Prayer Does Work

Every day before I begin my day, I have a little chat with God. With all the chaos that is going on around me every day, I need to start my morning out with prayer.

I am the sole owner of this blog, I am a true Christian. I never claim that I am perfect or do I boasting of my success or speak out with pride. I am a lost sinner just like any other human being living in this world. It is prayer that got be through the darkest hours of my life. It is my faith that kept being fighting for my life to survive.

When I set aside the time in the morning to pray, read God’s word, I just don’t just read his word or study the scriptures but I apply His word to my every day life. What situation I face each day, I am standing hold of God’s promises concerning the situation that I face that day. I believe at the end of the day it is the first step to Victory! There is power from above in learning and studying God’s word when I put God first. The bible is the guide book of life to help us live a righteous life. Now some may not believe in God, and some may think the bible is not filled with the truth but I am here to share the Bible has always been my main priority and without prayer I be lost in darkness.

Listening to God’s word traveling into my ears, and in front of my eyes I feel I am hungry to learn more and feeding my soul with His Word. Everybody has their own choice in what they believe, God has given all mankind a “Free Will”. Raising my own children I have tried to teach them that the choices they make in life will have an impact in their life when they become adults. Bad choices comes with consequences, good choices comes with rewards. Thy word that I have hidden in my heart that I may not sin against thee. We need to study God’s word and apply his word in our lives daily so when we walks out among the world, we know what to do if we are tempted to fall back into our old ways.

We need to continue to pray not just for ourselves but for others too. Faith does work, the power of prayer is believing. Studying God’s Word to approve ourselves and faithfully reading God’s word it comes into our heart, so we can learn and live according to the way God’s wants us to live, that is a righteous life. As we continue to feed our spirit and stand on God’s promises it helps us to grow strong in our faith and walk with Christ Jesus.

I am saved by Grace. I have fallen short of the glory of God. I was lukewarm toward God and His Word for a long time in my life. It wasn’t until the death of my granddaughter who was born a preemie, weighing only 1 pound at birth. It gave me an insight of how I was living my life that was not pleasing to God so I prayed and asked God to relight the fire inside of me, I rekindle the fire for God.

For the bible says, Draw near to God and He will draw near to me. Delight myself in God’s word and taking time to pray. All the angry, the anxiety, the negative I heard around me from others say has been stealing my time alone away for His Word. I had to removed that out of my life for me to rekindle my spirit, to get back into God’s word again. To pay attention to the things above, and God, it did not happen over night to where things started to change but over time as I kept faithfully studying God’s word and praying, my desire started to increase. Believing and acting on God’s word, the consuming fire was mine again.