Debates on social media

I did actually make a promise to myself and an Herbalife member, that I and we should stay away from negative news and debates. Though the last few days when some friends I follow has been participating in debates on Facebook mostly, then I have by curiosity been scrolling through the comments and read few of them. when I then have been placing a comment I then have said to myself of the habit, that I made the promise or so to speak, made the commitment that we should not engage in any form of negative news.

Where I see my participation is if Herbalife was mentioned, and etc. a bad comment was put there, I would actually begin a conversation in private messages, especially on Facebook because I know and I do remember that I have been told and I understand not to create a storm of comments, that it is way better to be in a private chat because there is foundation for understanding, that is the main purpose. The other debates I wanted to mention has been about politics, I do though understanding why we should not engage in such a debate because if we do so, then we get the negative inside our head and the law of attraction states that, what we feel we will attract.

Luckily for me then the debates I have unintentionally been in, has been about people having a different view on things or being too judgmental and as I have been programmed for many years then I love to help people, it is a great passion of mine. What I then have incorporated as an almost habit is to leave the debate and hopefully get people to think, but I am convinced that many people or the majority is not ready to be awaken.

Bills have a meaning

I know this sounds funny but, I was out walking in fresh air as I do when I get ideas both writing and selling. Then I began to think about bills, and when we talk in the phone etc. if we in the phone-company’s database create an amount of any size, we will get the bill, when we then get the bill, we have to pay for it as there has been a service rendered, so when we pay for that, our amount turns zero again, just as if we are out to eat at a restaurant, we order food and we pay for it, we should turn that around and see it as we build a sort of debt to a business that’s why we owe them at the end.

I came across on the network LinkedIn, an article written by Loral Langemeier. She redefines how we receive money and that if we are aware of we sometimes give money first before we have the product, and in some occasions, then after we have got the service we pay, don’t you see it’s a bit odd, I mean, this is about our relationship with money. I have in my past as many others, not have a great relationship with money, it was lack and limitation. I won’t go into details now but we had a certain amount.

What now is the idea of turning things around to play with perception of the Zeitgeist films, is the idea of debt. I remember when I saw the movies at first I didn’t understand them, but now as I think in terms of building a deb or reverse service as to use a company service, it builds up that I now know the meaning of money and that it is purely debt, so no matter where we receive service, we build the debt and pay to get it to zero amount again.

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