School Holidays- I needed a short vacation

One of the shopping mall we frequently visited by peachpurple
One of the shopping mall we frequently visited by peachpurple

School holiday had started on March 11 until March 20.

Although it is a week of school holiday, my son is very , extremely bored staying at home doing nothing but playing smartphone game’ Plant vs Zombie”

Besides that, he had been bullying her teenager sister who was accompanying him throughout the whole week.

As for me, I am sick and tired of cooking 3 times a day for the whole week.

During school days, I don’t cook much, just once a day.

Morning breakfast at 6am, hubby and I had breakfast at the Mamak shop.

Then we order take away for my son and teenager lunch.

So, I need to cook for dinner. It was a breeze for me.

But now, I had to cook 3 times daily because everyone wakes up late in the morning and sleep late at night.

That is why I needed a short vacation.

I was hoping to take a short vacation , outstation holiday to get away from the daily household chores and cooking.

My son also needed a break because he is bored at home doing nothing but playing.

Furthermore, he had never been to the zoo, science centre, fun fair, etc.

The only place he had been was shopping malls throughout our nearby residence.

He is bored, so am I.

Dad was looking out for a budget vacation.

He is hunting down for coupons and vouchers with discounts for hotels and dining.

He had found a handful of cheap budget hotels and inns with discounts but no parking.

That is a headache. We needed a parking lot to park our car since we planned to travel by road.

Another problem is the booking date for the budget room are all occupied due to the school holiday.

Anyway, today is March 18, another 2 days, school is going to reopen.

Our short vacation dream is puff up into the air now.


Hopefully we could go for the short vacation in the next school holiday which is in June, 2 weeks of no school day.

Yes, pre-booking is essential but dad schedules are not fixed, that is the problem.


Are you having a short vacation?

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Book Lovers Day

If you love to read books, magazines or newspaper, you might love Book Lover Day for sure.

Date: August 9th or 1st Saturday in November

Purpose: To encourage readers to read books in a relaxing mood at a find shady place.

My favorite book by peachpurple

My Favorite Book

Brer Rabbit

I am a huge fan of children story books. I love Enid Bylton  writings. She is very good at simple words, imaginative and creative to bring the whole story alive as if I am watching her story in a video.

Brer Rabbit Again is my favorite book besides Brer Rabbit a Rascal , Brer Rabbit Book and many more.

Cultivate the Reading Habit Early

Reading books is a great hobby to cultivate from early age.

You could start reading to your child as early as 6 months old.

Babies and toddler love to see beautiful colorful pages flipping over and over again.

Read the story lively with your creative tone, wild expression and move your limbs like Mr Bean.

I started to read story books when my English teacher had encouraged us to borrow assorted books in the school library.

Gradually, reading helps me to improve my vocabulary, making sentences and composition with good grades.

Book Lovers Day is a wonderful day to celebrate for young and old readers.

Just grab any interesting, fascinating book that you had not read a long time, a book that you had read half-way through and find a quiet , comfy chair to flip over the pages.

Some people prefer to read in a cozy hammock, a lazy chair, rocking arm-chair or under a shady tree. Just make sure there aren’t any ants crawling over the tree!

Mr Fox by peachpurple

What you can do on Book Lovers Day

  1. The Library: Make a trip to the local library. You could either borrow a couple of books to read at home if the library is not comfy for you. Alternatively, you could adapt to any environment, invite your friends to join your book reading gig at the library. Usually, the library allows each person to borrow a book for 2 weeks.
  2. Read Again: yes, you had read that book, why not read again. I love to read Brer Rabbit books over and over again. When you are passionate of a story book, you will not get tired of it even you had read it over 20 times !
  3. Read online: With the latest technology, you can read tons of story books, novels, fictions, non-fictions books online for free. You can find them at Amazon , Meegenuis for kids, Goodreads for fiction readers. Some of these books are user-friendly where you can download them in PDF files, read them later when you have time.
  4. Buy 2nd Hand Books: Drop by the thrift stores, 2nd hand shops where you can buy 2nd hand books for sale. Grab those fascinating, interesting books before they are out of stock.

So, what will you be doing on Book Lovers Day?

Have a break, grab a BOOK !

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1 Week School Holiday to Celebrate Deepavali


festival of Light by pixabay
festival of Light by pixabay

Malaysia government had announced earlier that this year (2015) Deepavali, there will be 2 days of holidays for the Hindu citizens to celebrate this happy festival.

Now, students and pupils all over Malaysia are thrilled over this Festival of Light because the Ministry of Education had announced that all schools will have 1 week of holiday, starting from Monday.

6 days to be exact for us the Southern region.


drawn by peachpurple
drawn by peachpurple

My son came back from school, smiling from ear to ear for 2 good reasons.

  1. He had his Report Card in his hands and was delighted with his final exam results.
  2. Deepavali School Holidays starts from Monday to Saturday, 6 days of no school days, no homework, able to sleep late at night.
Fireworks by pixabay
Fireworks by pixabay


Deepavali Coming to Live

For the last few days, neighbors around our residential area had been lighting fireworks and fire crackers to welcome Deepavali in advance. This is similar to Hari Raya Puasa and Chinese New Year. People are anxious to celebrate before the festival day arrives.

During Deepavali, you can see Hindu ladies wearing beautiful saree , makeup on, floral garland of sweet smelling flowers on their hair buns and dangling gold jewelry on necks, wrists or ankles.

Kolam by pixabay
Kolam by pixabay

Sometimes you may have the chance to watch open air concerts where there are Hindu dance troupes held in shopping malls, “Kolam” colorful decoration in most shopping malls and dazzling street decorations of bright lights to welcome this festival.

You will be amazed of the Henna art, printed or painted on the hands of the ladies and teens to show the uniqueness.

During these school holidays, some of his classmates will be going for a week vacation while others will be staying at home watching TV, playing online games or helping out their parents while earning pocket money.

How we spend our holiday

  • 1 week school holiday will be an enjoyable rest day for students and pupils but not for their parents.
  • Working parents are granted 2 days holiday unless they applied for unpaid leave to spend more family bonding time with their kids.
Containers of delicious Deepavali crispy snacks on display
Containers of delicious Deepavali crispy snacks on display


When I was a young child, my mom used to take me and my brother to visit out Hindu neighbors, wishing them “Happy Deepavali“.

They welcomed us with smiles, serve sweet carbonated drinks, murukus (spiral shape crispy crackers), pineapple tarts, sugee balls, peanut crackers and sweet cakes.

I sure missed those days. Now, it is rare to have neighbors that invite non-Hindu friends or neighbors to their homes.

Wishing all Hindu friends a Happy Deepavali and happy school holidays.

Enjoy yourself and exercise later!


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picture by pixabay

Children’s Day Celebrates with Junk Food

drawn by peachpurple
drawn by peachpurple


Children’s Day is a joyous celebration for all pupils and students in school. No homework day is a happy day for all pupils. In Malaysia, every school Children’s Day is held on different month, although it was stated officially on 8th October.

A well known school named “FY” held Children’s Day on October, before the final exam. My son’s school which is a “not well known” school was held yesterday and today ( 4th and 5th November ), after the final exam had ended.


2 days of Children’s Day

I finally understood the reason for having 2 days of Children’s Day instead of one day. The first day is held in order for the pupils to bring over assorted food, no beverages such as Vitagens or Yogurt because these beverages could turn sour after several hours.

The second day was held in order for the pupils to set up  Children’s Day Performance for everyone to watch which included group dancing, 3 different languages speeches by older pupils, choirs, acting and games to play.

candies by pixabay
candies by pixabay

Junk Food

I was surprised that majority of the pupils brought junk food to school, only a handful had brought fried noodles, fried rice, fried hotdogs and chicken wings. Indeed, the kids were delighted to bring home assorted junk food,candies and chocolates which had melted in their school bags.

The school teachers do not interfere what were the food brought to school as long the pupils are willing to bring FREE OF CHARGE food that the school management does not need to fork out any money.

School canteen were allowed to sell junk food, non-healthy food and sweet beverages to pupils in school. In the past, school canteen vendors were warned to stop selling these unhealthy food because the obesity problems had risen over the years.

drawn by peachpurple
drawn by peachpurple

However, as headmasters and school canteen vendors are interested in earn HUGE Profits rather than considering the health and well being of pupils in school.

Hence, on Children’s Day, pupils are celebrating with junk food in big quantity rather than healthy food such as sandwiches or home-cooked food.

I was surprised when my son had brought back his lunch box was packed with assorted hotdogs, several junk food, candies, lollipops, chocolate wafers and jellies.

He was happy with his so-called “treasure”. I wasn’t !


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