International Women’s Day Messages

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by pixabay
by pixabay

Yes, International Women’s Day is around the corner.

The date is 8th March which happens to be my son’s exam day, sigh!

Anyway, remember those women in your life who are important to you, who made you what you are today?

Write a note or send SMS message to them with these messages.

Let her know how important she is to you and the importance of this day.

She can be your mom, grandmother, spouse, partner, teacher, boss, care giver or even your neighbor or friends!

As long she is a women or single ladies, she deserve this awarding Women’s Day message!!

Message No.1

  • Thank you for you made me what I am when I am nothing.
  • You have cried with me when I cried, while you also smiled when I smiled.
  • You are truly a perfect companion for me and I remember you today because it’s your day, Happy Women’s Day!


Message No.2

  • When you came into my life, everything changed for the better.
  • I do not know which divine magic you used but what I know is that when you came into my life.
  • Everything changed for the better.
  • I join you in celebrating this day with warm love.Happy Women’s Day!


Message No.3

  • You’ve faced adversity through resilience .
  • You have resolved your problems by means of a smile .
  • You’ve obscured your tribulations in your heart.
  • All I ask is for you is to be happy today, Happy Women’s Day!


Message No.4


  • You can do almost anything you put your mind to …
  • You can swim the deepest ocean and climb the highest peak …
  • Be a doctor or fly a plane
  • You can face adversity and still walk tall.
  • You are strong, beautiful, compassionate and much more than words could ever say!
  • Today is yours, and so is ever other day…Happy Women’s Day!

Message No.5

  • It’s true that behind every successful man is a woman who’s actually getting ahead of him.
  • So three cheers to the woman of tomorrow, Happy Women’s Day!

So, which is your favorite Women’s Day Message?






My favorite is No.3 message, solving all problems with a smile ain’t easy at all but the woman in my life did it!

written by peachpurple

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8th March- Lets Celebrate International Women’s Day!

Bookmark your calendar now because 8th March is International Women’s Day!!

Give your mom, spouse, boss, teacher a rose on Women’s Day by peachpurple


Women’s Day is a special day that women all over the world celebrate this day just for women for all ages and regardless of skin color.

International Women’s Day is celebrated in many countries all around the world for centuries

This is the day where women (regardless young or old) are honored, recognized for their efforts and sacrifices throughout their lives for their love ones and the society.

Until today, most Asian and backward countries do not observed International  Women’s Day because they are not educated of the actual facts.

In the past during the olden times, women were regarded as low class people, mistreated and treated as slaves, humiliated without any mercy.

It was first emerged on:

  • 1909– The first time when the workers in garment factories went on strike in New York because the women were enraged and dissatisfied with their working environment. It was acknowledged as the first International Women’s Day in the USA on 28th February.


  • 1910- A meeting was held in Copenhangen where 100 women from different countries fought for women’s rights and seek support for women suffering from mistreatment. One year later, 1 million of women and men attended several rallies to demand women rights to vote, to work and to stop discriminating women in jobs.


  • 1975: The UN agreed and acknowledge 8th March as an observed holiday for women, International Women’s Day was born.

This is the day that children and men remember that the women in our lives are special, they are important in our lives because without them, there won’t be future generations, right?

Western countries observed 8th March in their calendar as a compulsory holiday but Asian countries do not practice this observation.

Hence, Women associates are still trying to enhance the knowledge of women young and old about the importance of our existence in the society.

We should not let down our guard against the men who discriminate our rights and honor.

Today women stands on the same bar as men, we are legible to vote, to debate, to fight for our rights. Women should not endure social injustice and humiliation.

Hence, on International Women’s Day, you can find posters, seminars, speech events and charity vents held around the countries to create the awareness.

Women’s Day Quotes


Question: Do you know or didn’t know the existence of International Women’s Day?

Honestly, do you know?

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Happy Birthday Mom!

March Event: Happy Birthday Mom!


13th March is my mom’s birthday.

She will be turning 64 years old.

birthday cake by peachpurple
birthday cake by peachpurple
  • About my mom

Mom had been staying with my dad and younger brother since I got married.

Unfortunately, mom had stroke 2 years ago and had been a diabetic patient  since childhood days.

All the family members of her side are diabetics, from her grandma, her mom,  her sisters and now, my brother too.

That stroke had affected my mommy left brain, her right hand side leg and arm,  immobile.

Thanks to the acupuncturist, she had recovered 50% of her limbs mobility but  still unstable to walk properly.
Currently, her brain and actions are similar to a 6 year old kid  ( behaves like my boy  )


  • A yearly routine

Every year on her birthday. I would call her up to wish her


She was happy to hear my voice and delighted that I had remembered her  birthday.

red eggs by peachpurple
red eggs by peachpurple
  • Birthday Gifts

My dad boiled 2 hard boiled eggs dyed with red colors and whip up a mee  suah soup ( thin noodles ) to indicate longevity.

This is a traditional Chinese custom for birthday celebration among the old folks.

My younger brother will be buying a regular pizza and a Chiffon cake to  celebrate her birthday but she could not eat much either.

Remember she has diabetes.

She loves Hawaiian pizza and Pandan Chiffon cake, those are her favorite food.

Don't feel bag, just say sorry and bury the hatches - drawn by peachpurple
drawn by peachpurple
  • Mom losing her memory

My mom couldn’t remember anything about the current events.

However, she has a very good memory about her past, her childhood days and her siblings whom she missed so much.

Although her parents passed away when she was still young, she still thinks that her dad ( my grandad) is still alive, staying in Singapore.

Her memories of her dad still lingers back to the old days but she couldn’t remember that he doesn’t not exist anymore..

I couldn’t bring myself to tell her the truth on her birthday.

Just let her memories of her past lingers rather than forgetting about them.

She enjoys talking to me because she keeps repeating a topic over and over  again without realizing it.

A stroke patient with the affected brain had lost part of her memory.

She could remember her past vividly but not the present.

She cannot remember whether she had ate her meals, taken her bath,  questions she had asked, literally nothing remains in her brain.


  • I love my mom

I do not mind talking to her and listening to her repeating stories.

After all, she is my mom.

Happy Birthday MOMMY and I love ya!

If it is your mom birthday, remember to wish her a Happy Birthday, whether she is sick or healthy.

Cherish her when she is still here with you.

Do share with me your opinion. I would love to hear them.

Thanks for reading this article.


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No Valentine’s Day For Me!

First of all, here’s wishing all a Happy Valentine’s Day !

I sincerely hope that my Blogjob friends, single or married couples to have an enjoyable romantic lunch or dinner.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February yearly, coincidentally falls on weekends which suited for one day outing for love birds.

a stalk of rose made by me, peachpurple

My First and Last  Valentine’s Day

Honestly, the first time I had celebrated Valentine’s Day was 22 years ago when my hubby was dating with me.

He had bought a bouquet of pink roses, wrote a ready-made card and put them in a paper bag.

He said that it was embarrassing for him to carry the rose around the shopping mall where I was working.

Hence, he passed the paper bag to me with the gift inside.

I was extremely thrilled and happy because that was my first experience in receiving flowers on this special occasion.

Unfortunately, that was the last time I had received.

After marriage, my hubby didn’t shower any gifts to me nor celebrate Valentine’s Day anymore.

He said that Valentine’s Day is a mushy and waste of money. Celebrating events isn’t his cup of tea.

Hence, I had never celebrate Valentine’s Day ever since.


valentine’s day card by peachpurple

No more sweet Valentine’s Day

Since then, I never look forward to Valentine’s Day as I know that it was a D day for me once I stepped into marriage life.

Every year, I do envy those young lovebirds and married middle-aged couples with kids, walking hand in hand with a stalk of rose in one hand.

I yearned so much to be that lady holding that stalk of rose.

Furthermore, my hubby never held my hand after we had kids too.

I could only held onto my son’s hand or hang over my arms over my teenager’s shoulder.

I resigned my fate that Valentine’s Day will not return as in the past.

No more sweet Valentine’s Day but it is very touching to receive a handmade Valentine’s Day card from my son which he had made in his Art lesson.


Are you still celebrating Valentine’s Day with your partner/ spouse?

Have you stopped celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Do share with me, Cheers!

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Flip A Coin Day- 1st June

1st June is Flip a Coin Day!

Coins by peachpurple


Who created this Day?

According to history, it was created by the Romans, Julius Ceasar who first initiated to flip a coin in order to make decisions which he could not settle with.

According to his statement, if the coin comes to rest facing up with HEADS, that determines the winner while TAILS indicates the loser.



Interesting Facts About Flip A Coin Day

  • Tossing up a coin into the air and catching it or letting it land on the ground until it stops spinning is the way you flip a coin.
  • Flip a coin has been long practice in the early centuries in order to make a  decision for many events.
  • Majority events included SuperBowl, football, cricket, soccer and even in our  daily life events.
  • Usually, the banker, referee or the coach will flip a coin to decide who will go  first after each party decided to choose HEADS or TAILS.
  • Of course, the winner is the one who chose the HEADS will take the lead.


The winner always vote for KFC take out by peachpurple

When Do You Flip A Coin?

As for me, I usually opt for Flip A coin to make decision when we could not  decide to:

# where to eat during weekends

# who to start the board games on family night

# what to eat for dinner

# who to sit in the middle of the car seat since we have 6 family members  to fit into a 5 seater car

# who to use the computer first

# who to feed the darn annoying cat

# what time to sleep on weekends


So, it is time for you to brush up your flipping coin skill with your thumbs and fingers!

Make sure it doe not flip and throws far away from you !

Do you practice flip a coin when you cannot make a decision?

Who usually wins?

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