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Turn the attention

The attention is on marketing and I personally have been turning my attention on the social networks as twitter, Facebook and google-plus, I have also added LinkedIn and tsu as I desire to go as much around as possible though I do not really like that much attention, but it is something essential. I like twitter more than the others, actually that is not entirely true, I like them all because they are free markets, we can exploit them as much as we can, and I have not done that 100 percent. When I tweet something, that could be a check-in via foursquare in etc my friend’s dance shop, I automatically share on twitter for marketing purposes, so I when I do I keep my mind locked into marketing in general and new messages every time.

A recap on the attraction that it was quoted; energy flows where attention goes. At first I did not understand it until I got to think about it, then imagined about energy and attention when it is focused properly. My definition on attention is that our conscious awareness that is directed towards a goal, it is concentrated like sunlight through a glass. What I often say to myself when I have attracted something or someone, that is I have used my conscious attention on what I might love or love to hate. You see attention is the keyword on love or love to hate, either way, it is the attention of love, what we desire that we most likely give attention to.

Don’t you find it fun to become aware of, that we can know ourselves better than anyone and I mean anyone? I find it amusing that we can, as my mentor calls it, fall in love what we do and we become better at it. When I take the word better, I also think of the word worse, as they are opposite of one another. To become better is a practice of perception,

Add and message

This subject is more about Facebook and the other major social network as google plus. When I state those then I have been into the studies of why especially these are so huge and have a certain impact. Now that I have a history of studying human behavior and I do as others when I want to build a connection I have had very few people writing to me and made sure we had just few things or just one thing in common. If I were in your shoes and you were in mine so to speak, to put it the understandable way, then we seek an understanding depending on the communication through questions and answers, could we be a match to make connection. This situation is the one I search for, and some mutual interest. It is becoming very obvious I guess.So what I am experiencing very often on Facebook is that, I have people just hitting add with absolutely no interest of writing or communication for that matter.

The meaning of, pounding at the door, gets a new meaning or purpose when I get an add or the plus one friend request. I have developed a habit from the professional network LinkedIn. I think the reason why it is called linked in, is because we are linking to new people through our current connections, that is my theory, you could hold something else, which I understand, you can also comment if you have a view or opinion of it thank you.

The message between two brand new unknown connections in my opinion, is the building-block for establishment of a network, I have been looking into that for some time now. I mean wouldn’t you agree that writing a message maybe before sending an application or add as friend would be reasonable instead of imaging someone you have never seen before, would walk up to you and ask; would you like to be my friend? What is your take on it?

The army

Okay this is hilarious, I was in travel of the mind and was associating and surfing on Facebook and also google-plus. What occurred to me was a post by a friend of mine who is also inside the nutrition-business, and as most of us when we are committed to do things, we show emotions via posts, nothing new to that. What then associated me was her post of, I Love My Job, then I quickly was reminded of Michael O. Johnson’s speech at a President’s Team summit, where all President’s Team are present to hear the Chief Executive Officer is going to talk about.

In this whole video on YouTube, he presents his interview with his daughter as she asks to come with him on the job, but can’t, she then expresses; then I have to interview you, he agrees on that. The fun part is the way he speaks of us distributors, are as an army of distributors, who are out on the field and promoting the health through clubs etc. I very fast also thought of my mentor Bob Proctor as he clearly states; a job is working like being broke, or in short, Just Over Broke, and if people are working at a job like that, they should be praying for something else or reversed fear in my opinion.

Herbalife’s army counts almost 3 million people, that was the word last time I heard. If all 3 million have, let’s say 30 customers on average, then it’s only 90 million shakes drunk every day. Anyway, I see us as a health-army and we are fighting for people’s health, we are believing in people can get better, and on occasion I get this vision like our founder had, Mark Hughes, that he got this 5 billion dollar in his mind. I am beginning to see that everyone is drinking a shake every day, and it doesn’t matter who helps, just as long as it get’s out there and people’s awareness of nutrition.

“We all want freedom – – but very few know the price of it”

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