My Mission

My mission is to share God’s Word.  Usually I share what I learned in Bible Study.  I love books that contain questions at the end of each chapter.  These give me a deeper understanding of what I have learned.  It also helps me out so I just don’t read and not really know what I had just read a few minutes later.

Then I love to share what I have learned.  This might encourage other people to go on a Spiritual Journey with God.

The one thing I have been doing is working on a Bible Commentary, covering the books of the Bible.  This is a God-sized project since this covers 66 books in both the Old and New Testaments.  I started this back in 2010 and am still on the Book of Genesis.  Since I am now 50 years old, I sometimes find this will be an impossible task.

Then I realize that nothing is impossible with God.  I recently got back into doing this, working on a few pages a week.  God helps me with writing, helping the words come to my mind.  I sometimes feel that I do not have enough time to get this finished, but God provided me with the needed time.

I am currently working on several Home Remedy projects.  I was originally going to write them as an e-book when Associated Content closed down.  However, when I discovered Blog Job, I decided to write and post these articles here.  These  can be time consuming and when God directed me to start again on the Bible Commentary, I was not sure if I would be able to do both.  However, God gives me the time to do the Home Remedy articles on the days that I work.  At one time I did not have the energy to write when I got home from work.  Since I started writing for Blog Job, I am able to write at least 500 words before I go to bed.  On my days off, I am able to concentrate on the Bible Commentary.

Then in twelve years, when I plan to retire, I will have so much free time, I will be able to finish the commentaries in no time at all.

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  1. I am done with the book of Genesis but am polishing that up. And have started Exodus. I might not go in order, and am thinking of working on some of the minor prophets in the future as well as working on Psalms and the New Testament

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