My Sunday Morning

Sunday, June 19, 2016

I woke up at noon to feed Gumby. Then, I ate some raw vegan kelp noodles with Alfredo sauce, which is from cashew cream. As I was eating it, I realized that cashew cream tastes very creamy and cheesy. I had made my own homemade cashew milk and cream, and I enjoyed it with my espresso. I also decided to make another raw vegan banana smoothie with green powder, ice and agave, which tasted cold and icy, similar to a slushy.

Then, I decided to paint my fingernails, which look nice and grown out, but I hope they don’t break. My fingernails tend to break, chip, or snag. And, after I paint my nails, the nail polish will start to chip soon after, which is frustrating. Well, today, my fingernails look nice. I painted my fingernails in a turquoise color. I haven’t done my toenails yet. But I might do my toenails later in a darker color.

I just realize that I probably need to go to the grocery store for this week’s groceries. I am not sure what to buy, but I might go to Trader Joes in the evening hours. I need to buy some to-go food for four evenings, in which I will eat my dinner early before I go out to the event. And, I will eat Vegan noodles for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I might buy some vegan ice cream for my morning coffee. And, I need an easy-to-make lunch for Monday through Friday. So, this kind of summarizes my grocery list, although I don’t know exactly what I will buy yet.

1984-10-29 20.18.02

This photo is old and blurred. I couldn’t find the other one, which is in focus. I forgot which file I placed it under. This is out my nails look like now, but without the henna tattoo.

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