Chinese New Year Tradition- 5 Things To Do


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Chinese New Year is one of the most celebrated festival among the Chinese community in the world.


It is also known as Spring Festival where the spring season enters into the new year with warm weather where everyone started to prepare for the upcoming festival.

In order to prepare welcoming Chinese New Year, our family members are always busy at least 1  month prior with shopping for items, food, cleaning and decorating our home with lucky charms.


These are the 5 things that we had to do in order to welcome Chinese New Year with auspicious wealth and health.

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  1. Spring Cleaning
  • Chinese New Year starts on Feb 8th this year (the first lunar month of the Chinese Calendar, I don’t know anything about this!) and ends on the 15th day of the month which is known as “Chap Goh Meh”
  • It is compulsory to clean every corner of the house in order to sweep or wash away all the back luck from last year so that we could welcome “good luck” into out home.
  • Hence, we had to discard broken utensils,hardware items, torn clothes and under garments, replace dead plants with new bright plants, cleaning the windows, changing the curtains, bedsheets, sweeping and moping the floors for every bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and even the toilets.
  • This is the time of the year where kids and teenagers became useful helpers around the household.
  • However, nobody is suppose to sweep the floor and not allowed to wash any laundry on Chinese New Year Eve and the next 3 days.
  • It is believed that the Fortune of God will be coming to our home on those days. So, don’t sweep away your luck!
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2) Pay Off Your Debts

  • According to Chinese beliefs, especially business men and employers, it is compulsory to settle company or personal debts which includes giving out salaries to employees and “Red Packets” to welcome good luck to their business. I always looked forward to this moment of the year!
  • In order to start the New Year, one has to have a “clean record” as debts are considered as bad luck. No debts for me!
  • Do not bear grudges with friends, family members and clients. This is the best time to shake hands, forgive and forget about the past. Psst!Just for this festival!
  • Most business related people would distribute boxes of oranges to clients because Mandarin oranges symbolize “gold ingots“. That means money and luck.
  • It is considered uncultured to receive and not give back Mandarin oranges. As if you are taking another person luck and wealth. My mom told me so!


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3) Buy New Clothes

  • I love shopping trips! Shopping for brand new clothes, under garments and shoes for the whole family.
  • Try to buy red , orange or yellow color clothes which symbolize gold and luck.
  • All shopping malls would offer Big discounts, free vouchers and free gifts to attract customers to purchase more.
  • Spending money with your salary and bonus always ends up here. Sigh!


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4) A New Hair Cut

  • This is the time where barber shops and hair dresser saloons are busy snipping off many heads.
  • Men, boys, women and girls patronize these places to give themselves a new hair cut which symbolize a new you, new life to welcome the New Year.
  • In addition, you have to pay a little more as the price hike up too. Daddy always complains that!
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5) New Bank Notes

  • Local banks will be stocking up new currency notes for bank savers to exchange. For example; if you need $5 , $10, $50 bank notes ( money ), you are required to queue up at the special lanes, list out the amount and quantity you requested.

$5 x 100 pcs = prepare $500 in advance

No extra fees for this service on all banks. The biggest problem are: no parking space, long queues and no more stock of new bank notes. That is where customers temper flares up.

Hence, I always look out for those unpopular banks where the number of customers are low. Furthermore, I can get Ang Pow packets for FREE!!


Wishing all friends a Happy Chinese New Year!!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

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4 Tips To make Your New Year Resolution Works

Every end of the year most of us would list down our New Year

Resolution for a new year ahead of us, a fresh start of life , full of

hopes to change our bad habits, set our new goals, earn more money,

save money and to excel well in our studies.

However, do you find that these new changes are fading faster 

than you expected?

You could not keep up with your new expectations and kept coaxing

yourself, “Ah…maybe next time I will do it / will not do it..”.

Well, here are 4 easy tips how you can stick to your New Year

Resolutions without much pressure.

forgetful 2

( 1 ) One at a time- Do not try to do everything at once.

  • You know that you are unable to accomplish those goals at once.
  • Try to completing one task at a time.
  • Once you have succeeded, go for the 2nd task.


( 2 ) List out your resolution precisely-

  • Let us presume that your New Year Resolution is to reduce stress.
  • You should list it out precisely how to reduce it,

for example; sign up for a yoga class, morning walk, meditation,

just to name a few.


( 3 ) Plan ahead of time-

  • Breakdown your resolution , make your plans ahead of time.
  • If you plan for a vacation to relax and unwind your stress, you should activate a plan like this;

i) call up travel agency to find out suitable country of vacation
ii)any promotion

iii) what activities will be conducted, etc.

If you plan to earn more money, look out for

i) part-time job online

ii) read reviews for money making websites which are legit

iii) learn tips to save money when shopping, etc


( 4 ) Write down your New Year Resolutions-

  1. Take an A4 paper, use a black marker and list down your resolutions in clear handwriting, obvious to read, no scribbling.
  2. Use red marker if it is crucial or important.
  3. Then stick it to the fridge door, next to your timetable, your wardrobe where you can see it daily.
  4. It is the best way to remind you of the changes.
  5. Guarantee to work.

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How Local People Celebrate New Year

So, tomorrow is the New Year, 2016.

Wishing all a Happy New Year!!

Some people celebrate it in a grand way with lots of loud bangs ( fireworks) while some of us prefer to keep a low profile by sleeping over it.

Here are the ways how our local people celebrate the New Year in a BORING spirit


Happy New Year drawn by peachpurple


  1. Send New Year Messages and Videos- this is one of the popular trend among the teens and working adults who are lazy to celebrate with the crowd. A simple New Year message and a smiley icon or image. For those who are in sales and marketing line, mass sending message is the easiest trick to please every client and prospective customers on the contact list. Besides that, sending text messages to friends, customers who are no longer in contact also helps to build up better relationship. A very sly trick to “befriend” with your long lost contact. Gaining one is better than losing a friend.




  1. SleepingWorking people who worked on New Year Eve don’t even bother to celebrate this day after a hard day’s work. One would rather take this golden opportunity to sleep throughout the day to replenish energy for next day work. New Year Day is a one day Public Holiday in our country. A few of us would stay up late unless there are interesting TV programs or movies worth to watch past midnight. 

    My beloved laptop by peachpurple
  2. Surfing the Internet- No one can live one day without the Internet. If you are a Facebook or online chat site fan, you may noticed that your online friends, classmates, colleagues and family members are constantly updating themselves with their current plans.  I can bet with you that majority are lazy to join the crowd, would rather stay at home, blogging, joining forums wishing each other a Happy New Year.

    Tom and Jerry by wikipedia
  3. Watching TV or Online MoviesThis is my favorite task. Relaxing on the sofa, popcorn in my mouth while holding a remote control in my hand. There are tons of movies and TV special programs aired on New Year Eve and New Year Day itself. Cartoons such as Tom and Jerry, Franklin and Friends, The Adventure of Peter Pans are my son’s favorites. He occupies the whole TV for this special day. Hence, the rest of us watch our favorite movie online connecting a HDMI cable to another LED TV with home theater speakers. Feels as if we are watching a movie in the cinema!
    One of the shopping mall we frequently visited by peachpurple
    One of the shopping mall we frequently visited by peachpurple


  4. Shop till you dropIronically, some people love to join the crowd instead of idling around at home. So to kick up the fun, window shopping plus dining at restaurant with discount vouchers is a bonus for everyone. The biggest problem is getting stuck in the traffic jam at down town where vehicles are heading for shopping malls or parent’s house gathering. Another problem is hunting for a parking lot, a real headache for drivers. Be careful of road rage drivers!

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5 Tips for Better New Year Resolutions


Another 1.5 months, it will be Christmas Day.

After this Christmas day, it will be 2016, a new year with unexpected events ahead of us.

This coming 2016 year, I had listed out my New Year Resolutions in advance and I am determine to get closer to my family members for a change, rather than listing out everything about myself.

Everyone’s New Year Resolution is naturally related to money, love relationship, weight loss and exam pressure to score better.

Nobody is thinking about brushing up family ties for unity.

Do try out salvaging your family ties before it deteriorates further.
Here are the New Year Resolution tips that you may consider:


Tip No.1- Birthdays-

  • This coming year, I am going to give a call to my mum on her birthday.
  • Wish her a “Happy Birthday” , thank her for bringing me into this world and raising me up so well.
  • I will have a chat with her about the day I was born, how the whole event happened in the hospital, what was dad’s expression when he first saw me and what was the first word he uttered to mum.
Ask questions to know more -drawn by peachpurple
Ask questions to know more -drawn by peachpurple

Tip No.2-Wedding Anniversary-

  • On my parent’s next wedding anniversary, I will give them a couple matching mugs as their gifts and give them a treat.
    Ask them how they met, any funny moments and how or where they held their marriage.
  •  Allow the kids to ask their grandparents about their wedding, they may also pop up some curious or embarrassing questions.
  • Don’t stop them or chide them because they are innocent kids.
  • Let the grandparents and grandchildren have their conversation in order to keep the bond alive.
  • Parents will appreciate children effort for remembering their special wedding anniversary.


Zebra cake baked by peachpurple
Zebra cake baked by peachpurple

Tip No.3-Bake a cake for special occasion-

  • On special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, dad or kids birthdays, Father’s Day , Mother’s Day or even public holidays, I will bake a cake and gather every family members to mum’s house for a simple get together.
  • Baking a cake from scratch is not difficult at all if you use a rice cooker because you don’t have to keep a look out for the oven temperature.
  •  It can be a simple or elaborate cake, anyway as you like.
  • A handmade cake is a special gift as it requires time and effort to bake a tasty cake so that everyone can enjoy.
Don't feel bag, just say sorry and bury the hatches - drawn by peachpurple
Don’t feel bag, just say sorry and bury the hatches – drawn by peachpurple

Tip No.4- Forgive and forget-

  • An argument between siblings whether adults or kids, parents, siblings or cousins are inevitable.
  • Sometimes, these arguments surfaced due to money related issues, rivalry in business or possession or communication breakdown.
  • Take the first step to forgive and forget the past.
  • Make peace with a handshake, a hug or a pat at the back with your family members.
  • Avoid bringing up the past arguments. It is not hard to forgive and forget.
  •  Think positive and usher a renew relationship for the New Year.
drawn by peachpurple
The person who receives your card will feel this way -drawn by peachpurple

Tip No.5-Appreciation in writing-

  • Regardless of age, whether the person who had helped you out is an adult or a child, appreciate the other party effort for running an errand on your behalf.
  • If you owe him a big favor over personal or business matter, then you should show him your appreciation.
  • Don’t take things for granted.
  • Next time when my sister helps me out when I ask for her assistance, I will definitely write her a “Thank you” card or get a small gift from the thrift store as token of my appreciation.
  • Same goes for the kids. Bake them some cookies or make a jug of ice-lemon tea after they had accomplished the tasks I had distributed them.

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