Miss Adler’s class

To start off by writing a resumé of the book I study from Stella Adler about the Art of Acting, then it is a big portion of information to study, and from there just describe how she is in verbal communication, her voice, her way of being anxious to teach others in acting. I had first started to read the book and before that, I was very, very anxious to get the book in my hands, to have it in my possession for study purposes.

Just imagine someone is jumping around or checking the mailbox constantly every day, well not like every thirty minutes like the email, but close to it, just to make sure the book is coming, I was like that.

When I had commenced reading the book, I did like many others, began to read it, but I read it with the intention of understanding it just like the Think and Grow Rich and You squared.

I know actions and results comes from repetition and impressions, meaning we have to get involved in what we are doing, and that means we are taking action.

Okay so Mrs Adler has this I assume – pick one person among the audience, they are asked to perform a couple of times, if that does not work, she takes another to show how to show it.

Meaning that someone always will stand out among the crowd to show what it might look like in their perception.

The feedback from that means others will see what the leading part is, and I know, for certain that someone will always stand up and out.

So whoever stands out will be stronger with time, and will actually be the one who first helps the others.

The leading thing is something that will come.

Miss Adler’s way of teaching, if watched on her website and YouTube, is extraordinary, her expression says it all.

Worries are the things only

Worries are the things only

You might have heard about thinking and have been convinced that it is what we do every day, but, it is not entirely true, well, in some cases some are thinking.

I have my education from Proctor Gallagher Institute, I have the full 13 month Bob Proctor Coaching, which is few years ago I went through that. The important point here is mental activity is not thinking, because thinking in my opinion and my mentors, is creative, it is when we creates images in our mind, and we use the brain to do it.

Worries are merely an activity, it is an empty and cluttered activity. It really occupies our mind in a certain way that we would lower so much that we feel we can take action with almost no anxiety, and that is true.

I see worries as like we are having a loan in our bank, and pays back more than we have borrowed, or a better image to work with is to see worries as we are paying interests to the bank, though we are not having a loan.

With that phrase you might say, I would never pay interest to the bank, because if I do not have any loans there, I would add, you are right, that is ridiculous, so why would you and I worry?

Worry is what is invisible and have been taught from childhood. It is the thing that keeps the majority mentally ill, though not to make a stamp on anyone, but, the worries can stop many people, though using the right perception, worries can be used as steps to eliminate other fears as I see it.

When watching my mentors talk about the worries we put ourselves in then he underlines the quote understood best by the majority, “the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”. Right there and just even thinking about it provokes worries in the mind, because we begin to entertain a new idea from fear that what if we get killed? We are not educated to make quantum leaps, only in some areas.

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Run it like a mantra

“Everybody has a goal – – otherwise they could not hit anything”.

Yes it is easier said than done I know, but if you are familiar with some religions or those who runs mantra’s, then you will be fine and already very familiar with this. Of course some does not know what a mantra is, so I will explain it the way I was educated. A mantra is something of a command etc. that is said repeatedly so many times that is becomes an obsession, or to be more specific my way, impressed to the subconscious mind, or universal mind or whatever we call it.

For some it sounds really like the psychiatric diagnose for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or better known as OCD, you might better relate to that word as it is most common today.

I have been through this education with Proctor Gallagher Institute, and they are very effective, Bob Proctor the Chairman knows what he talks about, let us add 55 years of study into his business, then I bet I have given a good reference to others.

I don’t know the original story to get an obsession, I only became aware of it when I took the Proctor Gallagher course: Bob Proctor Coaching. To make it a bit final and to tell you about the result, then it is the repeated message to self, which means, our own talk it out loud so many times that we Either piss ourselves off – would be the first sign, or we get impressed by it, so we start to act on it.

I know the recipe for a mantra as I have heard Bob Proctor do it live on his Streaming Club, and in a question and answer session from the very informative daily program, Six Minutes to Success. I would not use the mantra in this post, but to repeat a sentence over and over and over again, will start to stick in our subconscious side of mind.

A friendly piece of advice will also be, to really, really give it a thought to when choosing what to repeat to self or you, because it shapes your future conditions, and you are in fact already repeating something to self every day since you act on ideas.

In between two

“To make decisions – – is hardly what anyone learns, they need education”.

This has been a challenge for me on various occasions as I seem to have a hard time in choosing between two things, mostly because I want both, or I have a hidden or suppressed idea of having control over things or greed. Yes it might seem weird because I believe it is. The best thing I then take from my education at the Proctor Gallagher Institute is I have all resources of making decisions, though I see it not as a problem by that, I see it as I see options in both parties or directions. I hope you understand me otherwise you will have to comment on this one.

First thing first, when taking a look at the options in both, I see it as things I search for in one of the two, and to be honest and you might have heard about choosing between two women with almost equal qualities, yes, for me it can and have been rough, I guess many men etc can relate. This could be perceived as a help-blog or whatever we can call it. I see it as I can guide myself to actually making a decision whether it will be the one or the other. So when I go for the options and cons, I will see things in a new perspective.

The reason I do this thing to aim for pros and cons is something I had from a friend in 1999, yes, that is awhile ago, and at this point I find it very helpful, and if there actually is someone in the same group as me who can’t decide but in the moment. To mention the current moment of a decision is of course becoming emotionally involved in the one, and since the other could be somewhere else could be an advantage, and since I know ideas entertained in our conscious mind will eventually take place as habitual ideas in our subconscious. Maybe it is the conscious control of the ideas that scares the hell out of me since I want both, but will have to decide at one point and the decision will be made no matter what.

The near death

“Anticipation will rarely lead to disappointment – – expectation will lead to the disappointment”.

This sounds like a heart-wrenching experience as I am talking about a near death thing here. No, what I am referring to is first of all a story told by my mentor from the program “Into Your Genius”. He explains it so the one who listens will get an image in their mind to work with, which is also the purpose of course. What purpose for me it has is that, I get to use my imagination, reason and perception, in other words, my intellect. The story is of a humming-bee that is so determined to fly through a window, but of course as you have witnessed yourself, it can’t, but it tries and tries all the time, until it gives up.

I am sort of amused by the story which comes from the book by Price Pritchett: You2 or You Squared. When I saw a video of one reading from the chapter, I got more into it to imagine what it would be like to actually read the book, I then ordered it with an advanced decision, and that advanced decision can be explained by, I had already made my decision to read and study the book. The story of the humming-bee is only the I-want-it feeling, a kind of decisive desperation. The book holds much value as it learned my mentor in the past to think in a direction besides reasoning and monitor the reasoning. We also have to direct the reason somewhere and exploit our potential to create from our intellect.

Before I will get the book home, which will make this blog-post older when you read it probably, I would have begun to study it and read it through a couple of times. The reason for that is when we read something again or repeated times, and discover something new, we don’t see by that something new in that book, no, we see something in ourselves that wasn’t there before, I heard that from Proctor Gallagher Institute, and they are right.

Repelled and attracted

As we go into this Law of Attraction as most people find familiar now, I have been for my own advantage asking myself, if we can attract people then we can also repel people, or to understand it better, as soon as attraction stops or the interest goes down from purpose, then repelling sets in from attraction. I can explain in great detail etc. but it demands a program and steady study for maybe every week and on top of that reporting to coach. Anyway, repelling is of course opposite of attraction. If I go into the mind of people, and I am not a mind-reader, then the only thing I can see is their attitude, and from there I can be repelled automatic, why? It is because we do not share the same interests, but only for a short time if so.

If the interest of meeting other people is there and by Law there must be attraction as from feelings and emotions, we will be attracted to something, and in this case I am using people for the attraction. Though we can attract anything and we do actually, whether it is a bus stop or car, or an animal. What sets up the attraction is our interests and those we have few of, they have been programmed into almost from birth, some are and some are not, I can use my own interest as I am almost obsessed with systems. No matter where I go, I quickly see a system and reorganizing so that it fits my thinking, that means if someone suddenly have a question I would be able to answer though I may only have seen something for a short time. The sum up would be I would have attracted some people for a shorter or a longer period of time.

One of the key things would be when I started to understand how the attraction really works so notice my own feelings, so what I want you to do is make a comment on what and how you have seen this repelling and attraction worked for you.

“Everything goes from one thing to another – – attraction from one place to another”.

The cocadee brand

The brand of shoes is huge as we all know, we wear them every day as if we didn’t, we would have our feet hurt, that is the thinking when I go back in time to ask myself; when did someone have that idea of making shoes and call them shoes. So my post and commercial is for my friend as he knows a lot about shoes, and I believe he has really many technical knowledge about shoes, therefore he did the very smart move in creating shows of brand, this is then the first step in going to the market.

First time when I gave a hand in helping him making better or just take the control of the shoes he got home on storage, I did not ask myself any questions, that was after I got them placed on store I began to ask myself, how many are there and which ones, like sizes, names, heights. As I recall it was the second time I started to recreate a storage, that could hold all the shoes that was manufactured or produced and then create space for the amount produced, maybe it was the right vocabulary. In any case, I love the amount he ordered as I can see and get a picture of the beginning of a brand.

In addition to the shoes he made, I have by the second time when I made a restructure, thought about what the shoes actually looked like in design, that I did not begin with, I just put them in place, but then I was thinking; it would be a smart move to store them in my memory so whenever the one in the shop tells me a certain shoe has to be picked to a customer in the store, or I get an order on shoes, then I get the chance to handpick them and send them out, the change will always be there. So my question for you as a reader would be, have you ever witnessed a startup? Have you been involved in a process of change etc?

The fake of image

“An image is placed – – and can always be changed”.

This is sort of coaching session, though I have gotten a new kind of program, but is looked at as an interview with tips on coaching between Mary Morrissey and Bob Proctor. An image is something we express of ourselves, we see us the way we have been told we were, and to go the mainstream way then close to hundred percent of population have been raised to live via our senses and not our intellect. Those people are close to be as simple as animals but with a self-awareness of small degree. Present day we almost only live through our senses and if we are presented to an idea of the unknown, then a big chance is that we will reject it.

Taking the curious step to get coaching and to choose a mentor is a huge process as I remember when I took the step, I did it with great anxiety but my intuition chose the mentor, and it began to feel good after some time, and me being unaware what really were coming. When I enter a conversation with people I quickly get an image of how people see themselves, because their image is expressed through their mind and their mind is the activity of the body, therefore I can in many cases tell them and few cases show them, what to exactly to do to improve their circumstances, and why is it that I in some cases can’t and can? It is because I haven’t taken an hour to kind of prepare what to say to them, and then I also have to prepare myself to give them advice.

The acting part is the essential part but also the most difficult part. It is the part where anxiety of all is met and we all meet this vibration, and that is because the current self-image is impregnated with an old impression, so the new image being held by imagination and will, will at some point be entertained so much that it interferes with the old image, and that change causes new vibration, that vibration is called new feeling, and that new feeling is the anxiety, because we get out of the comfort zone.

No receiving without giving

This subject lies close to me as I have been in my sales-trainings and courses. The fun and weird thing about it is, almost none of them worked out as they should have besides one and that was a kickoff for further enlightenment in sales and asking for money etc. it could also be asking for a service, or asking for assistance or help of any kind. The asking also comes from receiving and that is where the fun part begins for me, because I have during my education as part-time-coach been educated in the Law of Attraction and also the Law of Receiving. Law of Receiving is the same as asking for money, but it will only work if we give.

Then we have the give part of asking or receiving, we must give before we can get, and this is where most people, I would be inclined to agree with Proctor Gallagher that we have to give before we can receive, that is in align with when we want to borrow because, if we do not have something we have to get something before we can give, but here is the problem, almost all people believe we have to give something physical in order to receive something, and I understand people, but we can receive just by asking for some non-existent, that is spiritual yes. We have to think of what service we can give in order to get money etc. or a network of people, we have to either show good attitude or just bad attitude, first one is better.

I then have this question for you so you can fill in some comments below. How is your relationship with money? What do you see money as? And have you thought of providing other people with an impression as it takes to get something from them?

“If we don’t give a smile – – how can we expect someone else to give if they don’t know what our intention is”.

A selfcontemplation

I remember when I got more curious about thinking that was after I got access to a Bob Proctor interview with a Martin if I remember correct. It is called, The Art of Thinking. When I saw the title I was beginning a process of my own; how deep does this thinking really goes and is thinking really an art? What is your opinion? As I go through some thought processes, I begin to think about, what is a thought? I then quietly go longer than an answer which I can assume is correct, you know, if there is a question then there is an answer.

So while we analyze what a thinking-pattern could be, we actually are creating it, yes we are in the creative state of mind, but very, and I mean very few people think. I do not judge people because they do not think, because that puts me in a place that makes me less value, so instead I am forcing myself to give them a short speech and first of all, myself. The self-contemplation is a word I learned when I read some of Thomas Troward’s material which I am not studying at the moment, but I am going back to it right away.

So, if I would make an interaction with you if you want, then we can analyze what is happening and I want your opinion on what we do to store in our memory, as I know memory is one of our mental muscles and is endless. What do you think of this self-contemplation? What would you describe it as? I would myself put few words on it as we are going in circles with ourselves. A self-contemplation, I would love to see you write a few lines on what you consider, to be the word self-contemplation and if you believe it could be difficult, and what you can relate to it?

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