School Holidays- I needed a short vacation

One of the shopping mall we frequently visited by peachpurple
One of the shopping mall we frequently visited by peachpurple

School holiday had started on March 11 until March 20.

Although it is a week of school holiday, my son is very , extremely bored staying at home doing nothing but playing smartphone game’ Plant vs Zombie”

Besides that, he had been bullying her teenager sister who was accompanying him throughout the whole week.

As for me, I am sick and tired of cooking 3 times a day for the whole week.

During school days, I don’t cook much, just once a day.

Morning breakfast at 6am, hubby and I had breakfast at the Mamak shop.

Then we order take away for my son and teenager lunch.

So, I need to cook for dinner. It was a breeze for me.

But now, I had to cook 3 times daily because everyone wakes up late in the morning and sleep late at night.

That is why I needed a short vacation.

I was hoping to take a short vacation , outstation holiday to get away from the daily household chores and cooking.

My son also needed a break because he is bored at home doing nothing but playing.

Furthermore, he had never been to the zoo, science centre, fun fair, etc.

The only place he had been was shopping malls throughout our nearby residence.

He is bored, so am I.

Dad was looking out for a budget vacation.

He is hunting down for coupons and vouchers with discounts for hotels and dining.

He had found a handful of cheap budget hotels and inns with discounts but no parking.

That is a headache. We needed a parking lot to park our car since we planned to travel by road.

Another problem is the booking date for the budget room are all occupied due to the school holiday.

Anyway, today is March 18, another 2 days, school is going to reopen.

Our short vacation dream is puff up into the air now.


Hopefully we could go for the short vacation in the next school holiday which is in June, 2 weeks of no school day.

Yes, pre-booking is essential but dad schedules are not fixed, that is the problem.


Are you having a short vacation?

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