15 Spa Treatment Ideas For Mothers Day

Hotel Resort taken by my friend.

Hotel Resort taken by my friend.

Yes, it will be Mothers Day again in Germany. No, not flowers again for this day!😀

Every second Sunday of May is Mothers Day in Germany and so this year, it is on May 8. There are plenty of celebrations in May in my adopted country and we will be having a lot of free days. I hope we will be having bright and sunny days. After a few months of freezing cold weather, it´s grand to have sunshine that brightens my face. Yes, I love sunny days. Who doesn´t?

Mothers Day is one of the celebrations we celebrate here in Germany. A time for bonding with family while enjoying delicious food in the garden. The place where families can have their barbecues while enjoying the beauty of the flowers and other plants. The place where family members can lay down on the grass sunbathing. That is, if the sun shines.

What do you give to your mother on this very important day? Surely, not flower again. Well, it does not really matter if you do that but  is it not better to have something different? What about a spa treatment voucher as a gift? I know it´s not cheap but you don´t treat your mother often, do you? Your mother might  need a retreat from the stressful job that she has. It´s good  to see her relaxed, don´t you agree with me?

Anyway, here are some spa treatments you can give to her on that very special day.

  1. Back and Shoulder Massage
  2. Facial treatment or Champisage
  3. Manicure
  4. Pedicure
  5. Foot Spa treatment with paraffin wax
  6. Ayurvedic Massage
  7. Foot Reflex treatment
  8. Swedish Massage
  9. Aromatherapy Massage
  10. Hot Stones Treatment
  11. Herbal Poultice Massage Treatment
  12. Traditional Thai Massage
  13. Manual Lymph Drainage
  14. Hydrotherapy bath with Ayurvedic Massage
  15. Body Wrap, Peeling, Mask Treatment

I know some of these treatments are expensive but you don´t have to go to a spa for a treatment. There are massage salons which offer an affordable treatment compared to a spa. Just check out those in your area. Anyway, it´s not everyday you treat your mother.

I hope I have given you an idea. Thanks for your time reading my blog. Have a great weekend to you  all😀

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    • Sorry to hear about your mother. My mother is dead, too @brendamarie . How I wish she is still alive. I have a son and so he usually comes to bring me something for Mother´s Day. Thanks for your visit. Enjoy your weekend!

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