My intellectual creation

“Faculties are within our reach – – we just have to understand to use them”.

This might be hard for some but very easy to others, and I am in the middle or in the phase where I have to understand the mental muscle, Intuition. First when I started my education in 2009 I decided to learn all mental muscles and their purpose, this intuition became my biggest riddle in my life and now I have begun to develop it very much, it has been confirmed by several sources I have a strong intuition, very nice to hear.

I put this Reason, the mental muscles number second as it is number two in creation, and yes it is. As the word describes it is the reason for making images, and the images come from somewhere, we get the ideas you know, and that is from the intuitive, but reason helps us to think.

So from thinking we create images and that sort of became logic to me as I have a strong Imagination, and that is not something I tell from me being that better, no, but because I listen to myself and people and in an instant I get images to create an understanding.

So when we have visualized through Imagination, we have to keep the image from thinking to let it stick in our mind for a while, and that is where our Will comes in. If I have to give an advice then I would say, imagine for how long people have been holding an image of their dream so it became real.

So all of this creating image from nothing or thinking makes us create something, but first we have to play with the idea of an image and I can advice you and me and others to get know the word: Perception, because if we flip the coin around and ask ourselves is this good? Is this serving others? Does it conflict others, if so which way?

The last thing I want to mention is our Memory. That one is the funniest one because everyone, almost, is saying I have a bad memory, or should I really remember this? I can’t do that, and I know why. The say all of this because they lack real education, our memory is infinite, it is our harddrive, just with the biggest space ever. One advice though and question: would you stress to remember or what would do to remember things?

Master thinkers

“We all can think, rarely someone actually do – – what I desire is the question from the curious one”.

Heading home from work then I of course constantly think of ways I can improve things, I also think of inventions, and then it crosses my mind that we can’t invent things, we can only build things or move things into a new order. I am talking about creating things and then some prehistoric men come to my attention like, Nikola Tesla, Alexander Bell and Carl Benz, those three and I can also mention Henry Ford, but he did not really invent things, he merely learned to use things or play the monopoly game. The others, well they build something from scratch and I admire them. There are more.

What I began to remember or better yet, I started to act inside my own thinking, so I would go in history of great men that helped society become better, then there is the, but. I discovered a little time back, that when a great man has built something and releases it on the market, when he then go to the other side, or his soul leaves his body to say it right, then the system we have today, I’m talking about the communistic system we have, then it is quickly to be greedy and take all that is left, and leave nothing behind.

That is the reason why I don’t want to invent something, or to build something that makes another thing obsolete, so I am that ordinary guy who wants to grow heritage, and make the kids better than parents, but I want to educate instead of build. What I desire in the back of my head is to see things being build, but not taken over by the system, so since the system would take over it then it is hard to create something that will be a benefit everyone and credited it in my name or someone else’s name.

Think and grow rich

This is the title of Napoleon Hill’s book, which he did spent 20 years of writing, and what has come out of it? a lot of wealth. My mentor is a very passionate and what I know about right now is that, he is the current, and what I have heard until now, he has studied it the most. He has the habit to say he is reading it every day, and I do actually understand him because I have been in books with an alike meaning. I have read the book myself, in Danish that is, but I haven’t read it so that I would impress myself, and that is the big key.

The impression of things has to occur to change our subconscious mind that is either by positive or negative impression, because it is emotional, like a chock or a surprise, the emotional impact that really changes things in us. The chapter that impressed me more than others or to be exact, two chapters, was the first of a story about this guy who wanted so deeply or this great desire to work as a partner with Andrew Carnegie, and if I remember correctly then he or Napoleon Hill stated, to be sure there is one way and forward is to burn all bridges behind, when I read I was thinking; what if I did that to my past. What would happen to me mentally, would I break down?

The other chapter on self-suggestion, I remember I read it in the train and the bus. On the way out and the way home from work. I actually miss that time, but it’s over. I read and started to think about the self-suggestion chapter once I came across one word after another. I then realized, if I would take one word at a time, picture it myself as a film etc. what would it do to impact me if I did what it said. Then I can now say to you that, the self-suggestion came clear to me that I would take charge over my senses and would have self-control over my five senses. That is enormous.

“To get or give impression – – we have to impress ourselves first through thinking”.

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