Weird Festival~ No Socks Day

No Socks Day by peachpurple
No Socks Day by peachpurple

The world is full of surprises!

Humans created various festivals and events to remember special days in honor of a famous person or religion practices.

However, weird days are emerging over the years in order to celebrate weird practices too.

Believe it or not, 8th May is No Socks Day!

I happened to stumbled upon this holiday while searching for a Teacher’s Day craft in one of the craft website.

What is No Socks Day

No Socks Day was created by Wellcat, a website that promotes the usage of herbal products and provides information on medicinal uses of herbs, spices that encourages people to have use them in their daily life meals or body treatment.

  • No Socks Day is a day when everyone need not have to wear any socks or stockings for the whole day.
  • This is the day to celebrate for your weary feet and toes.
  • Allow your hardworking feet to relax, get ready your toes for pedicure and pamper your feet with a relaxing massage of baby oil or lotion.
Put up your feet on the sofa and relax by peachpurple
Put up your feet on the sofa and relax by peachpurple

What do you do on No Socks Day

  1. Do not wear closed up shoes for a day.
  2. Wear comfortable lazy sandals or slippers where you don’t have to wear socks at all.
  3. Bare your feet on the soft grass to feel the natural feeling of touching the ground.
  4. I found that No Socks Day is a good day to reduce my laundry, at least I need not have to wash those smelly, stinky socks for a day!
  5. In addition, I do not have to find mix match socks that happens every time when I had to fold the laundry.
  6. No socks, no smelly shoes and no smelly feet, what a day to feel free just for one day.
  7. Give your socks a break. Amend torn socks by sewing up the holes..
  8. Give your feet a break. Put them up of the chair or sofa and relax while exercising the toes

Are you ready for No Socks Day?

Get ready your nail polish, okay?

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5 Tips for Better New Year Resolutions


Another 1.5 months, it will be Christmas Day.

After this Christmas day, it will be 2016, a new year with unexpected events ahead of us.

This coming 2016 year, I had listed out my New Year Resolutions in advance and I am determine to get closer to my family members for a change, rather than listing out everything about myself.

Everyone’s New Year Resolution is naturally related to money, love relationship, weight loss and exam pressure to score better.

Nobody is thinking about brushing up family ties for unity.

Do try out salvaging your family ties before it deteriorates further.
Here are the New Year Resolution tips that you may consider:


Tip No.1- Birthdays-

  • This coming year, I am going to give a call to my mum on her birthday.
  • Wish her a “Happy Birthday” , thank her for bringing me into this world and raising me up so well.
  • I will have a chat with her about the day I was born, how the whole event happened in the hospital, what was dad’s expression when he first saw me and what was the first word he uttered to mum.
Ask questions to know more -drawn by peachpurple
Ask questions to know more -drawn by peachpurple

Tip No.2-Wedding Anniversary-

  • On my parent’s next wedding anniversary, I will give them a couple matching mugs as their gifts and give them a treat.
    Ask them how they met, any funny moments and how or where they held their marriage.
  •  Allow the kids to ask their grandparents about their wedding, they may also pop up some curious or embarrassing questions.
  • Don’t stop them or chide them because they are innocent kids.
  • Let the grandparents and grandchildren have their conversation in order to keep the bond alive.
  • Parents will appreciate children effort for remembering their special wedding anniversary.


Zebra cake baked by peachpurple
Zebra cake baked by peachpurple

Tip No.3-Bake a cake for special occasion-

  • On special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, dad or kids birthdays, Father’s Day , Mother’s Day or even public holidays, I will bake a cake and gather every family members to mum’s house for a simple get together.
  • Baking a cake from scratch is not difficult at all if you use a rice cooker because you don’t have to keep a look out for the oven temperature.
  •  It can be a simple or elaborate cake, anyway as you like.
  • A handmade cake is a special gift as it requires time and effort to bake a tasty cake so that everyone can enjoy.
Don't feel bag, just say sorry and bury the hatches - drawn by peachpurple
Don’t feel bag, just say sorry and bury the hatches – drawn by peachpurple

Tip No.4- Forgive and forget-

  • An argument between siblings whether adults or kids, parents, siblings or cousins are inevitable.
  • Sometimes, these arguments surfaced due to money related issues, rivalry in business or possession or communication breakdown.
  • Take the first step to forgive and forget the past.
  • Make peace with a handshake, a hug or a pat at the back with your family members.
  • Avoid bringing up the past arguments. It is not hard to forgive and forget.
  •  Think positive and usher a renew relationship for the New Year.
drawn by peachpurple
The person who receives your card will feel this way -drawn by peachpurple

Tip No.5-Appreciation in writing-

  • Regardless of age, whether the person who had helped you out is an adult or a child, appreciate the other party effort for running an errand on your behalf.
  • If you owe him a big favor over personal or business matter, then you should show him your appreciation.
  • Don’t take things for granted.
  • Next time when my sister helps me out when I ask for her assistance, I will definitely write her a “Thank you” card or get a small gift from the thrift store as token of my appreciation.
  • Same goes for the kids. Bake them some cookies or make a jug of ice-lemon tea after they had accomplished the tasks I had distributed them.

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1 Week School Holiday to Celebrate Deepavali


festival of Light by pixabay
festival of Light by pixabay

Malaysia government had announced earlier that this year (2015) Deepavali, there will be 2 days of holidays for the Hindu citizens to celebrate this happy festival.

Now, students and pupils all over Malaysia are thrilled over this Festival of Light because the Ministry of Education had announced that all schools will have 1 week of holiday, starting from Monday.

6 days to be exact for us the Southern region.


drawn by peachpurple
drawn by peachpurple

My son came back from school, smiling from ear to ear for 2 good reasons.

  1. He had his Report Card in his hands and was delighted with his final exam results.
  2. Deepavali School Holidays starts from Monday to Saturday, 6 days of no school days, no homework, able to sleep late at night.
Fireworks by pixabay
Fireworks by pixabay


Deepavali Coming to Live

For the last few days, neighbors around our residential area had been lighting fireworks and fire crackers to welcome Deepavali in advance. This is similar to Hari Raya Puasa and Chinese New Year. People are anxious to celebrate before the festival day arrives.

During Deepavali, you can see Hindu ladies wearing beautiful saree , makeup on, floral garland of sweet smelling flowers on their hair buns and dangling gold jewelry on necks, wrists or ankles.

Kolam by pixabay
Kolam by pixabay

Sometimes you may have the chance to watch open air concerts where there are Hindu dance troupes held in shopping malls, “Kolam” colorful decoration in most shopping malls and dazzling street decorations of bright lights to welcome this festival.

You will be amazed of the Henna art, printed or painted on the hands of the ladies and teens to show the uniqueness.

During these school holidays, some of his classmates will be going for a week vacation while others will be staying at home watching TV, playing online games or helping out their parents while earning pocket money.

How we spend our holiday

  • 1 week school holiday will be an enjoyable rest day for students and pupils but not for their parents.
  • Working parents are granted 2 days holiday unless they applied for unpaid leave to spend more family bonding time with their kids.
Containers of delicious Deepavali crispy snacks on display
Containers of delicious Deepavali crispy snacks on display


When I was a young child, my mom used to take me and my brother to visit out Hindu neighbors, wishing them “Happy Deepavali“.

They welcomed us with smiles, serve sweet carbonated drinks, murukus (spiral shape crispy crackers), pineapple tarts, sugee balls, peanut crackers and sweet cakes.

I sure missed those days. Now, it is rare to have neighbors that invite non-Hindu friends or neighbors to their homes.

Wishing all Hindu friends a Happy Deepavali and happy school holidays.

Enjoy yourself and exercise later!


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picture by pixabay

Children’s Day Celebrates with Junk Food

drawn by peachpurple
drawn by peachpurple


Children’s Day is a joyous celebration for all pupils and students in school. No homework day is a happy day for all pupils. In Malaysia, every school Children’s Day is held on different month, although it was stated officially on 8th October.

A well known school named “FY” held Children’s Day on October, before the final exam. My son’s school which is a “not well known” school was held yesterday and today ( 4th and 5th November ), after the final exam had ended.


2 days of Children’s Day

I finally understood the reason for having 2 days of Children’s Day instead of one day. The first day is held in order for the pupils to bring over assorted food, no beverages such as Vitagens or Yogurt because these beverages could turn sour after several hours.

The second day was held in order for the pupils to set up  Children’s Day Performance for everyone to watch which included group dancing, 3 different languages speeches by older pupils, choirs, acting and games to play.

candies by pixabay
candies by pixabay

Junk Food

I was surprised that majority of the pupils brought junk food to school, only a handful had brought fried noodles, fried rice, fried hotdogs and chicken wings. Indeed, the kids were delighted to bring home assorted junk food,candies and chocolates which had melted in their school bags.

The school teachers do not interfere what were the food brought to school as long the pupils are willing to bring FREE OF CHARGE food that the school management does not need to fork out any money.

School canteen were allowed to sell junk food, non-healthy food and sweet beverages to pupils in school. In the past, school canteen vendors were warned to stop selling these unhealthy food because the obesity problems had risen over the years.

drawn by peachpurple
drawn by peachpurple

However, as headmasters and school canteen vendors are interested in earn HUGE Profits rather than considering the health and well being of pupils in school.

Hence, on Children’s Day, pupils are celebrating with junk food in big quantity rather than healthy food such as sandwiches or home-cooked food.

I was surprised when my son had brought back his lunch box was packed with assorted hotdogs, several junk food, candies, lollipops, chocolate wafers and jellies.

He was happy with his so-called “treasure”. I wasn’t !


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photo credit: peachpurple