Halloween in Malaysia


Halloween is one of the best celebrated festival in Western countries except Malaysia.
This is due to the fact that Malaysia has majority Malay citizens who embraced Muslim religion although this country is a melting pot of various races.


Muslims praying at the mosque by pixabay
Muslims praying at the mosque by pixabay

Muslims Not Allowed To Celebrate Halloween

Malaysia top Islamic body had declared that Muslims are not allowed to celebrate Halloween in Malaysia for the culture is related to devil and Christianity. However, the statement did not banned non Muslims from celebrating Halloween in the country.

Although Halloween is not observed as an official holiday in Malaysia, this ghoulish and eerie event is still celebrated by non-Malay citizens, particularly Chinese, Indians and Eurasians who are great at party goers.


Halloween by pixabay
Halloween by pixabay

What is Halloween

Halloween is also known as All Hallows Day or All Saints Day to remember the dead of our ancestors and Saints. It is one of the Christian festival that is famously celebrated before All Souls Day which is held on 1st of November.

Yearly 31st October,  party goers  put on Halloween costumes, masks and scary makeups to attend pubs, bistro and other scary events held around Kuala Lumpur.

The city becomes alive, bustling with scary decorations,  spotlights, serve alcoholic beverages and  the best ghostly competitions.

You can purchase Halloween costumes online at Amazon for young, teen and adults.

Alternatively, you can rent scary costumes buy cheap accessories at costume shops for a reasonable price and ask your friends to help you with the bloody makeups.

no candies by pixabay
no candies by pixabay

No Tricks or treats

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to perform trick or treats from door to door for candy treats because nobody does it here.
In addition, it is unsafe for kids to roam around the neighboring streets without adults supervision.

This give the thieves, burglars, kidnappers, muggers high chances to strike crimes especially at night. It is unsafe and dangerous to trick and treat here.

Hence if you are in Malaysia for a Halloween celebration, checkout the events location to enjoy. Don’t do it at home.

Happy Halloween!

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photo credits: pixabay