Flip A Coin Day- 1st June

1st June is Flip a Coin Day!

Coins by peachpurple


Who created this Day?

According to history, it was created by the Romans, Julius Ceasar who first initiated to flip a coin in order to make decisions which he could not settle with.

According to his statement, if the coin comes to rest facing up with HEADS, that determines the winner while TAILS indicates the loser.



Interesting Facts About Flip A Coin Day

  • Tossing up a coin into the air and catching it or letting it land on the ground until it stops spinning is the way you flip a coin.
  • Flip a coin has been long practice in the early centuries in order to make a  decision for many events.
  • Majority events included SuperBowl, football, cricket, soccer and even in our  daily life events.
  • Usually, the banker, referee or the coach will flip a coin to decide who will go  first after each party decided to choose HEADS or TAILS.
  • Of course, the winner is the one who chose the HEADS will take the lead.


The winner always vote for KFC take out by peachpurple

When Do You Flip A Coin?

As for me, I usually opt for Flip A coin to make decision when we could not  decide to:

# where to eat during weekends

# who to start the board games on family night

# what to eat for dinner

# who to sit in the middle of the car seat since we have 6 family members  to fit into a 5 seater car

# who to use the computer first

# who to feed the darn annoying cat

# what time to sleep on weekends


So, it is time for you to brush up your flipping coin skill with your thumbs and fingers!

Make sure it doe not flip and throws far away from you !

Do you practice flip a coin when you cannot make a decision?

Who usually wins?

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Book Lovers Day

If you love to read books, magazines or newspaper, you might love Book Lover Day for sure.

Date: August 9th or 1st Saturday in November

Purpose: To encourage readers to read books in a relaxing mood at a find shady place.

My favorite book by peachpurple

My Favorite Book

Brer Rabbit

I am a huge fan of children story books. I love Enid Bylton  writings. She is very good at simple words, imaginative and creative to bring the whole story alive as if I am watching her story in a video.

Brer Rabbit Again is my favorite book besides Brer Rabbit a Rascal , Brer Rabbit Book and many more.

Cultivate the Reading Habit Early

Reading books is a great hobby to cultivate from early age.

You could start reading to your child as early as 6 months old.

Babies and toddler love to see beautiful colorful pages flipping over and over again.

Read the story lively with your creative tone, wild expression and move your limbs like Mr Bean.

I started to read story books when my English teacher had encouraged us to borrow assorted books in the school library.

Gradually, reading helps me to improve my vocabulary, making sentences and composition with good grades.

Book Lovers Day is a wonderful day to celebrate for young and old readers.

Just grab any interesting, fascinating book that you had not read a long time, a book that you had read half-way through and find a quiet , comfy chair to flip over the pages.

Some people prefer to read in a cozy hammock, a lazy chair, rocking arm-chair or under a shady tree. Just make sure there aren’t any ants crawling over the tree!

Mr Fox by peachpurple

What you can do on Book Lovers Day

  1. The Library: Make a trip to the local library. You could either borrow a couple of books to read at home if the library is not comfy for you. Alternatively, you could adapt to any environment, invite your friends to join your book reading gig at the library. Usually, the library allows each person to borrow a book for 2 weeks.
  2. Read Again: yes, you had read that book, why not read again. I love to read Brer Rabbit books over and over again. When you are passionate of a story book, you will not get tired of it even you had read it over 20 times !
  3. Read online: With the latest technology, you can read tons of story books, novels, fictions, non-fictions books online for free. You can find them at Amazon , Meegenuis for kids, Goodreads for fiction readers. Some of these books are user-friendly where you can download them in PDF files, read them later when you have time.
  4. Buy 2nd Hand Books: Drop by the thrift stores, 2nd hand shops where you can buy 2nd hand books for sale. Grab those fascinating, interesting books before they are out of stock.

So, what will you be doing on Book Lovers Day?

Have a break, grab a BOOK !

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Weird Festival~ No Socks Day

No Socks Day by peachpurple
No Socks Day by peachpurple

The world is full of surprises!

Humans created various festivals and events to remember special days in honor of a famous person or religion practices.

However, weird days are emerging over the years in order to celebrate weird practices too.

Believe it or not, 8th May is No Socks Day!

I happened to stumbled upon this holiday while searching for a Teacher’s Day craft in one of the craft website.

What is No Socks Day

No Socks Day was created by Wellcat, a website that promotes the usage of herbal products and provides information on medicinal uses of herbs, spices that encourages people to have use them in their daily life meals or body treatment.

  • No Socks Day is a day when everyone need not have to wear any socks or stockings for the whole day.
  • This is the day to celebrate for your weary feet and toes.
  • Allow your hardworking feet to relax, get ready your toes for pedicure and pamper your feet with a relaxing massage of baby oil or lotion.
Put up your feet on the sofa and relax by peachpurple
Put up your feet on the sofa and relax by peachpurple

What do you do on No Socks Day

  1. Do not wear closed up shoes for a day.
  2. Wear comfortable lazy sandals or slippers where you don’t have to wear socks at all.
  3. Bare your feet on the soft grass to feel the natural feeling of touching the ground.
  4. I found that No Socks Day is a good day to reduce my laundry, at least I need not have to wash those smelly, stinky socks for a day!
  5. In addition, I do not have to find mix match socks that happens every time when I had to fold the laundry.
  6. No socks, no smelly shoes and no smelly feet, what a day to feel free just for one day.
  7. Give your socks a break. Amend torn socks by sewing up the holes..
  8. Give your feet a break. Put them up of the chair or sofa and relax while exercising the toes

Are you ready for No Socks Day?

Get ready your nail polish, okay?

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