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The Critters at Ford’s Farm in the Woods


Posted by Janet Ford | Posted in Farm Animals | Posted on 18-09-2015

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new zealand rabbits

Our 4 yr old granddaughter with one of our rabbits

I’m not sure who owns who on this farm but the fact remains we have a grand variety of creatures, great and small, who reside here. I’d like to give a quick run-down of introduction for all of them here. I’m sure I’ll be blogging about them all in the future in various ways from their silly antics, caring for them and, yes, when some are invited to attend freezer camp. This is a farm, after all. Our goal here on our little wooded homestead is to be as self sufficient as possible and we are, in no way, vegetarians. That doesn’t mean we don’t love all of the creatures in our care. So, without further ado, the current tally of farm animals and pets we share our life with include:

  • 5 House Dogs. Having five house dogs may seem like a lot but considering I used to raise/train and show dogs (cavaliers and coonhounds), it’s really very few now and two are elderly that we’ve had since tiny pups. – Susie, the 13 year old cavalier king Charles spaniel. – Lucy, the 7 year old border collie. – Tootsie, the 13 year old terrier mix. – Kaizen, the 2 year old GSD mix (we believe mixed with beauceron). – Sadie, the 2 year old GSD
  • Unknown barn cats. One friendly, the rest feral. We have a problem with people dropping cats off out here.
  • Plymouth Barred Rock Chickens. 3 hens and a rooster. Now also blessed with a clutch of 5 chicks.
  • 5 Horses – my other blog is dedicated to the horses and horse training – Colt, 20 yr old QH gelding – Willy, 20 yr old gelding, unknown breed(s) – Zip, 4 yr old Arab/Appaloosa, likely with some QH in there as well – Catori, 3 yr old BLM Mustang
  • BLM Burro Jenny, Zen. Approximately 7 yrs old. Wild caught as an adult.
  • 2 Julliana x Mini Potbelly piglets; Charlotte and Cutie Pie
  • 5 Dairy Goats; 2 does, 2 wethers and 1 buck
  • New Zealand Rabbits. How many varies. Expect lots of writings focused on my rabbits.

Other than those for companionship, some of these animals are for meat, eggs, milk, protection, land management and sales. All of those things will be covered within the blogs posts here in addition to our gardening, activities such as cutting firewood, hunting and fishing as it pertains to our little homesteading farm in the woods.

I’m excited for the opportunity to share these adventures with you.

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