How often do we check our cellphone? We do it too often yes.

We can answer to that it is very often yes, in that case, those who have a phone do, and I know most people do, and I know some who decline a phone and stick to their stationary line.

You know social media has really made its impact in our lives, and maybe too well I must say. We have the so-called liberty to choose from whatever we want, and the more choices we can have, the less decisive we become leaders of others and ourselves.

To be leaders of ourselves is the most important part I can see and have yet discovered – on my own that is. I have been naturally encouraged to be analytical.

How often do we hold our cellphone in our hand or hands?

We do that generally all the time, unless we sleep of course. Well some do actually fall asleep with their cellphone in their hand, depressing huh, or addicting. Though if we do have a pocket, we will put it there, and when it beeps, we answer it because if we do not answer it, we believe and expect people to be angry with us, but is that all true?

Yes, it is on autopilot. We put expectations to ourselves to be of service to others though we do not etc get paid, though it is a different story

This cellphone-technology is programmed deductively, which means we do not have to ask questions and just accept, we are taught to be quiet.

Okay, compare these questions to your relationship-status.

Are you single or with no best friend? Do you have many friends that are visited so to speak?

The questions I am asking myself are the same I have put up here, because if we do not do that, we will never be great in asking questions.