The biggest calculation

With past experiences about computational processors, I do on occasion think about what amount of speed we can come up with, then I think of the cars we put on the streets to replace horses, I remember my mentor explain in a video. I don’t think we suddenly discovered it, I have a firm belief some sat down and asked themselves in a circle with others; how can we clean off the streets of animal excretion and totally avoid it and maybe earn money?

Those tiny questions affiliated with speed, I do not on occasion think about them, but do I share it? I do that yes, on theoretical level and doing what I can to shape an image with people. I do not play with physical instruments, because I know a lot about computers but not enough, and they are already invented.

To jump forward then I have on a service with music, few collections of my mentor’s mentor. He has recorded an album one specific track is titled something with, The Goldmine Between Your Ears. I have listened to it, and the way he describes our brain is phenomenal.

With that picture in mind, then I associate with another biochemist in biology and medicine on YouTube and his website.

My own words would be that we have picked up speed if we look with perception to the past.

Present day computers etc. I have noticed that instead of going up or faster in frequency, we do our best to build in value or effectiveness in one CPU, so that is only one thing.

Going to the thing I admire much is our brain, that specific organ that is like a computer, only much more complicated, with that said then it controls our entire body with the help from our mind, our paradigm that is programmed throughout our life.

Our brain is connected to our spine that has regions that controls our motions, I can get very specific also when it comes to numbers so to not confuse but leave some curiosity then I will let you make a search if interested.

The Spanish excitement 2

I did after I got the awareness of grammatical writings, the bending of words and to place them in almost correct order. That is essential to etc. describe a thing. To know them is as said essential because when referring to a chair or a house on the road, we need to know a specific house, or if we like to sit by the window in a cafe or something like it. We also need to be aware of it, when we refer to a city of something or streets in an area. A noun can of course be very important and once we get the understanding of it, we will apply it right away.

Verbs as we know them, is the action that describes something, like running, to climb. I believe you get the picture. The importance of them is just as nouns. I have recently and actually always asked myself, if it was a right thing to do to write them down, then learn them by bending them in a way. I think it would be too big a thing, then I have later decided to jot down words starting with a, then b, then c, and so on, even some nouns could be verbs in some cases.

Going for the additions in sentences, is other words as we know and use but do not think of them, the adjectives, and those are hard to spot if grammatical skill is not properly developed. I myself do not think of them when I write a text which I work on to change as I am writing every day on stories and manuscripts. The importance of them is the addition to the nouns and verbs and some other names for words as I have saved in my browser for study for later use.

Languages alike

“If we can learn one language, then we can learn them all”.

I don’t know if you have seen this, but as I am from Scandinavia and I know Danish, Swedish and Norwegian looks similar, I have then also been checking some eastern countries and western countries to see how much they match, how they change but still have some common things.I have commenced and some languages are about to stay stuck as I want them to be. A friend told me that French and Spanish looked alike, I then paused for some time and asked myself; how much can they be similar, not that much if I listen to what they say and how they say it, then they are far off.

The written language is more to be seen as the thing in common, because I also learn Turkish, yes I am learning three or four languages at once, it is possible I know.SoI decided to search YouTube for teachers or better yet I would copy what people learn in a school, but in exchange I want to learn at my speed and with the help of another, which I can sense is a success. One of the reason for me to learn at a rapid speed is because of business as I do not speak very much Spanish and if a person from spain would talk to me or have an internal conversation, I wouldn’t understand a thing, maybe very few words if I listened.

The fun thing I have learned that is very much different from the Danish is that, the spoken language in my case, Danish is turned around, the spoken language, but the written is just a bit far from what I am learning. When I had the grammatical in place in my native language, it became clear to me how easy it actually is to learn a new or just to add a language to the ones already learned.

The progress in Learning French

This might not be new to the ones who are learning things in school, I am not mentioning all kinds of schools, but I know in every school the system has, we are as minimum taught English, I was one of the first in my first school to know the language, actually I think I was, because I was 9 or something when I started to emulate the television. I was in second to third grade at that age, anyway, I was the first if not, then one of them. after I have the knowledge on what to do to practice the memory I am continuously learning myself things.

The reason I have gone into French is because my aunt speaks it, and she has also been teaching it for decades to higher students, so that is one of the reasons. The next reason is a friend of mine from Dubai, she also speaks French, but not fluent, because I used some words when chatting via whatsapp, and she did not know the word, so I might get to know the language, grammatically speaking before her, well, then I can teach her. Leaning French is one of my fun parts of the moment.

The last one I can say is I have this Herbalife member I follow often, she write primarily in French and to follow along, I would love to chat her language, I am sure you know what I mean, if not then ask in comments. The way I am learning it is by using my imagination, perception and memory of course, when the person who created this YouTube channel, which is cool, she then has this fun and empathetic way of teaching, she puts herself in the viewers position and asks, you get me? Okay let’s try again. And then she continues, and she is marvelous.

The army

Okay this is hilarious, I was in travel of the mind and was associating and surfing on Facebook and also google-plus. What occurred to me was a post by a friend of mine who is also inside the nutrition-business, and as most of us when we are committed to do things, we show emotions via posts, nothing new to that. What then associated me was her post of, I Love My Job, then I quickly was reminded of Michael O. Johnson’s speech at a President’s Team summit, where all President’s Team are present to hear the Chief Executive Officer is going to talk about.

In this whole video on YouTube, he presents his interview with his daughter as she asks to come with him on the job, but can’t, she then expresses; then I have to interview you, he agrees on that. The fun part is the way he speaks of us distributors, are as an army of distributors, who are out on the field and promoting the health through clubs etc. I very fast also thought of my mentor Bob Proctor as he clearly states; a job is working like being broke, or in short, Just Over Broke, and if people are working at a job like that, they should be praying for something else or reversed fear in my opinion.

Herbalife’s army counts almost 3 million people, that was the word last time I heard. If all 3 million have, let’s say 30 customers on average, then it’s only 90 million shakes drunk every day. Anyway, I see us as a health-army and we are fighting for people’s health, we are believing in people can get better, and on occasion I get this vision like our founder had, Mark Hughes, that he got this 5 billion dollar in his mind. I am beginning to see that everyone is drinking a shake every day, and it doesn’t matter who helps, just as long as it get’s out there and people’s awareness of nutrition.

“We all want freedom – – but very few know the price of it”

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