My Mission

My mission is to share God’s Word.  Usually I share what I learned in Bible Study.  I love books that contain questions at the end of each chapter.  These give me a deeper understanding of what I have learned.  It also helps me out so I just don’t read and not really know what I had just read a few minutes later.

Then I love to share what I have learned.  This might encourage other people to go on a Spiritual Journey with God.

The one thing I have been doing is working on a Bible Commentary, covering the books of the Bible.  This is a God-sized project since this covers 66 books in both the Old and New Testaments.  I started this back in 2010 and am still on the Book of Genesis.  Since I am now 50 years old, I sometimes find this will be an impossible task.

Then I realize that nothing is impossible with God.  I recently got back into doing this, working on a few pages a week.  God helps me with writing, helping the words come to my mind.  I sometimes feel that I do not have enough time to get this finished, but God provided me with the needed time.

I am currently working on several Home Remedy projects.  I was originally going to write them as an e-book when Associated Content closed down.  However, when I discovered Blog Job, I decided to write and post these articles here.  These  can be time consuming and when God directed me to start again on the Bible Commentary, I was not sure if I would be able to do both.  However, God gives me the time to do the Home Remedy articles on the days that I work.  At one time I did not have the energy to write when I got home from work.  Since I started writing for Blog Job, I am able to write at least 500 words before I go to bed.  On my days off, I am able to concentrate on the Bible Commentary.

Then in twelve years, when I plan to retire, I will have so much free time, I will be able to finish the commentaries in no time at all.

Experiencing God—Chapter Twenty-Five—Experiencing God in His Kingdom

Question 1. Are you seeking God’s kingdom above everything else? What is the evidence?

This is a day by day struggle. There are some days when I am sure I am seeking his kingdom above everything else. Then there are other days where I let my personal needs distract me. I do not want to lie and answer, “Yes,” to this question. However, at the completion of my Experiencing God study, I am finding out that things are falling into place. Now that I am at the end of this study, I cannot simply close my book, place it on the bookcase and allow it to collect dust for the remaining years of my life. I must take it down, read the book again, go back over my notes and continue to Experience God. Even though I finished reading the book, it is “not the end but rather the beginning of an exciting new opportunity to walk daily” (Blackaby) with God and Jesus. To continue to seek god’s kingdom, I must:

  1. Make it a habit to read the Bible daily. Doing this will make me clean of sin and be more Christ-like.
  2. Get involved with my church more often. When I am around other Christians, they will encourage me with my walk with God.
  3. Develop a powerful pray life. By talking with and praying to God, I will find it difficult to fall into temptation and sin.
  4. Keep my promises to God. When I have faced situations, I made solemn vows to God if he helped me out of them. I am committed to coming through with these promises.
  5. Think about all God has done for me throughout my life. I have learned to trust God because he has never let me down.

Question 2. How has God been using your life to impact another part of the world? What nation has God placed on your heart? How might you plan to be involved in missions soon?

All it takes is a few people. For example, I share his word with ten people. One or two of these people share with more. Eventually people around the world will hear the message.

God, not only cares about me, he cares about everybody in this world, even those in remote countries.

The country that impacts my heart the most is China. From what I hear, there are many Chinese people who do not know God. If I understand correctly, Bibles are banned in that country, or at least they are regulated where the citizens only hear part of the message. With the Internet, I can reach out to many Chinese people through social networking sites such as Twitter and Face Book.

I have to be aware of what is going on with the mission field within my church. While I might not have the chance to go on a missionary trip, I can always support them with whatever I am able to provide. I normally make a small donation whenever I go to church. However, I can also check to see if there are specific items I can donate and encourage others to do as well.

Question 3. Have you been faithful in what God has given you? What is the evidence?

If I am faithful in carrying out the smaller assignments that God gives me, he will trust me with larger ones. I can positively say that my faith has grown stronger over the last few months. One of the evidence of my faith is I am able to see what god has planned for me next. It is going to involve greater responsibility and commitment.

With working eight to twelve hours a day, along with a three hour commute, I did wonder how I was going to have the time to complete god’s work plus have the time to do everything else. Now do not get me wrong, I feel that it is fulfilling and enjoyable to give some of my time back to him. He, after all, did give me life in this world. I consider giving time my tithe and when I make these sacrifices, he blesses me in many ways. He gives me time back by helping me complete tasks in a quicker way. He provides for me and helps me pay off my debts in a shorter time than when I do it on my own. Eventually I will be able to do more work for the Lord by helping those in need in other ways.

Question 4. Do you truly believe God can impact the world through your life?

Yes I believe God can impact the world through my life and my church. He knows me and he knows how to use me to the maximum for his kingdom. While he may not give me a large assignment first, he will have something for me to do. I might go through the rest of my life doing small, ordinary jobs that seem to be mundane. However, if I add up these small tasks they will actually be a large assignment that was just broken down into easier tasks.

God wants each Christian and church to go beyond their capabilities to reach out to the entire world. He loves the world and wants his kingdom to be extended. He welcomes each new believer with open arms, already forgiven them of their sins and forgotten them, wiping their slates clean.


Questions and quotes are taken from Experiencing God Knowing and Doing the Will of God. Henry and Richard Blackaby.

Experiencing God—Chapter Twenty-Four—Experiencing God in the Marketplace

Question 1. If you are presently involved in the marketplace, what have you seen God doing where you work? How have you been joining in that activity?

I have been working for the same manufacturing company for over twenty years. Let’s just say I have witnessed the good, the bad and the ugly. This is how I break it down:


An excellent product

Hard working employees

A safe place to work


Machine malfunctions

Slow process to getting a good product

Lack of efficient training for people starting new positions




Employees verbally abusing others

Low morale

In any factory the good and the bad are expected. In my job, the company does an excellent job training new employees. It is when some move on to more labor-skilled positions where they have to develop the skills to perform their jobs. Some people take a longer time to learn from others.

It is the ugly that that tends to be very destructive. When the morale is low, especially when we do not get recognized for our hard work, tempers flare up. People start complaining about petty things and causing grief with others.

A person may hear something about another person. This person will tell another. Soon the whole factory will know about one person’s personal business, whether it is true or just a rumor.

There are only a handful of Christians of about five hundred employees. When it comes to “talk” at the factory, I just let it go in one ear and out the other. I have even said, “God tells me that it is none of my business.”

People at work know my beliefs mostly by what I read-I read mostly Christian books-and what I wear. I like to wear T-shirts that have Christian sayings on them.

I do a variety of different jobs at my work. Some of them are less pleasant than others. However, unlike some people, I do not complain. This is noticed by other employees on my shift. I hope some of my attitude rubs off on them.

Question 2. What skills, experiences, contacts and resources has God given you that He wants to use for building his kingdom?

I do a lot of things with my hands. At work I use my hands to pick up the products and to look for defects by feel and sight. At home I use my hands to sew, cook and clean house. I mostly use my hands when I am on the Internet. I sometimes spend two to three hours a day working on Bible Studies and typing out my personal notes. While I am the type to keep the traditional pen and paper journal, I enjoy sharing my notes with my online audience. My dreams are to reach out to people and help them draw closer to God and to help people to get into a relationship with him and his son, Jesus Christ.

While there are some people who question why God allows things to happen to good people, God allows us to go through these periods of hardship to make them realize that we must be dependent on him.

My contacts include my family, friends and co-workers, as well as contacts from different sites such as Twitter, Face Book and Hub pages. My resources include my computer, the Bible, bible Study books and various websites that I can reference to.

Question 3. How have you been seeking God’s kingdom first and then allowing God to add everything else to you?

God is first in my life. Before I do anything else when I wake up, I open my Bible and read some scripture. This is a daily activity. It is not something reserved for an hour or two a week when I go to church, God is at work all the time, especially in the marketplace. He was at work with shepherds and farmers such as Jacob and Elisha. He is at work in the business field today! Even Jesus was a carpenter. His twelve disciples were involved in one career-such as fishermen-or another.

When I go to church, I am around other Christians. However, in the marketplace, I am surrounded by people of different denominations and beliefs. By being a Christian employee, I am finding that God gives me many resources and opportunities to help seek and build his kingdom.

Question 4. How does the way you live reflect the fact that you believe God is Lord of your career and over your company?

I spend a majority of my day in the marketplace, working eight to twelve hours a day. On top of that I have a commute that takes me an hour-and-a-half each way. It should be no surprise to my co-workers that I turn down invitations to go to a bar or other functions. I want to have some time to spend with my family.

I wonder why I have been with this company and do not try to find a place closer to home. Well I know one of the reasons is that there is not enough jobs available in my area compared to the number of people living in a small city. The majority of jobs that are available are either minimum wage jobs or jobs for experienced professionals such as doctors, lawyers and college professors. I believe god placed me there so I can witness to my co-workers.

While I met Jesus on campus, I returned to him-after wandering from him for several years-in the workplace. It is a great place to share to people by speaking to them, leaving tracts in the cafeteria and setting the sample for others to follow.


Questions are taken from Experiencing God Knowing and Doing the Will of God. Henry and Richard Blackaby.

Experiencing God—Chapter Twenty-Three—Experiencing God in the Church

Question 1. How has the Holy Spirit alerted you to someone in your church who is struggling or in need? What might God want to do through you to minister to that person or family?

While going to church is not a requirement for a Christian to go to heaven, it is better to have fellowship with other Christians. We need to be dependent on each other so our love relationship with God grows stronger. When we are around other Christians we will understand what god is doing in and with our lives.

There is a lady at work who became a Christian almost fifteen years ago. She was going through a hard time in her personal life. She was visiting one of her sisters and she invited her to a church service. The sermon was on what she was going through at that time. At first she thought her sister knew what the sermon was going to be about. However, she was surprised as well. God was leading the pastor to have this sermon on that specific day. Because of this sermon, the lady became a Christian and was able to put the hard times behind her.

There are always needs in a church. These include needs for prayer, healing, financial assistance and guidance. If you attend a church that has no needs, it is best to find a different church.

I realize that I cannot meet the needs of all the individuals in my church. I do not simply have the wisdom and resources to fill each and every one. However, by listening to the prayer requests and praying, the Holy Spirit will alert me to a specific need.

The biggest need that I have struggled with, are my debt problems. While I am slowly digging myself out of this, I can use my personal experience to help people and offer advice to others who are in financial situations. While I might not be able to give them money, I can offer solid advice.

Question 2. Has God made you aware of a problem or need in your church? How might God use your life as part of the solution to that problem?

The problem with a lot of people, both Christians and non-Christians, is that when they are faced with a circumstance or need, they do not turn to others for help. They keep the need to themselves and try to figure out how to get out of the situation on their own. I am also like that, especially when it comes to when I have to pay a bill and I do not have the money to do it. While I turn to God in prayer, I do not turn to other people. I guess it is because I am full of pride and do not want others to know that I am struggling financially. It can also be that I am ashamed and do not want people judging me for not being wise with my money.

In my church there is always a call for prayer requests and praise reports of when prayers were answered. This is the main way of being aware of a need. While the others will pray for that person, there may be another person in the room who can personally help with the need. However, with every spoken request, there are others that are silent. I have to allow the Holy Spirit to guide me to an individual who may be hurting or in need as soon as I enter the church doors.

Question 3. When you attend church, are you alert to people who may need encouragement? If God has led you to some specific people, what have you done in response?

The first thing I must do is watch. Rather than focusing my entire attention on the sermon, I also must focus on the people who are around me. Is there someone who seems to be sad? Is there someone who appears to be distracted? Is there someone who looks like he wants to be somewhere else?

Then I have to take action. I must talk to the person and see if there is anything he or she needs help with. Maybe it is a mother who is having problems with her teenage child. I can offer advice since I am the mother of two teenage girls. I can also pray for this person, asking God to lead her in making the right choices.

Question 4. If you are not aware of people in your church to whom you could minister, why do you think that is? How could you be more spiritually prepared the next time you go to church?

The main reason is because I am self-centered. When I go to church, I want to go with a clear mind. However, there are times when I had a bad day and I am concentrating on those issues rather than on the sermon and the people around me.

I must be ready whenever I walk through the church doors. I have to do this by putting God first. As soon as I wake up, I must pray to him for guidance for the day. Then I must study the word before I start any daily activities… Then when I go to church, I will be spiritually prepared to watch, act and pray.


Bible verses are taken from The Holy Bible. New International Version.

Questions are taken from Experiencing God Knowing and Doing the Will of God. Henry and Richard Blackaby.

Experiencing God—Chapter Twenty-Two—Joining God’s Activity in Your Children’s Lives

Question 1. Take a moment to think about each of your children. What are some things you see God doing in their lives?

Ever since the beginning, God know I would have children. My two daughters both are so different from each other. The older one is more outspoken; the younger one is more of an introvert. The older one is going to college to become a veterinarian; the younger one plans to be in the computer field.

God has protected my daughters throughout life. Since college brings on many temptations, especially parties that involve drinking, my older daughter has avoided these during her time as an on-campus student. My younger daughter is autistic. He has protected her from bullies throughout her life.

Whenever God provides for me, he is also providing for them. As they were growing up, even when the money was tight, they never went without food and other necessities. As young adults, they both know that it is important to be wise about money.

Question 2. How are you praying for your children? Are you merely praying your own agenda to God, or are you seeking God’s agenda for your children?

I need to start praying seeking God’s agenda for my daughters. First of all my older daughter has drifted from God, starting to doubt in his existence. I cannot force her to go to church since she is an adult and it is her choice. While I am not expecting or hoping her to change her studies to be more for a seminary, I do hope and pray that she returns to God and involve him in her life.

My younger daughter is autistic. Her only interest when she gets home from school is to get on the computer and play on different kid-friendly sites. She believes in God and knows and understands about salvation. I want and pray that she has a deeper understanding and relationship with him.

These are what I need to pray to God for both of my daughters:

  1. To ask God to show me how to help them to know and do his will
  2. To ask him to help them develop a walk with him
  3. To help them hear God so they can obey him

God knows the life of each individual in this world. He knows what I can do as a parent and knows what I am weak in. Because of his grace and power, he can work through me and help me accomplish what I am unable to do.

Question 3. How are you joining in God’s activity in your children’s lives?

I would love to see my daughters live a life for Christ and to develop a strong love relationship with God. One of the places God wants me to participate is in my daughters’ lives. As a parent I must:

Pray for my daughters

Make adjustments in my life

Ask God to help me understand what he wants to do through their lives

Discuss God’s activity in my life

Tell my daughters what God has done in my life

Teach them to trust in God


Questions are taken from Experiencing God Knowing and Doing the Will of God. Henry and Richard Blackaby.

Experiencing God—Chapter Twenty-One—Experiencing God as Couples

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Question 1. Do you and your spouse take time to regularly talk about God’s activity in your family, church and world? If not, how might you begin to do that?

Okay, my husband and I do talk about what is going on in the family and world. Unfortunately, we do not talk about what god is doing. While my husband states that he believe in God, he is not a person who believes God. Whenever he is faced with a stressful situation, he stresses about it and does not listen to any advice, especially when it comes to prayer.

As Blackaby states, “marriage is God’s joining together of a man and woman to create a union through which he can accomplish His purposes and be glorified” (Blackaby). I really do not know why God led me to marry my husband. In 1993, I married him because I loved him and was in love with him. However, I never gave his belief in God a thought. At that time I was weak in my faith and it was not until a couple years later when I returned to God. If my faith was as strong then as it is now, I may have given a second thought to marrying him. Maybe it was good it turned out that way since I married a wonderful man and have three beautiful children-my two daughters and my step-daughter.

I know my husband and I know how much he can tolerate. While the male in the house should be the spiritual leader, once in a while the female must take the role. As I have been working on the Experiencing God study, I realize that God wants me to take on smaller projects. With my husband, I need to start out slow.

Question 2. What are some things you sense God is doing in your spouse’s life? How might you become involved in that activity?

While my husband may not realize it, God has been very active in my husband’s life. He is the type of person who is willing to help others in need.

He is involved in the American Legion in our area and has been in charge of several committees and has been involved in many leadership roles. Before he took these positions, he was not sure if he was qualified enough to handle the responsibilities. With God working through him, my husband was able to carry out the activities.

My husband was actively involved helping people when our area got hit by a flood in 2011. Whether it was to help people clean up, rebuild or to offer a shoulder to cry on, he was there for them.

I must constantly look to see where God is active in my husband’s life and join him. While my husband is not a praying man, I must pray for him.


Bible verses are taken from The Holy Bible. New International Version.

Questions and quotes are taken from Experiencing God Knowing and Doing the Will of God. Henry and Richard Blackaby.

Experiencing God—Chapter Twenty—God Returning to God


Question 1. Take a moment to consider any evidence in your life that you have wandered from your love relationship with God. Are you regularly hearing God speak to you? Is your life filled with the joy of the Lord? Are you seeing Spiritual Fruit in your life? Are you experiencing victory?

Wow! These questions are thought provoking! Yes, there is at least one time when I have wandered away from my love relationship with God. When I became a Christian in college, I enjoyed going to the Bible Studies and retreats. However, I was reluctant to give up the party scene. Therefore, I was what people considered to be a lukewarm Christian.

After I graduated college, I put God on the back burner. I think it was because when I went back home, there were no Christians to associate with. I know if I made an effort, I would have made some Christian friends.

Sometime later, after I got married, I met a lady at my current job. She was one of the sweetest ladies I met, who always had positive things to say about people. I never heard her say anything mean; she was always happy and in a good mood.

I am not sure when I realized that she was a Christian. I think I knew from the types of books she was reading. One day she left a copy of one of her books on the table in the break room, called “Chicken Soup for the Soul.” I had picked the book up and read a short article. I do not remember what I read; it was only a paragraph or two. That moment I realized that I was missing God in my life. All of a sudden I was filled with an immense joy. It felt that my soul was singing. That is when I rededicated my life to Jesus.

God has always spoken to me even though I am unable to hear his voice. When I returned to God it was not me seeking God; it was God chasing after me. I had to acknowledge that I had sinned and repented of my sin.

I still wander away from god. I allow things to distract me. They can be annoying things such as bills and problems at work. Then again, they can be the newest technology that distracts me. By letting these distractions hinder me on a daily basis, I wake up one day and realize that God is distant from me. I realize that he did not walk away from me; I walked away from him.

When I have wandered away from God, I can no longer hear God’s voice and my joy is lost. As John 15:11 states: “that my joy be in you, and your joy may be complete” with the distractions in my life, I do not feel the joy like I used to.

As Galatians 5:22-23 list the Spiritual Fruits as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness and self-control, I find that there is some fruit in my life. However, I do not experience them all at the same time. As I build on my love relationship with God and Jesus, my Spiritual Fruit will increase.

When God is with me, I will continue to see spiritual victory. When I turn from God, I will only see defeat. This is a day-by-day battle with me. Some days I am victorious; other days I am defeated. I must strive to win the spiritual battle every day.

Question 2. Are you presently loving God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength? If you are not, what might you do today to rekindle your love for God?

Unfortunately, I do not believe I am. As I already mentioned, I am facing many distractions that is hindering my love relationship. I am in the middle if the spiritual warfare and sometimes feel that I am being struck down from every side.

I must get down on my knees and pray. I must ask God to search my heart to allow me to be aware of any wickedness. As proverbs 4:23 states I must “guard my heart above all else, for it is the source for life” (NIV). For example, if somebody has hurt me and I am bitter and unforgiving towards him, I will not feel the intimacy with God.

I also must evaluate my thoughts and what I say. I must ask myself, “Does God approve of this?” Then I know what changes I must make in my life.

Question 3. Do you have people in your life who feel free to share their concerns with you when they see you departing from your love relationship with God? If not, what might you do to enlist a friend to help you guard your heart?

The problem with me is I am a hard person to read. If I am facing issues, I usually keep them to myself. Then if somebody does break past my barriers, he may feel that he is interfering.

Still it would be a good idea to have small group discussions and use a buddy system to offer any advice and show concern. It is spiritually healthy to have friends who care about you and who are willing to counsel with you. This must be a two-sided thing. When somebody talks to me and offers advice, I must be willing to listen.


Bible verses are taken from The Holy Bible. New International Version.

Questions are taken from Experiencing God Knowing and Doing the Will of God. Henry and Richard Blackaby.

Experiencing God—Chapter Nineteen—God Accomplishes His Work

Source: Janaka Dharmasena – Janaka Dharmasena

Question 1. Are you presently waiting on the Lord to fulfill His word to you in some way? How do you spend your time waiting?

My problem is I am waiting for God to act before I do anything. When God invited Moses to deliver the Israelites out of Egypt, God would show the sign that it was from him after his servant to obey. My problem is I am waiting for a sign from God before I act. I should be doing things for God without asking for a sign. I should be doing it because I love and trust him.

Well how do we know if there is a particular activity that God wants us to do? We may get a sense that he wants us to move in a certain direction. We use our own reasoning to decide what he is doing and when he is going to do it. Then when we set out to do what we think that God wants us to do, we run into a dead end.

When it seems that I am at a dead end, I must focus on the love relationship with God. I must wait patiently for him and listen as he speaks. I have to be sure that I understand his directions. He may, after all, have a different plan in mind for me. I must rely on his timing to work out the details. As I complete a task, I must continue to wait patiently until he tells me what to do next.

Even the disciples were with Jesus for some time when he told them, “I still have many things to tell you, but you can’t hear them now: when the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all the truth. For He will not speak on His own, but He will speak whatever He hears. He will also declare to you what is to come” (john 16:12-13).

While I am impatiently waiting for God to speak to me, he wants me to be prepared to hear what he has to say. If he speaks to me in my timing and not his, I might not be ready to respond. Therefore, it is necessary to wait patiently for God.

Question 2. What is something God has accomplished through your life? How did people witness God’s activity as He worked through you? How have you given glory to God for what He did?

The Holy Spirit is part of the Trinity-the Father, the son, the Holy Spirit. Therefore, since God and Jesus is one hundred percent truth, the Holy Spirit is not misleading. When I became a Christian, the Holy Spirit came on me and took up residence in my body. The Holy Spirit is my guide, getting me to do God’s will. It shows me what God’s will is and makes me realize that I must be totally dependent on God. Finally it gives me the courage to carry out God’s plans.

God has allowed me to use my difficulties in life to help other people who have experienced what I have gone through. I have two beautiful daughters and am pleased about the direction they are taking in life. However, imagine my joy that I felt when I found out that my third child was going to be a boy. However, that joy turned into grief when, in 1998, I miscarried him eight months into my pregnancy.

While I never got over losing Edward Joseph, I have learned to cope over the years. It also was a blessing in disguise. My husband and I were on the verge of getting a divorce during that time. We were constantly fighting over one thing or another. The death of our son allowed us to reconcile our differences and grow closer together. I was also able to use my experience to help others who have gone through the same experience.

It is the same with our debt situation. God has always provided for us. He tells me what I need to do each week. He is my guidance counselor, showing me how to be wiser in the future. He uses me to show other people ways they can get out of the debt quicksand.

Well not everybody listens when I say that it is God who provides for me. Some people just do not want to hear it. Some are non-believers. Others have their own gods they worship. Even so, when I am walking in God, people can see it in me.

To give glory in God I recognize that everything is from God and I believe him, even during the hard times.


Bible verses are taken from The Holy Bible. New International Version.

Questions are taken from Experiencing God Knowing and Doing the Will of God. Henry and Richard Blackaby

Experiencing God—Chapter Eighteen—God Requires Obedience

Question 1. Consider a directive from God that you have recently obeyed. How did you experience God as you obeyed him? Is there anything God had to teach you before you were prepared to obey?

In order for me to have a love relationship with God and to experience him, I must obey him at all times. Obeying God is expressing my love for God. When I obey him, he will make himself known to me.

Obedience is doing what you are told to do. Since we are self-centered, we have a natural tendency to say no and not do what we are commanded by god. However, some of us may later have a change of heart and do what the Lord commanded. Others will make a promise to do something and then not follow through with his promise. Others will hear God and drop everything to obey him immediately.

First of all, I have to realize that I am not perfect. I can try to live perfectly every day-by following the Ten Commandments and all the other laws in the Bible. However, when I mess up and disobey God, I get frustrated. All of this hard work for nothing! Then I have to remind myself that, since I am a child of God, he has already forgiven-even though I don’t deserve his forgiveness, mercy and love.

When I find myself walking down the road of disobedience, I must direct my path by:

  1. Seeking God’s direction
  2. Looking to the Holy Spirit
  3. Evaluating the honesty of my heart
  4. Being upright before God
  5. Being patient
  6. Not listening to the counsel of others

There are times I get frustrated with my husband. Day after day, he sits in front of the computer playing games and not helping me with the household chores. (I really cannot say anything since I have the tendency to do this as well.) However, it would be nice to help me out at times. Then he criticizes my work by kindly informing me that I missed a spot.

Other times he will say things just to get me angry. Other times I try to start a conversation. However, he is not in the mood to start. Then it is my turn. He may talk about something in the news and I am trying to read a book. I might hear him but not reply. Other times, I will snap at him or make a sarcastic reply.

For our marriage to work, this has to stop!

“Serve him,” God commands.

And I obey.

As I clean house, I realize that my husband is using the computer to escape from his problems. I also realize that he does a lot around the house-even though he is afraid to pick up a broom. He is a good handyman and gardener. He spends time in the garage, building desks and tables out of wood.

So rather than looking at his faults, I need to focus on his good qualities.

As I practice being the serving wife, I am also serving God at the same time. Sometimes it is difficult, especially when I am tired after getting home from work. However, I see myself improving each day.

Question 2. How does your following God cost others? How has others’ obedience to God cost you?

Obedience and sacrifice go hand-in-hand. It does cost my family. While I am not spending days on end away from my family like some of the missionaries, I am spending hours on the Internet trying to reach out to others throughout the world. Sometimes I feel guilty because it takes time away from my family needs. After all, I should be the serving wife-cleaning house, cooking meals, running to the store and so on. It has also cost me my friends. These friendships would only allow me to walk down the road of obedience. It was necessary for me to end them.

Now how am I to balance my time with God and my family without neglecting one? There are many times when it is my day off when I cannot sleep through the night, since I work the night shift. I can be up at my computer a few hours before anybody else wakes up. That way I can get a head start with my plans and still be there for the family when they wake up. (I am currently typing this at 12:30 in the morning.)

Question 3. Have you ever suffered the consequences of not obeying God?

Yes. While it was not something like getting struck by lightning, it was like God was distant from me or being disappointed with me. I know God never leaves me. When I feel that God is distant it is really me who moved away from God.

I get disappointed in myself as well. I might have a set plan for a certain day. Then I go online and do everything else that what I had originally planned to do. I neglect God, my family and my household chores. (See, I really cannot complain when my husband does this.) Then before I know it, it is time to cook dinner and I have not even thought about what to make. The entire day was wasted and nothing was accomplished. My time in this life is too short for me to waste it.


Questions are taken from Experiencing God Knowing and Doing the Will of God. Henry and Richard Blackaby.

Experiencing God—Chapter Seventeen—Joining God Requires Adjustments

Question 1. What adjustments is God presently asking of you? Do these include values? Actions? Relationships?

I need to make many adjustments in my life. Without making any necessary adjustments I will not be able to complete God’s assignment. I must be willing to do what God asks me to do. If I do not adjust, I am not in a position to obey.

The first major adjustment I have to make is time. I commute seventy-five miles each way to work. On top of that there are times where I have to work overtime. Sometimes it is my choice to get some extra money. Other times I am scheduled to do it. I try to get things accomplished at home so I am not too over-whelmed trying to get things done on my days off. However, my time is not well-managed. I might have a set plan so I can get several things done. However, I rarely stick to that schedule. I find myself wasting time throughout the day and putting off less pleasant tasks. I need to evaluate each thing I do to see if it is beneficial for God.

I need to change my attitudes. For example, at work I carry a strong work ethic. When I see someone not doing his share, I get annoyed. Or I might dwell on something I hear. I must be God-focused in my thinking and watch the words that come out of my mouth and the thoughts in my head.

I need to make adjustments in my relationships. I need to end relationships that tear me away from God and build up on other relationships. The biggest one I need to and want to build up on is my relationship with God.

Question 2. Is there an adjustment God has been asking you to make which you have found difficult? Is there something God is asking you to do right now that you are resisting?

I have an opportunity at my job to take a voluntary layoff. Sometimes when there is a lack of work, the company will lay people off. This is normal for the spring months. After the Christmas season, orders start to fall. Then they start to pick up during the summer and fall months. For the past few years, rather than laying those off with the least seniority, the company will offer a voluntary layoff to those with more time. If enough people take it, the younger workers can still have the opportunity to work.

For this layoff, we are something like three weeks ahead on orders. By reducing the workforce for a short time, we will not get too far ahead on orders. Eventually, as stated before, more orders will start to come in. Therefore, in a nutshell, we are looking at a layoff that can last from four to eleven weeks. If I volunteer for this I will have more free time that I can dedicate to God. However, I cannot take the layoff.

I am still paying on my daughter’s tuition for the spring semester. Then I will have to start paying for the fall. In addition to that, we have other bills to pay on. My unemployment check will not cover everything that we have to pay.

I am not getting any strong sense that God wants me to take the layoff. However, if he wants me to take it and I do not, I am showing that I do not trust him.

I also have to make adjustments in accepting how others will think of me and respect me. I know there are a lot of non-Christians in the world. I am resistant because, since many of these individuals do not share my beliefs, I am afraid that I will be mocked and made fun of. I must remind myself that Jesus came down from the safety of his home to reach out to humans. Jesus gave up everything-even his life-so we could have salvation. I need the same attitude that Jesus had in order to complete God’s tasks.

I need to make many adjustments in my life. Even though some of them are difficult, they are for my own good. These adjustments are not just for me but for everybody I reach out to.


Questions are taken from Experiencing God Knowing and Doing the Will of God. Henry and Richard Blackaby.