Recap and next season of Flash

The recap is the right word to use, because when watching the trailer for the upcoming season of The Flash, then I don’t look in the details the very first time, though I strive to do it, my focus is on the action part. The real deal is to see what might come up, and a taste of what is coming. I heard that Cisco Ramon apparently under the particle accelerator got “infected” too and got some ability of his own. The entire recap is cool and it is more looked at as a bridge between two seasons as I had expected, because who remembers and who ever watched season one have might forgotten half, unless they have watched repeats in the U.S.

One major change though that went on in season one was Harrison Wells was exposed at first, then Eddie Thawne committed suicide in order to eliminate the reverse Flash and it happened more as a sacrifice and a chock to Iris West and Joe West. The reason for the scene at the end or the beginning of the end, was reverse flash, which by the way named Eobard Thawne, were known that he was actually the great-grandson of Eddie Thawne. So by Eddie making him losing his life then makes the coming generations disappear, and the fun error that would have occurred is, that though Iris West should have been the one if so to carry the child, then Eobard holds the color of his caucasian heritage, that seemed then to be intact as the first season had been written about The Flash’ AI computer he created in the future said.

So what the next season that runs from October sixth, I believe would focus more on Cisco exploring his newly found ability and about the new professor that learns and guides Barry Allen as Flash. I say the further exploration of upspeed tempo. So let us see what is up next.

A thing inside Big Bang

I am organizing my series because my computer is killing me, not literally, but I love when it works fast and smooth, before I bought it. I am then in my The Big Bang Theory episodes, and in an episode called The Einstein Approximation where Sheldon as always tries to exploit his potential of intelligence. We see in the beginning he has these impulse turnarounds and what he looks at is some drawings of some chemistry, what I then begin to think of is when in Danish TV and I assume many other channels are some signs of chemistry, people will begin to accept unconsciously.

Where my idea or revelation turned, probably second time because I have known all along, is that scene with Sheldon and Penny walks in and looks at him at after a couple of times he has turned, she asks; Sheldon what are you doing, I can’t remember what he say, but the thing is, the more we see things repeatedly in TeleVision, the more we accept it even though we don’t want to. The weird thing is when we go shop for food and drink, and even clothes we will have that “cells of recognition” in our brain that tells us, that is right, because I have seen it in the TV. The problem is, it might be a diversion and something false.

To give you a little overview and hopefully understanding, then since the second world war, or after when the box was coming into the livingroom, people were skeptic and they did all other things, like playing with friends reading, were with families, did some homework or study. We don’t today. Today it is about being online constantly and follow along, and the drama that is covered up by comedy, yes that’s right, comedy is drama in disguise, we accept what we see without hesitation and without questioning. It’s the frightening part.

As said, enemies

In a Gotham episode, the penguin, which I believe we see very much to has his ways of defining things, just like, Lex did in Smallville, and to be precise, it was in the Smallville series finale he said it; we are only as great as our heroes. This quote was also mentioned or something like it in the Red Hood episode of Gotham, only the penguin said, our enemies defines us. To be at it again, then I have the bow and arrow in my mind, so that to shoot off the arrow and how far it goes, only depends on how well we stretch the bow, the same is with the enemies.

The more evil our enemies are, the more huge we become, that is if we go by that philosophy of everything to have an opposite. If we would take the philosophy, which is actually quite true, we could compare ourselves to others to get a relativity of how big or how small we are compared to how big we can be. The theory of tightening the bow to shoot off an arrow would be the same theory. I remember it clearly from the Smallville series finale that Lex says very clear to Clark, that we are only as big as our enemies are big, or something like that.

Looking at opposites, then it could be the same as a vortex, a tornado, okay to make it simple then we have to force a minus in nature to get a bigger plus, there we have our tornado, the effect of a tornado as the enemy of cities, something has to be started from somewhere otherwise we can’t get that beautiful spin from a tornado. It is the same with summer and winter, in the north and south region rain falls as snow etc. and is most people’s enemy when they are heading for work. So as said, the bigger enemy, the bigger hero.

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