Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to join?

You will have the option to participate in business opportunities but you are not required to pay anything in order to use the site and benefit from the rewards.

What are the requirements?

  • You must be 18 or older.
  • You are only allowed one account per person.
  • You agree to not use offensive language and excessive cursing.
  • You agree to not make any defamatory statements.
  • You agree to not participate in any illegal activities.
  • You agree to not spam or harass other users.
  • You agree to not use back link spam to promote your sites.
  • You agree to not send spam emails to promote the site.
  • You agree to only post unique original content and not to plagiarize.

Which countries can participate?

People from all over the world can participate in the site and in various business opportunities, but all of your content must be written in the English language.

What kind of content is allowed?

Make sure your content is not violating the Adsense Prohibited Content Policy.

How long should blog posts be?

In order to earn points on blog posts they should be at least 300 words in length.

What kind of advertisements can be used on blogs?

Only display high quality ads that will not have a negative affect on the users experience. Popups, malware or adult advertisements are not allowed.

Can affiliate links be used on blogs?

Yes, you are allowed to use affiliate links on your blogs so long as the product or service is compliant with the Adsense Prohibited Content Policy

What should be done about missing points for blog posts?

Once you’ve checked your points history and you’re convinced an error has occurred, you can make a claim by using the missing points form.

How does the daily limit work?

The daily limit is the amount of points you are able to earn each day. You can increase your daily limit by applying and qualifying for the projects on the rewards page.

Why are the amount of shares on the social media buttons different when logged in?

When logged in the sharing buttons are embedded with your referral code, therefore the number of shares reflect those shares you have made to your social media accounts.

What’s the reason for point deductions?

You can receive point deductions when a user or moderator deletes any post, update, thread or group that you have made, commented on or replied to. It’s possible that the content didn’t meet the site’s guidelines, but more than likely the original author of the content just decided to delete it for various reasons. Even though it may not seem fair, it’s necessary to deduct points when content is deleted in order to prevent abuse of the rewards program.