15 Spa Treatment Ideas For Mothers Day

Hotel Resort taken by my friend.

Hotel Resort taken by my friend.

Yes, it will be Mothers Day again in Germany. No, not flowers again for this day!šŸ˜€

Every second Sunday of May is Mothers Day in Germany and so this year, it is on May 8. There are plenty of celebrations in May in my adopted country and we will be having a lot of free days. I hope we will be having bright and sunny days. After a few months of freezing cold weather, itĀ“s grand to have sunshine that brightens my face. Yes, I love sunny days. Who doesnĀ“t?

Mothers Day is one of the celebrations we celebrate here in Germany. A time for bonding with family while enjoying delicious food in the garden. The place where families can have their barbecues while enjoying the beauty of the flowers and other plants. The place where family members can lay down on the grass sunbathing. That is, if the sun shines.

What do you give to your mother on this very important day? Surely, not flower again. Well, it does not really matter if you do that but Ā is it not better to have something different? What about a spa treatment voucher as a gift? I know itĀ“s not cheap but you donĀ“t treat your mother often, do you? Your mother might Ā need a retreat from the stressful job that she has. ItĀ“s good Ā to see her relaxed, donĀ“t you agree with me?

Anyway, here are some spa treatments you can give to her on that very special day.

  1. Back and Shoulder Massage
  2. Facial treatment or Champisage
  3. Manicure
  4. Pedicure
  5. Foot Spa treatment with paraffin wax
  6. Ayurvedic Massage
  7. Foot Reflex treatment
  8. Swedish Massage
  9. Aromatherapy Massage
  10. Hot Stones Treatment
  11. Herbal Poultice Massage Treatment
  12. Traditional Thai Massage
  13. Manual Lymph Drainage
  14. Hydrotherapy bath with Ayurvedic Massage
  15. Body Wrap, Peeling, Mask Treatment

I know some of these treatments are expensive but you donĀ“t have to go to a spa for a treatment. There are massage salons which offer an affordable treatment compared to a spa. Just check out those in your area. Anyway, itĀ“s not everyday you treat your mother.

I hope I have given you an idea. Thanks for your time reading my blog. Have a great weekend to you Ā allšŸ˜€

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Rosewater for Beauty Treatment and More

Roses Garden Ā©Thelma Alberts

Roses Garden by Ā©Thelma Alberts

Have you tried using rosewater for your beauty treatment? Have you not read that some of the skin care products have rosewater in them? What is actually rosewater?


Rosewater is produced Ā by steaming the rose petals in distilled or tap water. Rosewater has a lot of skin care potentials. It does not only soothe and maintain the pH balance of the skin but it is also anti inflammatory and anti bacterial. Besides that, it has a relaxing and homeopathic fragrant. It is good to all types of skin.


I have once made my own rosewater a few years ago by following the you tube instruction I have seen online. It was so easy to make. I used the beautiful awesome scented roses of my sister. The roses had a very strong fragrant and I have made few bottles of rosewater Ā from steaming the roses.


What did I use the rosewater for? I use the rosewater for:

  1. Cleaning my face before applying night cream.
  2. Using it as a toner after cleansing my face in the morning.
  3. Putting rosewater into 2 cotton pads and put them on top of my closed eyes. It helps get rid of dark shadows under my eyes.
  4. Applying this to my sun damaged skin during summer time.
  5. Refreshing my skin by spritzing some on my face on a hot summer day.
  6. Hydrating Ā and moisturizing my skin.
  7. Baking cakes and cupcakes. It gives a wonderful aroma to my cakes.
  8. Adding it to my bathing water. Awesome thing to do!
  9. Adding a little to the washing conditioner when washing my clothes.
  10. Spraying it to the rooms to have a soothing aromatic fragrant.


Tip: Please give a test to your skin if you will use it for the first time. ItĀ“s a must. You might be allergic to it.


Rosewater has become an essential beauty skin care to my aging skin. I would not like to miss it. The one that I have now in the fridge is still the one I bought from the Asian shop nearby. It’s stated on the bottle that it was produced in India.


Feel free to comment and share this blog to any social media site that you have. Please share some of your experiences when using rosewater.Ā Thanks for reading.

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Visiting A Thai Massage Wellness Salon

Massage salon decoration

Have you visited a Thai Wellness Massage salon?

Today, I have visited a Thai wellness massage salon in our city, incognito. I said incognito because I did not tell the Thai masseuse that I gave Thai massage as well besides other massages. I did not want her to be insecure. I wanted her to do her usual treatment to her clients. I just wanted to know how the other Thai massage salons or spas did their treatments. Besides that, I wanted to relax while receiving a massage treatment without a lot of talking. If I went to the massage salon where I work every now and then, then I would not be able to relax as the masseuse would be talking too much to me. I would not like that. The massage treatment would be finished and I would not be able to enjoy the massage well.


Anyway, the massage salon was a small shop with 2 rooms. 1 room has 2 beds for partner massage while the other one where I was treated was a small but cosy lemongrass scented room. The room where I was treated was warm, had a massage table in the center of the room, a small bench with a cushion on the right side of the room near to a small table with a mirror, a leather chair, different oils in the bottles, an oil electric warmer with a bottle in it ready for use and a wall clock where I could glance the time.


When I was lying on the massage table with my face on the hole and was covered with a huge lemongrass scented towel, the masseuse started wiping my feet with a warm towel. She started warming me up by doing a palming Thai massage pressure on my legs and my back (which was very sore) before doing the effleurage, finger pressure and other massage techniques. The treatment was a mixture of Thai and wellness massage. I was glad about that because I did not like to have a traditional Thai massage and would cry out with pain. The masseuse talked to me every now and then but only to ask me if the pressure was okay.


I enjoyed the massage treatment well and my back was no longer aching. If I would give the salon a grade, I would say 8 out of 10. I felt so relaxed that I already made a new appointment for the next month with the same masseuse. Btw, for an hour of massage, I only paid 30 Euro because I brought my own Kneipp Arnika massage oil.


Ayutthaya Wellness salon in my city is where I plan to go if I can. It passed my own criterium of a good and clean massage salon.


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Tropical Fruits For Homemade Facial Scrubs

Homemade mango and honey scrub

Homemade mango and honey scrub

Have you ever seen in the cosmetic Ā shops that some of the facial creams, lotions, scrubs and masks are made from tropical fruits? I have and they are lots of them. They are smelling very good. The only thing that bothers me, there are other chemicals used for making those beauty products.


Getting older made me think much on how I can delay the wrinkles coming to my face and other parts of my body. Besides eating healthy food, doing exercises, avoiding things that makes me sick, I take care of my skin by giving it a nourishing “food” like making my homemade facial masks and body scrubs. There are plenty of fruits that I love to eat and when I eat a fruit, I leave something for treating myself.


I am only writing the tropical fruits here in this blog because it was there in my home country Philippines where I got abundance of these yummy fruits. Besides that, it was there where I started making my own facial and body scrubs and masks. I enjoyed making them there as these tropical fruits were cheaper than in Germany. Some of these fruits were even from my garden.

Avocado fruits from my avocado tree.

Avocado fruits from my avocado tree.

Tropical Fruits For Homemade Scrubs

  1. Mango
  2. Papaya
  3. Starfruit or Carambola
  4. Avocado
  5. Guava
  6. Calamansi or Lime
  7. Jackfruit


Have you tried making a facial scrub out of these fruits I mentioned above? I have tried all of them and they were all awesome to my skin. I have also made a papaya and mango scrub and facial mask. How I did it was written in my Hubpages writing site.


Here is my easy to make avocado facial scrub

  1. Mash 3 or more tablespoons of ripe avocado meat with a fork on a saucer.
  2. You can add 2 or more tablespoons of brown sugar Ā and mix this 2 ingredients well.
  3. Scrub your neck and face gently with your avocado facial scrub.
  4. Then rinse your face with water and pat dry with a towel.
  5. Then moisturizeĀ your neck and Ā face with your day or night cream.


Avocado facial scrub is not only good for dry skin but also to a combination and normal skin. Most of all it is good for a mature and wrinkled skin. Btw, you can make the half of avocado and half cup of brown sugar if you want to scrub your whole body with it. DonĀ“t forget to moisturizeĀ yourself afterwards. You will be having a smooth and gorgeous skin. Enjoy scrubbing!

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Useful Tips On How To Find A Clean Spa and Massage Salon

Pink Flower Decoration Ā©Thelma Alberts

Pink Flower Decoration Ā©Thelma Alberts

As a massage therapist, I am fond of visiting a spa and a massage salon. Although I have not visited a spa lately, I work in a massage salon for a few hours a week. I love my mini job and I love the smile of my contented and relaxed clients after I have given a massage treatment. The Ā massages I love to give are Ayurvedic, aromatherapy, hot stones and wellness massages.


When I visited a massage salon or a spa, I looked around in the treatment room where I was treated and found out what was good and not good. Thinking about those observations I have made, I thought of sharing them to you, readers, on how you can find out if a spa or a massage salon you are in has Ā clean and hygenic treatment rooms and utensils.


Here are some ways to find out that your spa or massage salon obtains cleanliness.

  1. There is no clutter inside the spa or in a massage salon. The floor is clean and no cobwebs in the ceiling.
  2. The manicure and pedicure utensils are orderly put on a clean box together with a disinfection oil or spray.
  3. Not so dark inside the treatment room where you can see how clean your treatment bed is.
  4. Ask kindly Ā for a fresh big Ā towel to put on top of your treatment bed and to cover yourself Ā if you feel that those towels you are about to use Ā have been used by a client before you. Yikes! This is a big no go.
  5. Check if the massage oil the masseuse is using comes from a Ā heated bottle or just heat it from an open bowl. Some massage salon are heating the oil in an open bowl where the therapist just dig her hands to oil her Ā hands for every client. That means Ā that the masseuse had dunk her hands in that oil for using it to massage the feet of the client. ItĀ“s unhygienic. A NO GO!


I donĀ“t always go to the same spa or massage salon as I want to know how the others are. In this case, I always bring my own huge 2 towels and my own massage oil just in case I need to. Gladfully, the German and Irish spas I have been to were clean.

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How To Exercise For Health

Bavaria, Germany

Bavaria, Germany Ā©Thelma Alberts

Keeping myself healthy is not really hard. With my determination and my goal to have Ā a healthy exercise without going to the gym is doable. I donĀ“t even have to spend money for it. I was sickly as a child and the smell of tiger balm, eucalyptus and white flower medicine oil brought me back to those old days when I was not even allowed to laugh as it caused me asthma attack. Ā Having said that, I made a goal every year to stay as healthy as I am now.


Eating fresh fruits and vegetables as well as having a balance diet is not enough to stay healthy. I have to exercise too but I am lazy when it comes to jogging. Ā I have not done jogging in my life but I love walking. I have found many ways though how walking benefited my health.


Ways To Exercise Through Walking:


  1. Taking the stairs in going down the house, the shopping malls and in any building instead of taking the elevator or escalator.
  2. Walking to and from work for 30 to 45 at least 3 times a week.
  3. Strolling in the forest for an hour or two and taking the fresh breeze of the wind while observing the nature. Sometimes I get an idea what to write for my blogs.
  4. During summer time, I walk for an hour to go to the Rhine river and watch the cargo ships passing by while thinking about something to write and taking some photos and videos as well. Then walk home for an hour.
  5. Kneipp walking in the not so deep place in the Rhine river.
  6. Shopping for a few hours is not so bad at all. It keeps me going from one shop to the other.


Yes, these exercises look tiresome but they are worth it. What about you? Do you enjoy walking like me? What exercises are you doing? Thanks for reading.

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Relaxing In The Leisure Spa

Tropicana Castle Sabang, Puerto Galera, Philippines photo by Thelma Alberts

Tropicana Castle Sabang, Puerto Galera, Philippines photo by Thelma Alberts

Happy New Year 2016! Time flies so fast. The Christmas and New Years Eve celebrations are done. Now is the time to think of relaxing after the stress you might have experienced preparing all those delicious foods and shopping for Ā your friends and love ones.


DonĀ“t you think you need a break? I think you do. After all the hussle of the holidays and eating a lot of food which might have cause you weight more than before. ItĀ“s time to treat yourself for a short getaway for at least the whole afternoon. What about going to a Ā beach resort or to a relaxing leisure spa or center with swimming pool? Is it not grand to just sit at the swimming pool with something to read in the hand and every now and then swim? That would be great for me to do that sometime when I am free from work. We have a swimming pool here in the city where one can enjoy the sauna and Ā get a massage afterwards. Of course there is an entrance fee and maybe you will pay extra for a massage but it is worth it.


Do you have this kind of a leisure center Ā near your place? Some leisure centers have not only swimming pools but whirlpools as well. I love being in the whirlpool more than in the swimming pool and then go to a massage treatment. That is one way of recharging my “battery” and rejuvenating myself. This is a kind of reward to anybody who have worked hard and already burned out. What do you think?


If I were in my home country now, I only have to walk to the beach and stay there as long as I want. Swimming, maybe with my relatives or friends. I donĀ“t even mind if I were alone but thereĀ“s always somebody with me.


ItĀ“s time for me to recharge my battery and I will have an Ayurvedic treatment somewhere. I owe that to myself. I should think of my health sometimes. I still have to check if thereĀ“s an Ayurvedic massage salon nearby. Would you like to join with me?

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Top Reasons To Visit A Spa

Manapa Beach, Buenavista, Agusan del Norte, Philippines

A relaxing retreat. Manapa Beach, Buenavista, Agusan del Norte, Philippines

I know. You might think that I am a rich woman because I keep on writing about going to a spa. I am not. I just love being heavenly treated for an hour or two. Going to a spa is not only for rich people. There are spas which are affordable. A small spa with a few rooms but have varieties of treatments to offer is not expensive at all. You just have to open your eyes and search online where you can afford to get a hydrotherapy bath and a massage.

Think it this way. Instead of often buying clothes, shoes or bags, why not have a spa treatment for the worth of the bag you are going to buy. I know that when you buy a bag, the bag is always with you. Unlike the facial or the massage treatment that you have. The treatment is only for a short time but you are treating yourself into a healthy individual.

Top Reasons To Visit A Spa:

  1. You are burned out from your work. You are in stress, unmotivated, always tired that you need to recharge yourself.
  2. You want to spend the day with your girl friends before you enter the life of being a married woman. Who knows when will you see your friends again. Is it not best to have a group of spa treatments like facial, body scrub, body wrap, massage, etc?
  3. You want to escape from the world because you have encountered Ā lots of problems that need solutions. The spa could be of great help as you might find the solutions of your problems in the relaxing and tranquil environment of a spa.
  4. You want to have a getaway bonding time with your mother, father or sister and have a rejuvenating and relaxing treatments. This one is good for giving a gift voucher for Valentines or Christmas Day.

Each and everyone of us has any reason to have a quiet and a tranquil retreat. What about you? Do you have any reason to visit a spa? For me, to boost my immune system and to keep myself healthy. I think itĀ“s time for me to have a treatment again. I have massaged many clients these last few days that I need one myself.

Photo Courtesy to my cousin Jane.

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How To Fight Against Coughs and Colds

Beautiful Roses with rose hips

Beautiful roses with rose hips

Hello Guys! How are you these days? Do you have winter season now in your country? ItĀ“s winter in Germany but the weather is not as cold as last year. Although it is still warm for the month of December (we have 13Ā°C today), I feel cold and sick. My throat is aching, my head is heavy and I keep on sneezing. The most bad thing is, I cough mostly at night time when itĀ“s time for me to sleep. IsnĀ“t it annoying? So tired and lack of sleep that my eyes are aching. ThatĀ“s the way I feel now but I keep on fighting against this sickness. I even go to work. Ā LOL! With plenty of herbal candies and teasĀ against coughing. I already feel like a dog barking most of the time. Feeling sick has given me the idea what to write.

How do you fight against coughs and colds? HereĀ“s what I mostly do.

  1. Drinking different kinds of herbal teas I bought from the supermarket. Herbal teas like peppermint or cough and cold teas. These herbal teas are a combination of ginger, peppermint, lemon, rose hip, camomile, eucalyptus and dandelion leaves and roots.
  2. Making fresh tea from ginger roots that I have bought in the supermarket. I just peel a ginger root and slice it in tiny pieces while boiling half liter water. When the water is boiling, I add the sliced ginger root and let it simmer for about 10 minutes in a medium heat. Then I drink the fresh ginger root tea with honey and eat the ginger as well. You donĀ“t have to eat the ginger slices if itĀ“s so hot for you.
  3. Puting on the oil burner with 100% peppermint essential oil in the living room and inhale the diffused scent. It helps a lot to clear my nose. I only use this during day time.
  4. Taking a warm herbal eucalyptus bath for colds. ItĀ“s called “ErkƤltungsbad” (bath against colds) in German. ItĀ“s a bath mixture containing some herbs and essential oils.
  5. Making a Grog with whiskey or rum. Just 1/4 mug (or less, depends on you) of whiskey Ā or rum added with hot water, cinnamon, cloves, honey or brown sugar. Drink it in bed and sleep tightly and warm after that.

I hope this will help you because all these are helping me when I have coughs and colds. Thanks for reading.

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Thai Foot Massage Using Wooden Stick

This photo is the former beauty salon of my friend Beth. Courtesy of Ā© E. Guzca.

This photo is the former beauty salon of my friend Beth. Courtesy of Ā© E. Guzca.

Have you heard about Thai foot massage or Thai foot reflexology? I didnĀ“t until I came to work for the first time Ā in a Thai wellness massage and spa here in Germany a few years ago. I thought at first that it was the same like the western foot massage but no, it was not.

Thai foot massage is a foot reflexology which is handed down from generation to generation in Thailand. It was said that the techniques of this foot massage Ā was the secret of the Buddhist monks of the Royal Palace in Thailand.

Thai foot massage reflexology is a combination of an Indian Ayurvedic, Japanese Shiatsu, Chinese and Thai massage techniques with the use of a rounded wooden stick. Both ends of the stick is of different sizes, one is bigger than the other. There are more than 7 thousands sensory nerve endings in our foot which are connected to the inner organs of the Ā body. Each area and reflex zones correspond to the inner system of the Ā body.

As a wellness masseuse who is sometimes giving Thai foot reflexology, a 30 minute treatment is enough for me and the client. I start the massage by washing the feet of the client, drying them while the client sits on a chair. Then I put Ā warm oil in my hands and start the foot massage by giving an effleurage technique as warming up the feet. One footĀ should be wrapped in a towel while the other is on treatment. During this Thai foot massage, I use not only effleurage but also finger, palm and hand pressure and of course the wooden round stick. Using this Thai wooden foot massage stick enables me to give more pressure to the pressure points of the sole of the feet. While giving the treatment, I keep on glancing to my client to see on his or her face if the pressure is comfortable. When one foot is done, I wrap it with the towel and start massaging the other feet.

Have you tried this awesome treatment before? If not, try it. Take care of your feet. ItĀ“s good for your health.

Below is the You Tube video of Thai Foot Reflexology Massage. Seeing this, made me relaxed and sleepy. Enjoy watching!

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