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The mental activity

This one is speeding up, then we believe that we are thinking faster and we tend to overthink, but what if this is not true?

What if we cannot overthink but have been convinced that we can?

When our brain is in function and that is mostly the left brain, we use that to judge every situation by the way. We might have that certain belief from what we are told, that our activity in the brain is thinking. But it is not.

Mental activity is just our millions of neurons that are sending signals from the brain, down to our spinal cord and further through our nervous system.

Without mental activity we would not be standing or running.

So reasoning or thinking is when we have processed some information in the left brain, then pass it to the right brain and turn it to the left brain again, then delivering a response.

So mental activity is when we are awake, and conscious about things around us.

Reasoning is fun and besides the mental activity we believe we do, creating images is not a part of the mental activity, because activity means as you probably know, is just some traffic in our brain.

I know a guy I follow that is a medical student in biochemistry, biology and anatomy, I am in doubt of how many and much.

He explains very well how our cranial nerves, spinal cord and the brain is connected, then he states that only the outer layer of our head and beneath our skull is where the electrical impulses are, so when a mental activity is present, I believe there are some traffic.

A fun observation from me and possible others, I do not know if you have experienced it, but, when people visit a store, they get offered something, they often before paying or hearing the price, say; I will think about it.

The fun thing is, people have just mental activity, they check their account, they might ask others, is this okay, they are in doubt.


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The alternative title

I am not a doctor but I almost think like one or an alternative one, I often go into some biodigital application to test some theories that can assist me in helping people with certain conditions or symptoms. More often when I move around on social networks and around in public I get to be tested. That is my own testing, so when people feel a bit weird inside and in a specific area I might be able to say; this is where it is wrong and what might have been a wrong intake of food and drink, I then have my shake I can give people or to use as a reference.

I have had 6 or 7 doctors from when I was in education and until now, and I am a bit proud to say I have had that many and still not, though when I explain it to people I say that since 2004 I haven’t sought a doctor, and after 2007 when I started Herbalife I didn’t feel the need for one. When I sort of play the doctor for people I would ask as a doctor but I would think in terms of nutrition, I would empathize their pain and symptoms and search for the cause as I see two things in one thing, freemasons do that, not that I am one, I’m not but they have the ability and everyone can get that, just a matter of understanding.

I came up with this alternative title because I see the need for good advisors in nutrition and not in medicine. Well, if it was possible to turn the current doctors around I would join the staff any time. But currently I do not see that situation come. When I associate alternatives with nature, I get these stories about witches and wizard but I would then change the view of them as I would be one myself as I often seek nature’s goods.

“I don’t have a PhD – – but I sure know what good health is”.

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