House and garden

I often miss after I have lived three times in a house, or houses actually, that was childhood, before education and then with a friend. I can see myself living in a house and to be specific I believe I miss living in my childhood home.Who does not miss that, I mean, no matter the circumstances. When I take a spiritual trip in this house, I walk slowly and with a voice in my head saying, this is good, life is passing by and summertime has heated up the environment, this is where I step out in the garden.

That soft breeze of air, all alone with some fresh water running in circulations, makes me think of a calm moment of springtime and early summer, the garden where life actually is. The mental trip is having a blast of calmness as I search for new ways in designing landscape. It is an inception of inspiration of what could be. The smell of early morning and just me around.Arousal in the brain for new things. The garden I always dream about on physical level, is still trapped inside the mind, because what the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

“Sow the seed and cultivate the soil”.

I have then always in some way wondered our it is more likely programmed into me from childhood,that living in a house was it. I remember when I first moved into an apartment that was after my parents divorced, that was kind of good idea, but longer story. When I grew up in a house it felt more me, no one upstairs or downstairs, it was only people who lived next door.what my point is, is that I relived a house-experience when I moved to Sweden, then I thought of the idea of living for the rest of life in a house, depending on the girlfriend and culture.

The Froosh

I believe I have written about the brand Froosh before, and that I love they put their smoothies on glass-bottles, what newly released is new tastes with brand new fruits that I didn’t know of. The name “yucu” is well-known for some people but not all, I didn’t knew of it. When I read about it on the label, I had to make a search for it and went to the first link in google which was Wikipedia I believe, and also a google image, so my first comment to my self was, this does not surprise me as my doctor tweeted about the 200.000 plant species on the planet.

Now that Froosh has added it to one of their smoothies I guess their game of fruits is far from over, and they like Herbalife has just started. The yuzu fruit is added to a “Spinach and Coconut” smoothie and it actually tastes really great. No complaint from me. The point of and what I liked about it was of course the addition of the froosh itself and of course as we all do when a new addition comes, we look more into it with excitement and becoming enthused, some too little, others very much. I always when new things enter the market, look steadily for what’s in the product, because I am a bit obsessed with health and you should know that, I’m never sick.

To close off this line and to make you taste it if you can, you should give Froosh a try. To make a continuous post of what is to come I have no idea what Froosh will do, but I bet they will keep re-evaluation what goes into their stuff and to improve it just like Herbalife or close to, I know that Herbalife on occasion or very often are looking at their products, so does Froosh as my intuition says.

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