This idea I got from when I wrote the four years anniversary of my membership, and when I do a bit more thinking of ideas to create myself a program, I look at the short but incredible value of the video that is available on the site from Six Minutes.

I give this some thought, so besides the message in the video, like the daily mainstream news you probably get, I just get it from this program instead. I consider what to do after when I have given it my attention. What is shown in the video is specific for that day, so when the 24 hours are gone, you will get a new video. But the video is still available in the archive to watch. When I at the very first time got the Six Minutes to Success videos, they were available during the whole month, when the whole month then was gone, then a week at a time the fifth week behind were closed down for some reason, but the cool thing was still the weekly live call with the founder. I believe my diary for a six minutes review came to mind, when Proctor and Gallagher decided to re-launch their company or change name of it, I was at that time a member of bubblews, so that I could share the coaching and human potential and, be the one people went to, to get information about education etc. I wrote a daily post on there and in the beginning it was required to write 400 characters and I had no counter, so I had to guess and count words and calculate it from there. It bothered me for a time until someone or I did for myself found a character and word counter, when I located one, then it was just a matter of writing posts.

To this day I have saved the posted blogs from bubblews so I have a sort of blueprint how to write future posts of six minutes and just edit them if I want to, or even just write brand new ones.