5 Things to do on Christmas Eve

Today is Christmas Eve, 24th December 2016, Thursday.

This is the day when everyone gets pretty excited to welcome Santa Claus at midnight although we knew that this is just a myth.

Here are 5 things that we did on Christmas Eve.

by wikipedia
by wikipedia
  1. Watch Christmas Movie
  • My family watch Home Alone every year without fail. Comedy and heart warming movie that kids and adults love to watch.
  • We don’t waste money on watching latest movie of the year at the local movie theater because movie tickets hike up prices and there is no offer at this Christmas season.
  • Most Christmas movies were repeatedly aired on Singapore TV channel but I don’t mind watching those entertaining movies.
  • My boy loves to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas which lasted for 30 minutes. He said that Charlie Brown is a blockhead, a stupid pet owner while he is a big fan of Snoopy, the clever, witted dog who acts like a human being.


by pixabay
by pixabay

2) Listen to Christmas Songs

When we sit down  busy  with own chores, it feels relaxing and in cheerful mood while listening to Christmas songs.

It gets you into the mood to sing-along with the lyrics that had embedded in your brain.

  • I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus
  • Jingle Bells
  • All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth
  • 12 Days of Christmas ( always forgot the lyrics after 5 )


White Christmas Tree in a shopping mall by peachpurple
White Christmas Tree in a shopping mall by peachpurple

3) Visiting the shopping mall

Our family would do this every year, visiting various shopping malls to admire the Christmas tree decorated with fancy ornaments and sparkling colorful lightnings.

We enjoyed taking photos standing beside the decorated Christmas tree, hugging the big teddies and listening to the Christmas songs played by the management. in the loud speakers.

Every year I could see different Christmas setup at the entrance of a shopping mall which is well-known in the town area. The grand entrance invites everyone from young and old to visit the mall for shopping and feel the Christmas spirit.

Unfortunately, our neighborhood doesn’t participate in decorating their homes with Christmas decorations because most people rather to keep low profile than celebrating in a grand way.

Santa Claus High 5 with a little girl by pixabay
Santa Claus High 5 with a little girl by pixabay

4) Get near Santa Claus

I was amazed that school age kids and toddler would grab Santa Claus pants in order to get their balloons and candies!

Moms would be holding little toddler hands to walk nearer to Santa Claus, catching a glimpse of this tall man in red suit and fake white beard.

A few toddlers were wailing, crying while moms pacifying them, telling the poor child that Santa is not real.

Once, my son asked me why Santa Claus was a black man because that particular Santa was an Hindu which I believed that he must be a Christian.


church by pixabay
church by pixabay

5) Attending the Midnight Mass

My dad said that only the holy cows would not attend the midnight mass at this time of the year. We happened to be those cows that moos at home.

In the past, before I was married, I did attended a midnight mass with my mom, dad and younger brother which started from 10pm to 12am midnight.

The church was filled with Filipinos who work in our country as maids , odd job laborers. A small portion were Chinese and Hindu families.

There was a cross with Jesus statue carried around the church. Everyone bowed down, put their hands together and sung the Christmas hymns.

The manger decoration was awesome that kids wanted to meddle with them but was forbidden by the church members guarding it.

Taking photos were allowed at the church, so everyone had a great time snapping photos and recording the mass videos.

What did you do on Christmas Eve?

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