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Corn Has Been Put Up for the Year


Posted by Janet Ford | Posted in Corn, Garden, Pigs | Posted on 16-09-2015

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It’s a bittersweet time of year when the garden is winding down. You are both tired of processing your harvest and sad to see the plants withering away knowing soon you won’t have a reason to check on them and pick your bounty. Of course, it also means the weeding chores are coming to a close!

The horses and goats particularly love the end of days for our corn stalks.

Corn is one of our major garden crops. I processed all of our corn to freezer bags. I froze just under 30 quart bags of whole corn and around 10 bags of creamed corn. I’ll put up easy directions for doing both in another blog post.

I tried freezing some of our corn whole, on the cob. Sadly, unbeknownst to us, that particular stand up freezer was cleaned and plugged in just to have room for this project (and some near future meat processing). It was working. Inserted 45 ears of wonderful, fresh corn on the cob and a few token bottles of water just to make the freezer run more efficiently (empty air space isn’t a good thing¬†for energy usage in a freezer). I checked on it a couple days later and found, to my great horror … MOLDING CORN husks!

The only ones happy that day were our two piglets, Charlotte and Cutie Pie!

miniature potbelly piglets

Julliane x Mini Potbelly Piglets


Now we are in the market for another freezer, preferably a stand up freezer but chest freezer would work, too. Just harder to organize and see what’s inside those contraptions.¬† Not sure how larger farms do it. As it is, we have a chest freezer, a stand up freezer and our house freezer. May our second stand up freezer rest in peace. *sigh*

Only being two of us, I still believe our corn bounty we still have will get us through until next years corn harvest.

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