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The system is a monopoly

When I take a good look at monopoly in my memory as I played sometimes at home during my childhood, then as we roll the dice and move certain steps with a brick, then try to mix it with our everyday perception of life. We live in a civilized society and in that society – well most people live in societies, in these cities call it that, we have money as a sort of game-exchanger or kind of like control of a game, we have rules to be short. The rules I apply to is controlled by a top and that top apparently use money as a sort of control, I see them as something we can exchange for service, something valuable etc.

Then moving a step and ignoring the rules is actually responsibility. I have done some phenomenal steps in my mind and I see it as one hundred per cent responsibility. I see it as I walk every day to and from work, that many people when they follow rules of traffic to avoid getting hurt of course, but sometimes the lights that is holding rules alive is out-of-order, then what do people do? They tend to be more cautious and more aware of how to move in traffic. I believe that is way to cool. When I analyze the situations a bit, then for a short time, they take responsibility and do not look at others being the dumb one, no they tend to be more dialogue oriented and makes sure that they are seen.

What do you see in the system? And how do you want the system? If you could choose your own rules, what would you do? These small questions can be of very much value, because I see us as we do not have taken responsibility for ourselves, well some have and some haven’t. The part is, do you want to take your own way?

“This is like a game that we are all a part of, and we can improve”

The Spanish excitement 1

The foundation for learning the Spanish language is because I am in marketing that demands speaking several languages. The primary is English and now the secondary is Spanish, then way I see it is not only to use Spanish as marketing, but also to speak one of the top five languages in the world and hopefully speak fluently at a point. When I am learning this I would do as everything else, I would make a plan on what to go into first, like the alphabet and the numbers, and I see it as some basic thing so I can use vocabulary better and bend words etc.

Looking at the alphabet and what I do now is the Danish as my native language. I of course will repeat the letters and belonging sounds to them in order to store them in memory and once I have done that I would go for the words and bend some grammatically. I do the same as I have done with the Turkish, Greek and French alphabet. So the essential part is to get all the letters and the proper sound inside, then go for words of a and so on maybe. I would assume you could guide me to do a thing that may be faster.

Heading for the easy part and actually, this is not limited but it has the same as the alphabet, the sounds. Why it is easier is because there is only 10 sounds, ergo from 0 to 9, and as you might know, 11 and up. What I found out especially in Spanish and French that they look very much alike, and I did once mixed the two when I counted. The other a bit difficult part is to pronounce the numbers from 11 and up, but once we or I get the sound inside of the first, then the rest is like adding the numbers to each one, like twenty plus one and thirty plus one.

The cause of cancers

This will shock many, also it will surprise many, likewise it will put many in denial and react, nonetheless it is a truth yet to be told via mainstreams, the cause of cancers are really a result of being too dirty inside or being too acidic, I am referring to our PH value-scale as I can relate to it and at the same time explain what exactly is going on. In these days where many soda’s, sweeteners, soft drinks, water with taste even, they are loaded with sugar etc. and that sugar causes the body to go down in the more acidic area, which means we are unaware that our body will dehydrate more and when we go below PH 7, we are opening up for diseases, and cancers are one of them I really don’t like. The truth is to begin with we are almost delivered automatic to the doctor’s office, and being fed medication also known as symptom-treatment.

In a radiostream with a person I know, I listened very carefully to the latest one or to be speaking in present tense, she was talking about our body in the acidic environment, and why she did that was because she has chosen to be vegan and not only vegetarian. She explains as one of her points of view that when the body enters acidic mode from all that we are consuming, then to compensate for the very acidic environment, because our body strives to alkaline PH level, then organs will steal, calcium and phosphate from the bones, and when I heard that, before she moved on, I began to think of all the people I bump into every day that have a bended back, or are tired, maybe they are irritated because of too high acidic levels.

My awareness-question for you would be; would you change your intake if you were aware of what things could do and they would do and if there were a solution to any illness out there automatic produced by? And would you skip or totally remove energy drinks as they contains sugars? Would you skip meat as the animal-protein creates acid in the small intestine whereas vegetable-protein doesn’t?

The attention

I’m walking every single day, that is not a surprise for most people, but the thing I am very aware of, and when I meet the situations I sometimes get a laugh, and other times I just want to strike, you know what I mean, like hit hard or yell out, what the hell are you doing, follow the rules like everyone else. Problem is, I myself break the rules every day and I do it consciously because I ask myself few questions inside my mind before doing the task. I believe we all have certain ways to ask for attention and I know when people do it, they remind me of small psychopaths, rough said.

Well, the motivation for this one lies in some young boys on my walk across a field, where people actually are supposed to walk, but the boys were like, riding their bikes in between me and another, though I sensed one of them was trying to avoid it, though the two or the one in lead was really trying to get the attention as I mentioned. I then have reached the point where I no longer interfere with them as being like a parent or a policeman to judge them, to stop them and say, you are breaking the rules, get back to the road, because if I did that, they would make me a ridicule or yell at me maybe 10 meters away while they are rolling away.

The thing I know about attention is that, we have this little brain in the back of our head called a reptile-brain, that is the brain we have had since we started walking around, that is the goal-seeking brain, the other regions of our big brain contains the limbic system and neocortex, which is the regions that control our feelings, like fitting in, in social gatherings “anxiety”, and then the neocortex. What inspires me much is the attention-seeking and the thrill of being in that adrenaline state of mind. That is where I was heading with the post.

No one can do it

You are probably wondering what I mean by the title, and it has something to do with anxiety and how to overcome it, not the how but the why and what verbs. You see, when we ask for how to do things, automatically an unconscious light is turned on inside our brain that says, don’t do it or should I. the wrong thing or angle is we often ask how for a recipe to do things, but the tough one to do is we will copy others, we are emulating others in our hopes that we can do it like them, but can we do it like them or does it scare us the most?

I have then discovered that if I want people to etc. sell for me or do the job for me, I can see they express the easy part of the job, and they just do it, but I don’t. The trick is the more one person does it, the person becomes aware of how they can do it, and better yet what to do to do it. I see the how action-word, people desire to know how and not what, or we simply forget the what, and focus on the how, and totally forgets the why. The why is of course the purpose of why we do the thing we want to do.

When I was in coaching at Proctor Gallagher Institute, I was in small periods enlightened on why we should do things and not exactly how. It was more the what and why because the how is always and I underline the word always, because every human being is gifted with the same mental tools for creation. But often we get the wrong education to be convinced we should live from the outside and in, instead of inside out which we actually do, but are not aware of it.

“It is not important by how things are done – https://tinyurl.com/pqdfvgw – the what is more important”.

Whistleblower expose

This year’s oscar went quite surprising and they have done it well by scripting it I think. Laura Poitras who produced or are responsible for the CitizenFour documentary with Edward Snowden, was a tiny bit nervous about coming on stage I noticed, though the host explained afterwards by some treason reason, Edward Snowden could not be there today and I am convinced we all know why, because if he showed up, he would be caught and put behind bars or killed off with some story attached to it, therefore he was not there. I was sitting and hoping he got an Oscar and when the film then were chosen I raised my hands.

I have seen the documentary only one time, so that makes me want to watch it again. I know that seeing something once then it is just for the laughter and entertainment, but when seen again and repetitive times makes it feel more weird or something. The exposal and winning at the Oscar’s makes the documentary very weird, because if asking questions, that will automatically rise some answers and especially when it comes to the entertainment business. The business of entertainment I have been rising a lot of questions about.

To sum it up a bit, I can’t remember right now who came first, if it was Susan Lindauer or Edward Snowden, then we have Karen Hudes, the two women is legit in my opinion, but I still raise questions to all three of them. Because they have recorded videos and I know if tracking someone, somewhere, that only takes few days or hours to locate them, I mean with the technology we have today with Global Positioning Satellites, we can determine almost an inch on the ground. Exposing a whistleblower takes time, and I think they come forward because in only few regulations they have disagreed with terms, and not all.

Supplements could be the future

“The future is by design and always has been – https://tinyurl.com/q7murhr – from the minds of the imaginative people”.

Okay so I sit here and have almost judged our food-supply to be forever something we have not seen yet, what is the matter with me? Well, I can tell you something is going on, and it is beyond the masses reach, it goes on behind closed doors. To be honest then the one who controls the food and water-supply, controls the humans. Where am I going with this? I am leading us to supplements, and the way it is going to be used, I have watched several videos on how great supplies are, what they do to market themselves.

You should be well aware I am an Herbalife member and yes it took me few years to become proud of, well, I have from day one always loved the products, but I haven’t always been that promoter of being a sort of salesman. I used to hate sales, you know, coming to people and asking, would you like to buy and get a no. Asking for the order is for real very difficult, because of the fear, I believe that everyone holds a certain amount of fear, and that is because it can be conquered, the fear and faith thing.

Now that I am on the subject from Herbalife, I can tell it is going to become more vital than it is today. I myself like to go as vegan, and yes, a vegan stays away from animal products of all kinds, and I am close to that, very close indeed, I know in Herbalife there is this fishoil-tab, or so it says on the label, but what if the name herbal has to be herbal, then what the fish is eating we should be consuming, because it is eating the plants, and the plants have oils. This went over in the vegan category but I assume and I have a strong conviction that herbal supplements will be taken from few places around the world and to be shipped to the customer.

We think in pictures

The title is obvious for many people and it first came to me as awareness in certainty very much later in life. As psychologists and mentor’s as coaches says, we think in pictures, they are not far from wrong, as it is correct, but what is it exactly we think of when we think in pictures. When I started my coaching and that was a good long time after I entered the six minutes to success daily program, then I decided to learn all the six mental tools we have, I kept repeating them to myself, though what I wasn’t aware of how to exactly impress them on my subconscious mind.

I did sometimes get annoyed at myself because I strongly desired to learn them all, and like have them in the back of my neck for when people where asking me about some advice etc. I would use it for a benefit so I created a sort of purpose with the access to my memory, and I wasn’t aware of to train then myself back then. What I started to do was to imagine unaware what I would do to explain myself how they worked, if etc. a thought comes from Reason, and imagination would create a film on big screen, and hold the film on the big screen with the will, such kind of way.

Later on when I really learned to think, and got the understanding, that’s where Bob Proctor has explained, we will understand things explained when we can get someone else to understand it. This all made sort of sense so to speak, began to practice my imagination to create images and play with these images, now if I told someone from the psychiatric world about this, I would be locked up, and medicated to I no longer breathe, harsh to say, but true.

“From childhood we have been impressed by something – https://tinyurl.com/pc5mowe – but it all began thousands years ago in caves”.

The army

Okay this is hilarious, I was in travel of the mind and was associating and surfing on Facebook and also google-plus. What occurred to me was a post by a friend of mine who is also inside the nutrition-business, and as most of us when we are committed to do things, we show emotions via posts, nothing new to that. What then associated me was her post of, I Love My Job, then I quickly was reminded of Michael O. Johnson’s speech at a President’s Team summit, where all President’s Team are present to hear the Chief Executive Officer is going to talk about.

In this whole video on YouTube, he presents his interview with his daughter as she asks to come with him on the job, but can’t, she then expresses; then I have to interview you, he agrees on that. The fun part is the way he speaks of us distributors, are as an army of distributors, who are out on the field and promoting the health through clubs etc. I very fast also thought of my mentor Bob Proctor as he clearly states; a job is working like being broke, or in short, Just Over Broke, and if people are working at a job like that, they should be praying for something else or reversed fear in my opinion.

Herbalife’s army counts almost 3 million people, that was the word last time I heard. If all 3 million have, let’s say 30 customers on average, then it’s only 90 million shakes drunk every day. Anyway, I see us as a health-army and we are fighting for people’s health, we are believing in people can get better, and on occasion I get this vision like our founder had, Mark Hughes, that he got this 5 billion dollar in his mind. I am beginning to see that everyone is drinking a shake every day, and it doesn’t matter who helps, just as long as it get’s out there and people’s awareness of nutrition.

“We all want freedom – https://tinyurl.com/q7murhr – but very few know the price of it”

You know me

You know health is my first priority and when it comes to choosing stuff to improve overall good health, I am there. In the Think and Grow Rich book, Napoleon Hill writes that food, drink and health is number one in a top three. We should turn things around and that demands education from someone who knows very much of one subject or few people who knows much about several subjects. I at the other hand have been fertilizing my knowledge of biochemistry as I follow few people who possess this knowledge, and I am inclined to take from them, as I only will help them.

Take the book wherever you can find it and read it, then a section I can’t remember right now, but when he lists the top priorities to succeed in life, he puts food and drink as number one, the second is clothes, and the third is some shelter. When I read that, I then look around and began to notice how I were living or prioritizing, after that I started to notice how others turns that list around, an etc. would be almost anyone would take their income or paycheck to start covering their rent, then transportation and last their food and drink. To see others switch it around and that I have been doing the same thing makes me wonder. I can associate many things here, but I will limit it, I work on myself to switch it around so that I can eventually lead by example.

When people get to know me they, after my wish, will hopefully see that almost everything they have learned is upside down, and I talk about what they have learned from back then, speaking of their childhood and up until now. So I would guess as I take my self as I want to be remembered for one who made people think, the Socrates way.

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