Buying the right black dress

A woman’s craving for dresses never ends. The moment her wardrobe is full, a new wardrobe is made to accommodate a few more. There’s nothing that can change a woman’s mind once she decides to buy a dress. When a man sees that unmistakable glee on a woman’s face he knows she’s done it yet again, bought another dress. Although preference of color differs among women, no woman feels complete without black. It’s least surprising why stylish black dresses for women are seen exhibited on window displays of boutiques. It’s bait that every woman takes. A woman can’t pass by without envying a slim mannequin in a black dress. She wears a wry smile knowing she’s the real deal and walks in the boutique. Hours later she walks out of the boutique with her hands full.

On special occasions, several men surprise their lovers with a dress. It’s a joy to watch a woman open the box that contains the dress. She’s like a relentless child eager to know what’s in it. When she opens the box her reaction says it all. She loves it, or hates it. A mistake most men do is experiment with color. Play it safe. Buy a black dress for the love of your life A black dress can be worn for different occasions. It complements different types of jewelry that a woman loves to wear. The design and style of black dresses vary. Cocktail dresses are extremely popular with women. Black is a color that can be worn for formal events or casual parties.

Women that are overweight, or have excess fat in areas such as hips and thighs avoid wearing a black dress. Why? Every woman can look ethereally beautiful in a black dress provided it’s selected in accordance with body type. Black dresses for women are available in different sizes. Wearing a size the fits well is important. There are different designs and styles of a black dress. Women prefer wearing an off shoulder black dress because it highlights the collar bone and accentuates necklaces or pendants beautifully.

Pearls are popular with women

A woman’s obsession with pearls is not something new. There are a variety of necklaces that women wear, but the ones that women prefer to wear for different occasions are pearl necklaces. As they are available in a variety of patterns and design these necklaces complement dressing styles for different occasions. A necklace made of dark Tahitian pearls looks aesthetically beautiful on gowns and cocktail dresses. These pearls give a woman’s wardrobe a visual makeover and also accentuate key areas of a woman’s body. You can choose from a variety of necklaces made with large or small pearls depending on what suits your body type.

A necklace elegantly falling over a neckline that highlights and accentuates different body parts looks beautiful on a woman, and if it happens to be a Tahitian pearl necklace, you’ll be envied by every woman present at the occasion. Tahitian pearls can be very expensive but the visual transformation they bring about in a woman is astounding. Necklaces made with pearls sourced from Tahitian region are exquisite and blend with different of gowns and dresses in your wardrobe.

When we talk about pearls, the ones that first come to our mind are the exquisite Tahitian pearls. The large black lipped oyster is responsible for producing these gorgeous pearls. A majority of these pearls are sourced from various parts of the Tahitian island. The dominance of dark colors makes these pearls extremely popular with women. Charcoal, silver and green colored pearls are sought after as they complement gowns beautifully.

South sea pearls are commonly found in stores all over the world. The ‘Pinctada Maxima’ oyster produces the pearl that has become extremely popular. These pearl producing mollusks are extensively found in the Pacific and Indian oceans. These pearls can grow to a fairly large size and look beautiful when complemented with chunky jewelry.

Ways to experiment with new hairstyles

We get so caught up with our hectic work schedules that we seldom find time to experiment with new hairstyles. A new hairstyle can change the way you feel and break the monotony of your mundane life. By experimenting with new hairstyles you can add vibrancy to your character and infuse a renewed spirit within you. A new hairstyle has an element of surprise attached to in. Experimenting with a new hairstyle adds a whole new demeanor to an individual’s personality.

For women who love gothic hairstyles, you can use stencils to give your hair an edgy outline. You can experiment with the damp look styled with gel along with heavy accents of make up on the eyes. You can make heads turn by maintaining a disproportionate length of hair strands at the sides or in front. You can also shape strands of hair in the form of a mean looking scythe similar to the one in the hands of the grim reaper. Although the wet spiked or flat gelled look with a parting is preferred among men, you can add shocking visual dynamics to your hair by applying gel on one side and keeping it shaggy and dry on the other.

A trendy hair style makes a huge difference to your personality. You may have an expensive wardrobe but if you don’t have a hairstyle to go with it, it’s all a waste. Fashion hairstyles can help you stand out in the crowd and give your personality that spunk and vigor. New hairstyles add character to your personality and also give you that confidence to carry yourself better. There are different types of hairstyles that men and women can experiment with. You could opt for stylish short hairdo or give volume to your long hair buy cutting it in steps.

Individuals with the latest hairstyles always have a flamboyance and appeal that attracts a crowd. Smalls little changes like the way you’ve shaped your sideburns can add a distinctive style in men’s fashion hairstyle. Whether it’s at work or a party, getting your hair styled regularly makes you look fashionable and chic. With a number of celebrities experimenting with various facets of hairstyle, it gets hard to decide which hairstyle suits you the best. A hairstyle that works for a celebrity may not necessarily look good on you.

There are a lot of factors that determine the kind of hair style that will suit you. The height, body structure, the shape of your jaw line and head are factors that influence the type of hair style that will look good on you. There are a number of fashion hairstyles that you can experiment with in the form of spikes, curls, fringes and bob. Whatever kind of style you implement see to it that it is in proportion to your jaw line. There length of the hair should vary in accordance with different shapes of the jaw and head.

If the long locks you possess are your pride and glory you don’t have to worry about them being cut short to accommodate a new hairstyle. You can incorporate several new hairstyles by giving steps to your hair rather than cutting them short. Surprise your colleagues by wearing a single tightly braided pigtail that reveals the mystical you. You can derive from different new hair styles to form a unique look for yourself.

How to choose cool hairstyles

There are a number of hairstyles that transcend the limits and make a bold statement about your personality. Cool hairstyles would relate to any style, design, or arrangement of hair that adds spunk and reveals the individualistic spirit within you. There are different hairstyles for all age groups but you’ve got to realize that different factors such as the shape of your head and the structure of your body determine the type of hairstyle. Kid’s hairstyles vary in terms of texture of hair. Kids with silky hair can have side bangs and use different ways to part and set their hair whereas kids with coarse or thick hair can implement different types of variations with a crop or bob hairstyle.

You can opt for various cool hairstyles regardless of the length of your hair. The braided hairstyle goes well with individuals who have the zeal and vigor to match the hairstyle. If you’ve got long hair the shag hairstyle or the emo style will definitely look good. If you want to add flamboyance to you long hair you can have a single pigtail that looks menacing. Trendy hairstyles consist of the classic look and the buzz cut. The classic look or the slick back look has been a favorite and blends well with different occasions. The slick back hairstyle gives a defined character to the individual and complements suits and tuxedos exceedingly well.

The buzz cut is another hairstyle that has been embraced by a lot of men the world over. In this type of hairstyle the hair is cut fine and takes the shape of your head. In this type of hairstyle the hair needs to be trimmed on a regular basis to give a uniform shape to the head. This hairstyle is also extensively used as it blends beautifully with a receding hairline. This type of hairstyle reveals a prominent forehead especially among individuals with a receding hairline. Different variants of the Caesar cut have become popular and look extremely good on men.


Making a style statement with trendy hairstyles

To add character to your personality it is of essential importance to have a trendy hairstyle. We often give vital importance to our wardrobe but rarely pay attention to our hairstyle. The latest hairstyles that are in vogue complement a wardrobe for all occasions. Whether you’re sporting long hair or short hair it is important that your hairstyle makes a statement. The trends for men consist of a short crop or emo style that highlights chiseled features of a face and body. The shag look with nuances of the 60s is being used a lot in hairstyles today. A Mohawk hairstyle is getting increasingly popular with youth around the globe.

Among the emerging trends in women’s hairstyle the bob and the pixie are making heads turn. Today the style of hair drapery is varied and can be arranged according to the texture and length of the hair. The latest hairstyles are an amalgamation of the elegance of the yesteryears along with the individualistic rebellious charm of a hairstylist. Today a fashion style statement relates to a hairstyle that screams for attention. With the demand for a different look for every occasion, hairstylists are churning out methods of arrangement and drapery of hair for various occasions.

A hairstyle for a formal event involves a lot of hairstyles that are set in accordance to the gown or tuxedo worn by the individual, whereas an informal event allows hairstylists to experiment with eccentric designs that stand out in a party. Even kids hair styles are getting varied and we are witnessing a lot of bobs, side bangs and pigtails among kids. Today, using pressed techniques to straighten the hair and curling irons to give the hair a curly effect is common. Hairsprays and gels are extensively used to design and set hair. Changing the look of the hairstyle on a regular basis adds spark to you personality.

Tips for women with wavy hairstyles

A hairstyle adds splendor to your personality which reflects your individualistic style. With a number of emerging trends in hairstyles, it’s a hair-raising task for an individual to opt for the right hairdo. A trend that will always be popular among women is the wavy hairstyle. The sensual wavy effect on the hair can make a woman look irresistible. Wavy hairstyles look beautiful on a variety of dresses and can be adorned and draped in different ways. A wavy hairstyle looks chic and emphasizes on a sultry appearance.

Although some women have a natural wavy texture to their hair there are many other who have a straight hair texture and long for that pleasant wavy effect. Although there are a variety of curling irons available, it is recommended that you use a curling iron with a wide barrel as it prevents hair from being damaged. Hairstyles for wavy hair depend on the length and the consistency of the hair. For instance mid-length hair with dry spray will give prominence to the curls, whereas bangs will look luscious with long wavy shoulder length hair.

Women with natural wavy hairstyles need to take special care of their hair. Always use hair products in consultation with a hair expert. Using hair products without proper advice from a hair expert can damage hair texture and cause them to frizz. Women with wavy hairstyles must ensure they dry their hair naturally. They also need to make sure that they don’t use brushes. It is always good to use fingers, an afro comb or a comb with bristles that are wide apart to retain natural curls. If you’re used to blow drying your hair keep the blow dryer at a distance. It is of essential importance that you use mild shampoos and conditioners to prevent hair damage.

Cute hairstyles for teenagers

For most teenagers nothing is more important than a trend. This breed of fashion conscious people has the potential to spend a fortune to look good. For teens, looking good isn’t good enough, they believe in the philosophy of being better than the rest which transcends in their sense of attire. Apart from the clothes, a teenager takes pride in being equipped with a fashionable hairstyle. Cute hairstyles among teenagers are a style statement. Short or long, the mission is to make an impression. Eye catching arrangement of various styles and colors is important in a teen’s life.

Among the several easy look hairstyles bob, blunt, layers, bangs, curls and spikes are popular. Short hairstyles are preferred by teens as they are easy to maintain and can be used in a variety of ways to supplement change. Flippy hairstyles look extremely vibrant and add spunk to the attire. They are can be shaped and altered in different ways for various occasions. Many teens also love wild cuts which are also referred to as ‘emo’ hairstyles. This type of hairstyle allows you to dress short and mid-length hair in various angles and straight lines.

Another form of hairstyle that is popular among teens is crops and bobs. These enhance the frame of a face and look visually stunning especially on the thin structure of an individual. Another hairstyle that goes well with different lengths is the shag cuts. This type of hairstyle involves a variety of multi layered cuts that gives the hair a wavy look. Side bangs form an integral part of cute hairstyles among teens and can be draped in many ways. A curly hairstyle is popular due to the vibrancy and texture of the curls. It is very important for teenagers to change their hairstyles regularly in order to give fresh perspective to their individual style.

Modern hairstyles that make you look chic

You may wear the trendiest designer clothes, but without the right hair style that complements them you will be invisible. It’s an absolute waste if you neglect your hairstyle. Modern hairstyles can be visually stunning and embellish an individual’s personality. Whether it’s short hair or long hair, modern hairstyles make you look sinfully attractive and seductive. A trendy hairstyle is one that you are comfortable wearing. You can look super cool with blunt edging or you can opt for side sweeps. No matter what the length of the hair, a tapered look highlights the face of the individual.

There are a number of modern short hairstyle patterns in the form of pixie cuts that can make you look downright gorgeous. In the various forms of pixie cuts the hair generally tapers towards the ears highlighting your neck, color bone and jaw bone beautifully. Different variations of pixie cuts look stunning with off the shoulder dresses or tops.  Rather than incorporating a particular modern hairstyle that is portrayed by celebrities, you can gather ideas and make your own modern hairstyles. Depending on the structure of your face you can improvise on bangs and adjust the length according to the shape of your face.

A bob hairstyle can look classy and elegant on anorexic women. A bob hairstyle does complete justice by giving character to the face and accentuating the shape of the shoulders. Modern hairstyles provide ample space for improvisation as you can fuse characteristics of various genres to form a unique hairstyle. To give an asymmetrical look to your hair you can employ feather cuts that form wispy layers. You can experiment with modern hairstyles to come up with a hairstyle that adds flamboyance to your character. It is always recommended that you get your modern hairstyle done from a professional hairstylist.

Why many women wear fake nails

Fingernails are fragile and brittle and can chip or crack if too long. A slight chip or crack in your fingernail takes away the aesthetic sense of slender fingers and creates a drab effect visually. You may think that a slightly chipped fingernail isn’t noticeable but trust me I had quite a few colleagues at work commenting about it while I was working on the computer. After that embarrassing episode I decided to opt for fake nails. I used acrylic nails because of their durability and can’t do without fake nails ever since. Using artificial nails are a great way of protecting your fingernails. Moreover you can wear different shapes and sizes of fake nails and thus alter the length and shape of the nail in accordance with an occasion.

Fake nails have become increasingly popular as they can be chosen in accordance with the dress you plan to wear. They can also be aesthetically matched with accessories such as a watch, belt, high heel shoes, purse, and necklace. The fake nails that you wear need to be of an appropriate length. Oversized nail extensions scream for attention and can divert the focus of your aesthetic appearance. Fake nails look extremely beautiful on girls with tattoos and pierced body parts. Artificial nails with pale-dark monotones look aesthetic with a grunge style of dressing.

Popular nail types:

• Acrylic
• Fiberglass
• Wrap
• Gel
• Solar

The chemicals used in making fake nails can cause allergic reactions hence it is always advisable to consult a nail spa or a manicurist about the right choice of nails. If you are not familiar with the procedure of applying nails get them done at reputed nail salon. If you’ve got fat hands, long fake nails can make them look slender and symmetrical while giving you an air of confidence.

Making the right choice with evening dresses

Evening dresses are available in different shoulder patterns and necklines. Make sure you find a gown that highlights the areas you want to flaunt and conceals your problem areas. For instance if you have a broad waist and are trying to hide your problem areas, wearing a overly tight gown will not conceal your problem areas, but rather reveal them. The hips will gain prominence and the buttocks protrude like there’s no tomorrow. Make sure you wear a gown that fits well and has an easy symmetrical flow; it will help conceal problem areas.

Women with endowed figures can opt for black dresses with a teasing neckline. Keep in mind, a black dress with an appropriate neckline will attract attention, but a black dress with a neckline that reveals most of what can be revealed will gather a multitude. Sheath dresses with spaghetti straps are ideal for women that do not want to reveal their thighs. Whatever style of black dress you choose, the drapery should be in accordance with your body type. Black dresses were, are, and will be an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe.

A strapless evening dress looks incredibly beautiful on thin women as it accentuates their collarbones and shoulder blades. If you’ve got long hands do experiment with one shoulder gowns as they complement slender hands and long fingers. If you have an aesthetically shaped back that highlights your posture don’t hesitate to experiment with long evening dresses that reveal your back low down. Halter gowns of different styles and designs are preferred by women for most occasions. You can opt for high slit or low slit evening dresses in accordance with your legs. If you’ve got fat thighs avoid a very high slit as it can look odd in proportion to your upper body. The strategic placement of the slit on a gown, front, side or back skyrockets the sex appeal in a woman.