Children’s Day Celebrates with Junk Food

drawn by peachpurple
drawn by peachpurple


Children’s Day is a joyous celebration for all pupils and students in school. No homework day is a happy day for all pupils. In Malaysia, every school Children’s Day is held on different month, although it was stated officially on 8th October.

A well known school named “FY” held Children’s Day on October, before the final exam. My son’s school which is a “not well known” school was held yesterday and today ( 4th and 5th November ), after the final exam had ended.


2 days of Children’s Day

I finally understood the reason for having 2 days of Children’s Day instead of one day. The first day is held in order for the pupils to bring over assorted food, no beverages such as Vitagens or Yogurt because these beverages could turn sour after several hours.

The second day was held in order for the pupils to set up  Children’s Day Performance for everyone to watch which included group dancing, 3 different languages speeches by older pupils, choirs, acting and games to play.

candies by pixabay
candies by pixabay

Junk Food

I was surprised that majority of the pupils brought junk food to school, only a handful had brought fried noodles, fried rice, fried hotdogs and chicken wings. Indeed, the kids were delighted to bring home assorted junk food,candies and chocolates which had melted in their school bags.

The school teachers do not interfere what were the food brought to school as long the pupils are willing to bring FREE OF CHARGE food that the school management does not need to fork out any money.

School canteen were allowed to sell junk food, non-healthy food and sweet beverages to pupils in school. In the past, school canteen vendors were warned to stop selling these unhealthy food because the obesity problems had risen over the years.

drawn by peachpurple
drawn by peachpurple

However, as headmasters and school canteen vendors are interested in earn HUGE Profits rather than considering the health and well being of pupils in school.

Hence, on Children’s Day, pupils are celebrating with junk food in big quantity rather than healthy food such as sandwiches or home-cooked food.

I was surprised when my son had brought back his lunch box was packed with assorted hotdogs, several junk food, candies, lollipops, chocolate wafers and jellies.

He was happy with his so-called “treasure”. I wasn’t !


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