Picking a Home Decor Style

While on youtube, I often like to check out different tiny house styles as well as minimalist style homes for fun because I am always seeking different home décor styles. My home décor style is kind of mixed because I can’t really pick one style that I like. I decided to put this post under Fashion Blogger because it is about personal style, even this is home decor rather than fashion. It is basically the same because it is about expressing yourself and your personal identity via certain colors, items and accessories that best fits your personality.

This tiny house looks fun because it reminds me of my childhood, when I used to go to carnivals once a year, which was always filled with fantasy and adventure. This little carnival trailer house has a gypsy-style décor, which looks cute and comfy.

But now that I am an adult, I am not sure if I can actually live in a tiny house because it is so small, although I still think they are cute. I wouldn’t mind having one as a mobile art studio or office space because artists and independent people need a mobile work space or office. They need to market their work or business to more people by traveling to different business conventions, events, and vendor areas in order to increase sales and visibility.

Although the gypsy style looks fun and cute, I am getting old for that style, and I am probably moving towards minimalism, but laid-back, casual, and coastal. My furniture style now tends to be toward modern and functional pieces, but with fun colors. I like the geometric cityscape structures for organizational purposes, but simple and light. That is probably why I often check out furniture pieces in IKEA, which are enough for me because I am not into big and clunky pieces. I prefer delicate and small pieces. Although neutral colors are nice and I still like pastels, I like to add bold colors for accent. As a creative person, I just need to be surrounded by color. In my living room, I placed a denim couch cover over my old 80s wicker couch as well as Mexican canvas blanket on the back of the couch. My coffee table has mostly chartreuse accent and weaved trays to organize items. It makes cleaning easier, where I just remove these trays onto the couch so that I can wipe down and clean the table, and just added each tray back on the clean table in an organized way. There is also some metal lantern, candle oil burner, electric burner, and a candle plate on the table. So, it is mostly in blue, with pastel colors accent. Other decorative items include baskets, which also helps me to stay organized.


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