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Magic from conscious and subconscious

There is this relationship between our conscious creative mind and our impressed subconscious mind. I will do my best to help you create a picture of the relationship between, and impress an understanding for how they operate. Of course as simply as I can.

To hand out to you why a certain drawing, drawn by a holistic doctor back in 1934 if I am not mistaken, he got this curiosity of why people had many symptoms and why some occurred more than others, he was interested in healing arts. He got this idea that there had to be something that controlled us and something we might not be able to se. Sounds weird I know. I can’t give you the whole story as I am not familiar with it, though I can explain my point of view.

To put it simple then our conscious mind has these mental muscles, and those mental muscles can be trained to do marvelous things on the outside of us. Let me explain as I do when I would coach someone.

Our two sides of mind they are many times in harmony, though to change the subconscious, we will have to find out what controls it, therefore Dr. Thurman Fleet drew the stickperson with the conscious, subconscious and the body. So to change the subconscious side we have to activate or become aware and even better, train the muscles in the conscious mind that we do to name the muscles, and those are reason, imagination, will, perception, memory and intuition, only those six are required to change everything that goes on outside of us.

Now you many think, how is this possible and what to do and how to do it? I can say now that, do not worry about the how, because it will be shown once you understand these six muscles.

The six muscles mentioned, is to change when wanted and desired, the vibrations rate the body is in to have the body to move in a certain direction, and that would mostly be towards a goal wanted and to be executed.

The system is for control

I got this one from the first movie of matrix, when Morpheus says to Neo after a bit information in his training; the system you know is an illusion, you’ve been living in a dream world that is created for control and power of wealthy. All movies have subliminal messages, edited and, designed a certain way, so that you will see it as entertainment and nothing else.

As we know of today, with surveillance, robotics and self-service, there is a lot of control and it grows with us but why is it and, who is the responsible? Well I can say that NSA and CIA and other departments inside government, they are the head of all the control today. After opening the mind when I had seen The Matrix trilogy and, I can bring up a theory of why trilogies are so modern. A letter to Mazinni if I remember correct, then it describes three world wars before a new world order. But as we are in the system now, when I look at the various things that makes the control, that is with regards to cameras, and credit cards, all things can be traced now.

I am inclined to use the Matrix movies as a reference and, the movie The Sixth Day with Arnold Schwarzenegger, also put the commercials and electronics to show what’s to come, what creators inside government are planning. Take a cellphone, or as Edward Snowden calls them; a network microphone. We can dial someone and talk no matter where we are, but as we can dial someone, they can dial us. The internet as we know today is an information freeway, a computer is a tool just like a network microphone, it accesses the online world of control.

All of this may sound too stupid and, at the same time, very enlightening, informational. I understand if anyone states to me; but what if the information is wrong, then I say, make a search, question what you believe and, to every effect there is a cause.

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