears to enhance her photos. Such items include holi powder and black or UV light because these items help create interesting special effects.

Before photographing anything, first think about the concept. What do you want to photograph, why do you want to photograph this subject, and how are you going to make this subject appear more interesting? Then, consider the technical tools that you will use in your photography project. After you after your subject, you can go on Photoshop for the post-process, where you can further enhance your subject and make it stand out in a memorable way. Analyze all the photographs in order to decide what you like about the photo and what you want to change or enhance.

Consider the location to help you pick a particular theme for storytelling. What stands out most in this location? Is it the colors or a particular interesting-shaped item?

Add certain props, model, or other items to further enhance your scene, or make your subject or model stand out more.

Although plagiarism is never a good idea, if you take ideas from many people and play around with all these ideas into your own personal style, then it is OK because you aren’t copying one person’s art. You are just getting certain artistic ideas that many artists and photographers use, but you are incorporating these ideas into your personal style and creating your own art.

She mentions the site, Model Mayhem, as a site that she goes to for inspiration and ideas, where she connects with other photographers, models, and creative people in the industry.

In order to make an impact, it is important to bring out a certain emotion via color, composition, lighting, movement, and subject. Check out your photo. What is the image about? Does everything work together?

Notice if there is a color that pops out from the photograph and creates a certain emotion. Is this emotion positive, negative, or another feeling? What does the composition look like? Does it have to do with lines, Rule of 3rds, dark, ethereal, or anything else? Check out the lighting, and notice the shape, form, texture, mood, and emotion. Does the subject or model depict a particular movement, which is about the present moment? Is the subject or model unusual, interesting, or surreal?

Before you work on your project, it is helpful to put together a visual storyboard of inspiration and ideas that you want use in your project for your particular vision. Consider a particular mood, location, clothing style, model or subject, hair, makeup, and props.

Then, do a personal project where you just shoot you style.




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