No Valentine’s Day For Me!

First of all, here’s wishing all a Happy Valentine’s Day !

I sincerely hope that my Blogjob friends, single or married couples to have an enjoyable romantic lunch or dinner.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February yearly, coincidentally falls on weekends which suited for one day outing for love birds.

a stalk of rose made by me, peachpurple

My First and Last ┬áValentine’s Day

Honestly, the first time I had celebrated Valentine’s Day was 22 years ago when my hubby was dating with me.

He had bought a bouquet of pink roses, wrote a ready-made card and put them in a paper bag.

He said that it was embarrassing for him to carry the rose around the shopping mall where I was working.

Hence, he passed the paper bag to me with the gift inside.

I was extremely thrilled and happy because that was my first experience in receiving flowers on this special occasion.

Unfortunately, that was the last time I had received.

After marriage, my hubby didn’t shower any gifts to me nor celebrate Valentine’s Day anymore.

He said that Valentine’s Day is a mushy and waste of money. Celebrating events isn’t his cup of tea.

Hence, I had never celebrate Valentine’s Day ever since.


valentine’s day card by peachpurple

No more sweet Valentine’s Day

Since then, I never look forward to Valentine’s Day as I know that it was a D day for me once I stepped into marriage life.

Every year, I do envy those young lovebirds and married middle-aged couples with kids, walking hand in hand with a stalk of rose in one hand.

I yearned so much to be that lady holding that stalk of rose.

Furthermore, my hubby never held my hand after we had kids too.

I could only held onto my son’s hand or hang over my arms over my teenager’s shoulder.

I resigned my fate that Valentine’s Day will not return as in the past.

No more sweet Valentine’s Day but it is┬ávery touching to receive a handmade Valentine’s Day card from my son which he had made in his Art lesson.


Are you still celebrating Valentine’s Day with your partner/ spouse?

Have you stopped celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Do share with me, Cheers!

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