Happy Birthday Mom!

March Event: Happy Birthday Mom!


13th March is my mom’s birthday.

She will be turning 64 years old.

birthday cake by peachpurple
birthday cake by peachpurple
  • About my mom

Mom had been staying with my dad and younger brother since I got married.

Unfortunately, mom had stroke 2 years ago and had been a diabetic patient  since childhood days.

All the family members of her side are diabetics, from her grandma, her mom,  her sisters and now, my brother too.

That stroke had affected my mommy left brain, her right hand side leg and arm,  immobile.

Thanks to the acupuncturist, she had recovered 50% of her limbs mobility but  still unstable to walk properly.
Currently, her brain and actions are similar to a 6 year old kid  ( behaves like my boy  )


  • A yearly routine

Every year on her birthday. I would call her up to wish her


She was happy to hear my voice and delighted that I had remembered her  birthday.

red eggs by peachpurple
red eggs by peachpurple
  • Birthday Gifts

My dad boiled 2 hard boiled eggs dyed with red colors and whip up a mee  suah soup ( thin noodles ) to indicate longevity.

This is a traditional Chinese custom for birthday celebration among the old folks.

My younger brother will be buying a regular pizza and a Chiffon cake to  celebrate her birthday but she could not eat much either.

Remember she has diabetes.

She loves Hawaiian pizza and Pandan Chiffon cake, those are her favorite food.

Don't feel bag, just say sorry and bury the hatches - drawn by peachpurple
drawn by peachpurple
  • Mom losing her memory

My mom couldn’t remember anything about the current events.

However, she has a very good memory about her past, her childhood days and her siblings whom she missed so much.

Although her parents passed away when she was still young, she still thinks that her dad ( my grandad) is still alive, staying in Singapore.

Her memories of her dad still lingers back to the old days but she couldn’t remember that he doesn’t not exist anymore..

I couldn’t bring myself to tell her the truth on her birthday.

Just let her memories of her past lingers rather than forgetting about them.

She enjoys talking to me because she keeps repeating a topic over and over  again without realizing it.

A stroke patient with the affected brain had lost part of her memory.

She could remember her past vividly but not the present.

She cannot remember whether she had ate her meals, taken her bath,  questions she had asked, literally nothing remains in her brain.


  • I love my mom

I do not mind talking to her and listening to her repeating stories.

After all, she is my mom.

Happy Birthday MOMMY and I love ya!

If it is your mom birthday, remember to wish her a Happy Birthday, whether she is sick or healthy.

Cherish her when she is still here with you.

Do share with me your opinion. I would love to hear them.

Thanks for reading this article.


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Traditional Chinese Birthday : Red Eggs and Longevity Noodles


In the olden days, Chinese families celebrate birthday without birthday cakes nor candles.

Every family of different religion has a traditional way to celebrate one’s birthday in a unique practice.

In my family, my dad always celebrates birthday in a Chinese traditional ways that my grandmother had taught him.



Birthday Food

  • Boil 2 hard boil eggs.
  • Simply dye the eggs into a bowl of red food coloring
  • Whip up a bowl of noodles or misua soup
  •  Red coloring as red powder mixed with 1/3 bowl of water.
  • Now, you can buy a small bottle of red food coloring to mix in jellies, beverages or cookies.
  1. Reasons for making Red Eggs

According to Chinese beliefs,

  • An egg is a symbol of birth.
  • 2 eggs comes in a pair which is even number.
  • That is considered a good luck.
  • Red is the auspicious color for every Chinese festivals on food or things.
  • Red symbolize good luck and fortune.
  • Red also signifies happiness as in Red packets (Ang Pow) and Fire crackers.
  • thread noodle.
  • My dad says that birthday person has to crack the egg shells and eat up both red eggs to be in luck.


2) Reasons for whipping up noodles

  • Noodles comes in long strands.
  • No breaks in the strands signify longevity.
  • Misua is also known as mian xian, thin white fragile thread noodles made from flour.
  • Noodles symbolize longevity, the person who makes the noodle soup wishes the birthday person to have a long life until he/she reaches the age of 100 or more.
  • Since misua noodles are white in color, the birthday person who eats the noodle soup will live at a very long age with white hairs too.
  • I love my dad’s special recipe;  a bowl of Chicken flavored Misua Soup with Mustard Greens and Minced meat.


3) Red Packets ( Ang Pow)

This is an optional practice.

The older folks in the household, be it the parents, married siblings or grandparents, would give the birthday person an Ang Pow which is the red packet as a symbol of fortune and wealth. Of course, money is wealth!

Red packets are only given to single, bachelor or spinster birthday person.

Nowadays, Red Packets are also given to older folk in the family who is celebrating his/her birthday in order to show the folk respect, filial and a token of appreciation.

Money is inserted into the Ang Pow which is in even numbers.

For example: $20, $28 $50, $88,  $100

8 symbolize luck while zeros symbolize even, unity or a new life.

If my dad has extra pocket money, he would give me $28 Red Packet on my birthday.

Although traditional Chinese birthday food are plain and boring, these food brought a lot of sweet memories as I grew older.

Question: How do you celebrate your birthday in traditional way?

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