The restart

“Sometimes things work by force here – other times they work if we get to know it better

As I sit and doing some update on myself about what products to buy from home, and online from my computer. I then log in to my webshop to place an order to find some products are not there, we are talking Herbalife here. I begin to look twice because at first glance I could have gone wrong. I sway over the list again to check if those products missing actually were not there, and I was right, some of them were not there. I do panic a little because I had never tried this before and wondered why after this second check these popular products are not available. It hits me, Are they so popular?

Looking for those special ones I start to think about the other products I have in mind to add to the basket, so I begin a little search for them as I still have that wondering in my mind. I do then a peek on my phone which is on my left side for recharge and on the righthand-side the documents for later use. I turn my attention back to the screen so I can place the order, I hit up the other products I have to shop and add them to my basket so I can proceed. In the middle of my ordering I see the phone starts to act weird.

I suddenly give it all of my attention as I did not plan it to happen as I almost never reboot it several times a day, but this time it all went wrong somehow. I wonder. I had to restart it and force with battery taken out. It rebooted and came back up again as hoped for. The panic went down and got the chance to return to my order to place, which I did. The other products I had to add besides my one special ones, which was oddly enough still missing or out of stock, I got the extra ones as I desired, the phone was working again.

Launch of value

“Increase of value makes you buy – – because if a price does not match your perception, you’re not going to buy”.

The very first thing I notice in the various markets when they are branding, and specifically my friend is, they are thinking about earning money and they are right, it is about making a profit, because that is the purpose of business of course. The situation with my friend is somewhat the same, because he focuses on what he can earn, and as I know there are no talks about percentages earned. Then I have been studying some selling and branding because they are two different subjects. I have gone into the action of helping him doing some commercials and letting people know via social media that I visit his shop, and as of now, nobody if anyone has responded.

What I then have been putting my focus on, is the products, as they are the actual thing the shop is about, without the products, the customers can’t get serviced. That is very logical. The value of the products can be big and small, it really doesn’t matter, what actually matter is the price is lower than the value, it is like buying a house or a blender, or a bike. The price has to be lower than the value or we can put the value higher than the price, we choose ourselves. Now one of the things is the attitude shown in front of people, just like when we are being sold to, some salesperson gives us a speech and we would pay them to get rid of them and not because we will get better service, no, it’s to make them shut up.

So whenever I etc. go past a salesperson that is just so I see how much of their attention I can get, and how awake they are, because I would never buy from such a salesperson. My question for a debate is, what do you see as value in products? What do you treasure the most about products you are using? And have you been considering the value when you go shopping?

Glengarry Glen Ross

I have seen the movie one more time and as I do the game, I am analyzing why the movie has its title. When I first saw the movie, it was only a clip and it was when Alec Baldwin has entered the scene and is giving a sales-training speech to the real estate people. The term “always” is the process which I studied first, as always is a never-ending process or always in motion etc. in the salesman’s mind always is a way to direct the customer to the goal and have an agreement take its place. Always be directing to a signature on the dotted line, that is what he teaches, but I look at the speech-process, so whenever I meet someone I sense have the time, I have the “always” in mind.

Salesmen has always been through an education – – and that is neverending“.

The Be word are almost too simple to give an explanation, but it describes something we do, you know the verb. Why I chose it to place it here, is because in the sales-training Alec Baldwin gives those real estate people is priceless, and associated with that I recall the motivational speeches in Wolf of Wall Street, as being the two movies in sales I like the most, there are others, but these two are the most. The Be that describes the action of closing is to me God-given, not that I support this kind, but it goes into art of selling.

Closing is then the decisive action as most people are scared of, or what they as fast as possible run away from, some people even like to be challenged in closing like myself, mostly because I listen very much to people when spoken to, and I love to challenge people. When I close sales as I don’t do often but I do, I see it as my own training to be more convincing before myself, I listen like third person. The closing part is always the decisive part. I want to hear what you believe to be your closing line. What is your opinion of closing sales? How often do you close sales? And Do you even when close to a close, run away in your mind if you know what I mean?

Blogging for health

In a job I have I can earn five dollars per service I see it as a benefit after I got informed by my friend who have a little passion for online incomes. He asks me sometimes, if I want to earn some extra and of course said yes in the beginning, but he very quickly found out what incomes I like and where my interests are. I taught him to make sales, or it should be some open questions, that should close a sale etc. the most simple sales training is in the movie, Glengarry Glen Ross. He agreed to ask me some other time. I also gave him some perspectives of when I meet some salespeople on my way that are seeking sales.

when we found out I was into writing very much, I have been on several sites, and I mean close to a dozen writing-sites, I was honest and telling him that I also love health, just like the happiness, health and wealth concept. At some point he showed me this site called Fiverr. I took a short look, and opened an account right away. I was then very skeptical to open up for commercial or marketing back then, so I almost put it to rest right after, but my friend didn’t.

When talking about the Fiverr-site, then we are talking about earning five dollars per work done. I kept thinking about what in the world I should write, because I have very much information locked up inside my head that wants to come out. He later on when asked few times, how does it go with Fiverr? Then I responded, well, I have much information, but I don’t know, I don’t experience growth, the skepticism of marketing maybe, I was not the person who goes out and do marketing every day. Today I almost can’t resist telling about health, and how I am a member of Herbalife.

Points of jobs

When I participated in the online call with our leader who lives on the west-coast in the U.S., I listen carefully and I store it in my memory for further use in my Herbalife business. I can among the newest words is to be a member, the story of change in my history is the IBP to an HMP, that is an International Business Pack that has changed name to a Herbalife Member Pack. So this online call Thursday and the day after, made me realize when I go for points here on BlogJob, we get a fair amount of points for posting and that I compare with Herbalife.

To dig more into it then I see a lot of comparison to the collective points, as our host mentioned how many points she had right about two-thirds of the months, then I was surprised and later on after the online call, I said to myself; Henning this is perception, you will need to get this many points. The only way to get that many points is to become an active Herbalife member, a leader, it is just like here, we kind of sell our posts and get points, then we are generating the traffic depending on the context on our posts.

The points of jobs is a new way to see what is earned, as I’m not a high ranker or top member in Herbalife, then I can’t explain it in great detail, but I know points in companies are mostly the language inside a company, outside the four walls it is a currency as we know. I don’t know where you live but I bet it is close to the same way. My perception of points changed when I heard how many she had and how many I could have. The points in Herbalife is limited by your discipline and enthusiasm.

New addition as desired

“To get desires processed – – we need a mastermind”.

I am in a members only group with my colleagues from Herbalife, a lot of masterminding or opinion-sharing I might add. At one point earlier in January 2015, a President’s Team member, which is a high level in Herbalife, uploaded a picture of a new product, which totally turned me on, a new fiber-product. I then within few minutes decided to expose the importance of fibers compared to proteins, as I see a lot of people post and talk about their view of protein, then I from that point, desire to help change people’s view, I decided to do something about my great knowledge of health.

I adopted the idea of the fiberproduct being the kind of like the completion of our Formula 1 shake as it consumed by maybe 100 million and more people every day, and if all these people have two or three shakes per day, then we’re topping consumption with above 300 million shakes per day maybe. In real life that is not much, and I can’t give you the exact number. But this Apple-fiber consists of 6 different fibers from various plants and one plant I didn’t knew was added and it almost didn’t surprise me. The 6 is: apple, wheat, corn, lemon, Christmas-salat and soy, all of these a bit new to me therefore I am studying them, but I am still sure what has been in the process to the Apple-fiber product.

The future of it seems bright, and I am pretty judgmental when I say that because it has just launched February 2015, I can see more additions coming. I know that the scientific advisory board are always evaluating formulas, with the purpose of making things better in any way. So when I saw that they included fibers from six different plants I was actually overwhelmed, and ready to go for it, and I started to share the product with few people, though I desire everyone should be adding it to their food and drink.

New generation

When I visited the major mobile site on Danish for cell phones, titled “mobilsiden” with Danish domain dot-DK or in English, mobilsite, I do my general search for Samsung as I like the brand and as they are great competition to apple. I know from Wikipedia that Samsung is bigger in number than apple, I like both but I prefer Samsung. Few weeks ago I saw an invitation for an unpacked even from Samsung, and that means a new competitor to apple is coming. The forthcoming event is I guess, only about Samsung Galaxy S6, the new flagship as it is called, and I think I know why.

The flagship products in Samsung’s regime is the Galaxy series, and the sixth is coming, I am convinced that it will hold features that get closer to us as we progress the online world. To put it the way normal people see it, is it will make an everyday easier, we don’t have to think much about what to do, and when to do, it is all being planned by people who sit at a desk and meeting. When I go behind scenes in my imagination, I often get a ton of questions, not as much as a waterfall, but I get a lot of questions.

An event from Samsung as I experienced first when I lived in Sweden was a bit of a copy from apple when they’re holding an event to release their generation of an iPhone, and yes the brand-war is not going to stop until complete control is obtained or we will stop supporting by not buying anymore products. I can’t imagine not having or not supporting Samsung though they keep control, I see it as they are doing their best to keep people connected, though the online world is going after its vision through with CIA and NSA to obtain control over the individual.

“We keep improving and we should never stop – – because it is a Law by universe”.

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