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Dongzhi Festival 

Dongzhi Festival will be held on December 21 this year, sometimes it falls on the 21st or 22nd, depends on the Chinese lunar calendar.

Before the year ends, Dongzhi Festival is celebrated yearly in order to mark the season turning from winter to spring in the coming year.

Dongzhi Festival is also known as Winter Solstice Festival in western countries.

During the Han Dynasty, the people celebrates Dong Zhi by consuming warm tang yuan soup together as a family, warming up themselves in the cold winter season. 

Dongzhi means extremely cold winter. Hence, the ancient people would prepare hot warm meal such as dumplings with lamb meat to keep them warm and full.

Celebrating the Dongzhi Festival

During the Dongzhi Festival, Chinese families gather together at the eldest member of the household home to make Tang Yuan Soup. Then, each person will be served with one large Tang Yuan and several small Tang Yuan plus the sweet soup.

The large one indicates the person is a year older and to be a better person next year when the spring comes, which is Chinese New Year celebration.



Glutinous rice flour by peachpurple


You can replace castor sugar with brown sugar by peachpurple

How to make Tang Yuan

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Tang Yuan means round balls soup which symbolize unity ,harmony and reunion of a family. In order to make Tang Yuan, you will need glutinous rice flour, sugar, screwpine leaves ( also known as Pandan leaves ), food coloring which is optional and a big pot of water.
The female members of the household, young and old gather around to make this special sweet delicacy together. Some people would add sweet fillings into the Tang Yuan such as finely ground peanuts, sesame seeds, red bean paste or black bean paste for flavorful taste.

Ready made Tang Yuan

Nowadays, working adults are lazy to make homemade Tang Yuan at home. Hence, Tang Yuan are popularly sold in supermarket with different flavors and fillings to suit every consumer taste buds.

Each packet comes with 10 ready made small glutinous rice ball, very convenient and does not break easily when you boil in slow cooker.

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